Democrat Party Terrorist Launches #HuntRepublicanCongressman


American Democrats are increasingly making their murderous intentions clear. Driven by their hatred of President Donald Trump, conservatives, Christians, and white people in general (even when the Demoncrat is white himself), they are intent on provoking a new Civil War.

Excerpt from NJ1015

RAHWAY — A longtime Democratic operative from Union County has responded to the Wednesday shooting of a congressman by calling for a “hunt” of Republicans.

James Devine posted several messages on Facebook and Twitter following the Alexandra, Virginia, shooting of U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise and several others by a gunman with a history of violence and of making online rantings against Republican officials and their policies.

“We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent?” Devine posted on social media, ending the message with the hashtag: #HuntRepublicanCongressmen

Devine used the hashtag #HuntRepublicans in another message about Scalise speaking at a event hosted by a group founded by racist David Duke.

“I have little sympathy for the Republican Congressman who got shot today because he viciously opposed President Obama’s effort to reduce gun violence and instead, he accepted more gun lobby money than all but 15 other members of the House of Representatives,” he said on Facebook.

The comments drew criticism from others who follow Devine on Facebook and Twitter.

But Devine told New Jersey 101.5 that he is not backing down, although he insists his comments were meant to shock but not advocate violence.

“It is insensitive and I don’t care. You want me to be politically correct? I don’t have time for that anymore,” he said.

Devine said his tweets were inspired by 2016 tweet by Tea Party-backed U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who repeated a quotation about the 2nd Amendment being about “shoot[ing] at the government when it becomes tyrannical!”

Devine said Republican policies to take away people’s healthcare, enact voter ID laws, and oppose gun regulations are his idea of “tyrannical government.”

“I’m not going to shy away from harsh rhetoric. We have a president elected largely by people who were tired of politicians who shied away from harsh rhetoric. I don’t think it’s appropriate; I’d much rather have a rational and reasonable debate. But we can’t have that.”

“I’m not apologizing if it offended snowflake Republicans,” he added.
But other local Democrats did not agree with Devine’s attention-seeking tactics.

Union County Democratic Chairman Jerry Green on Thursday condemned the comments after a reporter read them to him.

“In this day and age, we have to be very careful in what we say or how we say it,” Green said. “I do not support the hunting of any people — Democrat or Republican.”

“I’ve had Republican friends that I have developed over the 25-plus years in Trenton. I consider them to be good human beings,” said Green, who is an assemblyman from Plainfield.

20 thoughts on “Democrat Party Terrorist Launches #HuntRepublicanCongressman

  1. I saw you had a post similar to this one below, Paladin.
    “The Color Purple Revolution: Hillary’s Elite Cult Wants War”

    “Ever since her crushing defeat and the revelations of pizzagate, or pedogate, Clinton’s Purple Revolution has been actively stirring up trouble across the country. Clinton and her cohorts including Janet Yellen have also been wearing the color purple, quite visibly, to show the control they still have.”

    • I wasn’t aware of this Purple business. Interesting that Hodgkinson’s supposed-2006 mugshot in all the news stories & at Saboteur, too, had him wearing a purple teeshirt.

      • Yes, very odd wardrobe choice…

        Obviously I’m way behind on the purple news…

        11/11/16: “The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution”:
        strategic-culture .org/news/2016/11/11/clintons-and-soros-launch-america-purple-revolution.html

        “On the morning after her surprising and unanticipated defeat at the hands of Republican Party upstart Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, entered the ball room of the art-deco New Yorker hotel in midtown Manhattan and were both adorned in purple attire. The press immediately noticed the color and asked what it represented. Clinton spokespeople claimed it was to represent the coming together of Democratic «Blue America» and Republican «Red America» into a united purple blend. This statement was a complete ruse as is known by citizens of countries targeted in the past by the vile political operations of international hedge fund tycoon George Soros.

