Legalzoom Pulls Ads from Rachel Maddow Show in Response to Conservative Advertiser Boycott

Small victories add up. With so much fake news it’s hard to know how to respond, so why not start with Rachel Maddow.

Losing an advertiser or two isn’t going to turn Maddow into an honest, heterosexual woman, but it might cause her to lose a little sleep.

The (((media companies))) are prepared to lose millions of dollars by subsidizing money-losers like CNN and MSNBC. But as one of the comments at the source site notes, we can help take down the stock prices of these companies, which is more powerful than turning a few advertisers away from them. Stock price declines can cause management to lose their jobs, so it does get the execs attention.

Media Equalizer

Boston, MA – Upon hearing that has decided to pull their ads from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Melanie Morgan, Co-founder of the Media Equality Project, thanked the thousands of volunteers who have been calling, emailing, writing letters and cancelling their accounts.

“We’re fighting fire with fire and we’re winning! It’s so gratifying to hear understands how Rachel Maddow’s dishonest and biased reporting doesn’t resonate with their customers. Thank you to all the Stop the Scalpings volunteers who made their voices heard,” said Morgan.

Stop the Scalpings has posted the contact information for every advertiser on MSNBC’s flagship show on their Facebook page (now 103,000 strong) and on the website. Every day, volunteers focus their efforts on a different company and share their feedback.

Co-founder Brian Maloney added, “When left-wing smear organizations attempted to remove opposing voices from the airwaves, they should have known it would compel a strong response. While we’re not for censorship, we do believe moderates, conservatives and independents can choose to patronize businesses that correspond to their own values. LegalZoom has recognized this new environment.”

The Stop the Scalpings (STS) online effort launched in April 26th to counter the Media Matters campaign against Fox News host Sean Hannity’s advertisers. In a matter of days, tens of thousands of volunteers coalesced around the effort, persuading some of Hannity’s advertisers to rejoin him.

Using social media to disseminate advertiser contact information, volunteers have turned their efforts to include corporate supporters of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow; CNN’s Kathy Griffin and Don Lemon; and the Public Theater in NYC. STS has been successful in persuading sponsors of the mock assassination of President Donald Trump during the ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ series not to fund the production. Delta, Amex and Bank of America pulled their sponsorship after the campaign began.

15 thoughts on “Legalzoom Pulls Ads from Rachel Maddow Show in Response to Conservative Advertiser Boycott

  1. haha, funny photos. And, wow, Madcow did look decent as a graduate, but she still has the longest neck I’ve ever seen.

    Excellent work by the team doing the calling to adverisers!


    In other biz news, Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. WaPo has the story, naturally.


    Two Conservatives doing their duty… Yaaay for guns!

    • That escaped prisoner’s story is probably the most interesting story that I did not post last night. I hope there’s a death penalty for them for killing the guards.

      In other news, hundreds of bullet fragments are in Rep Scalise’s body. The bullet shattered or maybe it’s the type that’s supposed to shatter.

      As to Maddow, could she be part giraffe?

      • Haha, I got a laugh out of your giraffe comment.

        I had not heard that re Scalise, whoaaaa, that’s pretty bad. The last I heard was that he was “improving” over the last 24 hours but still “critical.”

        If the bullet(s) hit him in the hip, maybe they shattered on the hip bone & went everywhere. How dreadful! But then again, the shatter-type bullets are a real possibility as well. 😦

        And, yes, death to the “white-tattooed-trash” GA prison-guards’ killers. They look totally evil & creepy.

    • Re: the Amazon/Whole Foods news:

  2. Rachel Maddow looks like that other frizzy haired Rachel (was it Dolezal), who tried to be a nigger getting 200k a year for lying, but failed after being exposed to the light of day?
    How has Rachel turned several shades Coonier? Is it a sun lamp, a lot of New York winter sun (lol)? Or did she use lemon juice on her Middle Eastern turd brown skin to make it lighter when she was young? Why did she pretend to be a shiksa, was it to con the Jew producers in to hiring her after a good head job?
    She is a faker just like the other Rachel.

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