Female Professor Becomes Famous for Being Fat, Black, and a Man-Hater



If you’ve never heard the name Roxane Gay until now, join the club.

It turns out that she’s somebody big (pun intended) in the Jew World Order. Her mission is to radicalize young white women by turning them into fat man-hating shrews.
I noticed during my last decade at the university, this type of nasty, obnoxious, perpetually offended feminist was the type of professor chosen by the university to receive grants and awards, even as they were doing mediocre work.


It was meant to be an interview to promote a book.
But Mia Freedman’s podcast chat with feminist author Roxane Gay has been overshadowed by the words used to trail it online.

Ms Freedman wrote about wondering whether Ms Gay would “fit in to the office lift” and searching for a chair “sturdy enough to hold her weight”.

Ms Gay called the words “cruel and humiliating”. Ms Freedman apologised, saying she was “beyond mortified”.

Ms Gay’s book Hunger recounts her life as a “woman of size”, as she puts it – she is 6ft 3in (1.91m) tall and, at her heaviest, weighed 41 stone (262kg).

Subtitled A Memoir of (My) Body, it tells how the author began overeating after suffering serious sexual violence as a child, and how her size makes the world more difficult to navigate – from deciding whether to book one or two aeroplane seats to dealing with the reactions of other people.

“Fat bodies tend to be public property”, she writes, saying strangers are quick to offer her advice on losing weight.

“People are quick to offer statistics and information about the dangers of obesity, as if you are not only fat but incredibly stupid, unaware, and delusional about your body and a world that is vigorously inhospitable to that body.”

While promoting the book in Australia, Ms Gay spoke to Ms Freedman for her women’s website Mamamia.

“A lot of planning has to go in to a visit from best-selling author, college professor and writer Roxane Gray,” the podcast description started.

“Will she fit into the office lift? How many steps will she have to take to get to the interview?”

It continued: “None of this is disclosed with a mean spirit, it’s part of what Roxane writes about in her new book Hunger.”

But in response, Ms Gay tweeted that she was “appalled”, that the words were “cruel and humiliating”, the situation was “disgusting and shameful”.

“I can walk a f***ing mile,” she wrote.

Later, she wrote about her reaction to media attention being wrested away from the launch of the book.

The podcast description was changed online and Ms Freedman published a long statement apologising and saying the experience had been an “extraordinarily searing lesson”.

“This is not my story to tell and I should not have included it in the intro to the podcast or the podcast description. It was disrespectful and it upset her and for that I am deeply, deeply sorry. Unconditionally sorry.

“I am beyond mortified, horrified and ashamed that I could have, in any way contributed to Roxane Gay feeling anything other than fierce, brilliant and beautiful.”


The fallout has been covered in several media outlets around the world, and the Sydney Morning Herald published a piece saying it might harm Mamamia’s plans to expand its readership in the US.


When I first heard about Ted talks some years ago, I thought that there were going to be truths revealed that I could use to better understand America’s rotting culture. Instead, the few that I saw were just liberal junk thinking packaged up attractively so that the viewer would think that he or she was receiving something of value.

That said, here’s fatso’s Ted talk. If you watch the first minute and a half, you’ll get the flavor of how a skilled propagandist works her audience of young white females who think they’re getting life lessons when all they’re getting is subtle man-hating.

7 thoughts on “Female Professor Becomes Famous for Being Fat, Black, and a Man-Hater

  1. The Sydney Morning Herald is Socialist pinko garbage and losing readers every day. It is very similar to the UK Guardian. The SMH loves Coons, abos, women, LGBTAIDS, sickos, psychos, druggies, freaks, criminals, Pakis, Indians, Chinks, Nips and hooligans. They only hate white men.

    ““I am beyond mortified, horrified and ashamed that I could have, in any way contributed to Roxane Gay feeling anything other than fierce, brilliant and beautiful.””

    That reads like satire. She should have to do a real apology. “I am sorry I offended a disgusting fat Lezzo nigress. She is not brilliant or beautiful. She is ugly. She is indeed fierce like a hyena and I apologise with thus truthfully linking her with nigger violence and lack of self-control. I am so pleased that the fat slug can walk a fucking mile. Any normal professor does not include the expletive “fucking” in such a sentence; however she carries the nigress pass so it is OK. Forgive the Coon Lord; she knows not what she does”.

    I have seen some Teds talks and they are all lefty liberal horseshit. I do not know who Ted is but he must be a cunt.

    • Like I wrote in the post, I was fooled by the idea of the TED talks. Then slowly came the reality of the “horseshit” being pedaled. When David Duke, Jared Taylor, and Richard Spencer are invited to do TED talks, then I’ll possibly change my mind.

      Your Aussie gal Mia is being far too nice. I guess she has to in order to keep her job. In the Ann Barnhardt podcast Ann talks about this very issue in relation to all the Cosby people who kept their mouths shut about him in order to keep their job.

  2. “tells how the author began overeating after suffering serious sexual violence as a child,”

    BS. She over eats because she likes to stuff her fat face.

    Have you ever seen a fat woman eating tacos or a pizza? It is sickening beyond description. A friend of mine once told me about two fat black hogs that went to an all you can eat shrimp buffet. She said the sight and sound (slurping and popping) was so bad that it will haunt her forever.

  3. More social engineering/dumbing down in the “education” system… Punish the smart kids so the dumb kids won’t FEEL so Baaaaaad… Pathetic!

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