        “The Clintons, who both have received millions of dollars in campaign contributions and Clinton Foundation donations from Soros, were, in fact, helping to launch Soros’s «Purple Revolution» in America. The Purple Revolution will resist all efforts by the Trump administration to push back against the globalist policies of the Clintons and soon-to-be ex-President Barack Obama. The Purple Revolution will also seek to make the Trump administration a short one through Soros-style street protests and political disruption.
        “Not only must Trump have to deal with Republican neocons trying to worm their way into his administration, but he must deal with the attempt by Soros to disrupt his presidency and the United States with a Purple Revolution.
        “The swiftness of the Purple Revolution is reminiscent of the speed at which protesters hit the streets of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, in two Orange Revolutions sponsored by Soros, one in 2004 and the other, ten years later, in 2014.

        “As the Clintons were embracing purple in New York, street demonstrations, some violent, all coordinated by the Soros-funded and «Black Lives Matter», broke out in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Oakland, Nashville, Cleveland, Washington, Austin, Seattle, Philadelphia, Richmond, St. Paul, Kansas City, Omaha, San Francisco, and some 200 other cities across the United States.
        “The second front arrayed against Trump is from Soros-funded political groups and media. This second line of attack is a propaganda war, utilizing hundreds of anti-Trump newspapers, web sites, and broadcasters, that will seek to undermine public confidence in the Trump administration from its outset.
        “Trump must be on guard against the current and future machinations of George Soros, including his Purple Revolution.”

        I hate to say it, but they have been immensely “successful” so far in pushing back at Trump from so many directions it’s hard to keep track.

  2. Everything that nut said, he is actually describing THEM; yet he’s using the same sentiments we use to describe THEM toward the Right.

    –“We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people.”
    (Oh, & the rich Dems are saints, I suppose!)

    –“You want me to be politically correct? I don’t have time for that anymore.”
    (Hey, that’s Trump’s line from his campaign!)

    –2nd Amendment being about “shoot[ing] at the government when it becomes tyrannical!”
    (Nobody from the Right shot at your king Obama.)

    –“I’m not apologizing if it offended snowflake Republicans.”
    (He stole Snowflakes, too! Typical Libs cannot even be original in their thinking.)

    • Precisely my thoughts. Now…why hasnt this clown been arrested? If he were talking about killing demos and hussein obongo or killary, he would have been arrested and probably ‘committed suicide’ whilst in custody. What a tool… And of course, ‘we’ deserve to die because we believe in individual rights such as represented by the Second Amendment, but because we believe that, [[[they]]] should use firearms to murder us?!?!? and that ‘reduces gun violence’?
      Left-ism is indeed a mental disease. The Biblical term would be ‘double minded’ , and Scripture says ‘a double minded man is unstable in all his ways’.
      The Bible also says that ‘he who digs a pit for another [or lays a trap in another translation] will himself fall into it. The calamity he plans for another will befall him’. May that be so quickly in this case.

  3. Paladin, It looks like the anti-Trump Julius Ceasar production got shut down!
    Credit seems to go to Rebel connected (at least at one time) Jack Posobiec and a lady partner who was arrested.

    ““The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands,” Posobiec said, in reference to the congressman shot by a gunman during a congressional baseball practice on Wednesday.”

    His quote above comes from a not so friendly source:

    ” Pro-Trump protester storms stage at ‘Julius Caesar’ performance ”

  4. It seems that the shooter had a kill target list. I wonder if Devine does, too — or, maybe it was his list to begin with.

    “The news that the shooter had a list of names suggests the shooting was not a random outburst, but instead appears to be a premeditated political assassination.

    The list was written out on notepad paper and found in the shooter’s pocket,..:

      • Haha, no, you’re not the only one! You’re in good company of “too tireds.” 🙂

        So what was the Jack Posobiec scoop you mentioned in the other article in a comment that is in moderation (probably due to 2 links)?

    • Ehhh, I meant to put the above 3 comments under the “Jews Attack Saboteur” article, as an education in case any of them check back. 🙂 Getting too tired to think straight!

      • Ehhh again, I replied to you under the wrong Reply spot, so my Reply is above your comment rather than below it. 😉

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