Alt-Light Protesters Disrupt Trump Assassination Version of “Julius Caesar” Play


I posted a couple of Richard Spencer’s Tweets earlier tonight that indicate he’s not happy with the disruption of Trump’s assassination by our two intrepid journalists, pictured above.

I disagree with Spencer. This kind of guerrilla theater flips the script on the left. It’s always the left that breaks the rules while the right makes nice.

Maybe Laura, who appears to be a Jew, and Jack can serve as role models for cuckservatives who are unwilling to take the fight to the left.

New York Post

A woman was arrested after rushing the stage at the controversial production of ‘Julius Caesar’ in Central Park Friday night during a stunt live streamed on social media.

Laura Loomer, who works for the alt-right website The Rebel, ran onto the stage during the performance and was promptly dragged away and booed by the crowd.

As she interrupted the play, fellow blogger and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec filmed the disturbance while screaming “Goebbels would be proud” at the audience.

Whoa! Stop the presses.

Jack Pesobiac is an accredited White House journalist, not some nut job conspiracy theorist. I’ve used his Tweets to enhance quite a few stories recently. He’s good. He’s smart. He’s got White House sources, which lead to scoops.

Police said the woman was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

The duo apparently staged a protest because they were upset that the classic Shakespeare play depicts a US president similar to Donald Trump as Julius Caesar.

The Public Theater tweeted early Saturday that a pair of “paid protesters” briefly disrupted their performance.

“While we are champions of the first amendment, this interruption unfortunately was part of a paid strategy driven by social media,” the statement read.

The Rebel website was asking readers donate to Loomer’s legal defense about an hour after her arrest.

The sewer rats and maggots who populate Jew York City would applaud the murder of Trump:


Heavy has put together a piece that reveals the backstory on Loomer and Pesobiac.

Laura attempted to protest ISIS but stupid and evil New Yorkers battled her at every turn. They really didn’t want her putting a burka on the offensive Wall Street Fearless Girl statue.

From here on, after watching the way New Yorkers treated Laura, don’t ask me for sympathy when ISIS bombs the hell out of the shitbag citizens of New York City. The liberals in that stinking mess of multiculturalism deserve every separated head and severed limb that ISIS can manage.

Here’s Laura being disrespected:

Youtube’s #1 comment:

Strange how the Sharia lovers don’t want the statue covered with a burka. You’d think they’d love the idea. They apparently get confused with their own twisted ideology.

21 thoughts on “Alt-Light Protesters Disrupt Trump Assassination Version of “Julius Caesar” Play

  1. “Maybe Laura, who appears to be a Jew”.
    Paladin she looks more Jewey than Barbara Streisand.

    I like that burka idea “there is no such thing as an Islamic feminist”.

    • I have to be careful of my wording in the interest of journalist accuracy. After I wrote the piece I saw that in fact she is a Jew. It’s good to have you and others point it out in comments when I hold back in the post. Like you say, she’s extremely Jewy looking, for sure.

      I like the fact that she’s alt-right. She used to work for James O’Keefe at Project Veritas when she was in college a couple of years ago. I think that’s in the Heavy link.

  2. Good stuff. Keep socking it to the jews. The woman’s shnozz says, “Look at me. A jewess is attached to me.”


    “ROUND 2: Proud Boy Sal Cipolla Theater Protest Legal Defense Fund:
    Arrested for protesting mock assassination of President Trump. On Sunday, June 18, 2017, Sal Cipolla, a member of the Proud Boys, stormed the stage at Shakespeare in the Park’s now-notorious performance of “Julius Caesar”, and during his peaceful practice of free expression he was tackled by security guards. The left is constantly fighting for their right to free expression but whenever the right exercises theirs they are hit with penalties, fines, and arrest.”

      • Ha, yes, I got a laugh out of that suggestion, very clever. Now, how can Mitchell “channel” Sessions to get him to do it!

        If the mood strikes, I’ll listen to the Mitchell/Posobiec interview. 🙂

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