Woman Allegedly Made False Rape Claims Against 15 Men


Jemma Beale, on trial for falsely claiming to have been raped, sure lived an unluckly life, if she was telling the truth.

She claimed to have been raped horribly and often.

Only thing is that prosecutors believe she’s lying.

If she is lying, her lies put at least one man in prison on trumped up charges. And her lies could put her in prison for life.

The Scottish Sun

LYING Jemma Beale, 25, made false rape and sex assault claims against 15 different men — and sent an innocent man to jail for seven years, a court was told.

Beale made allegations over three years but they were “grotesque inventions”, jurors heard.

She claimed she was attacked at a pub and outside her home, and gang raped in the street.

Beale said she was raped by nine men and sexually assaulted by six. All but one were strangers.

Beale’s first allegation was against Mahad Cassim, who had given her a lift home after a night out. He was charged with rape and jailed for seven years.

But prosecutor John Price QC said: “That was a wrongful conviction. Mahad Cassim was innocent.

“The person responsible for the grave injustice was the defendant, through her false allegation and perjured evidence. She maintains that falsity still.”

Mr Price said it was “inherently improbable” Beale was attacked so many times and so frequently.

He added: “Each of her reports was entirely false.”

In July 2012 Beale claimed she was sexually assaulted by four men with a piece of barbed wire in an alley.

But jurors were shown CCTV of her walking home alone that night. Her injuries were self-inflicted, the court was told.

In September 2013 Beale reported a sex assault by two men outside her home. Neither was ever identified.

Two months later, she reported a gang rape by eight men.

One of those she identified, Luke Williams, was held on bail for two years.

Mr Williams yesterday told how Beale had invited him to have sex with her at a party while her girlfriend was downstairs.

He said: “I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t want her to feel rejected but I really didn’t find her attractive.”

Beale, of Bedfont, West London, denies perjury and perverting justice.

The trial at Southwark crown court continues.

How embarrassing for Luke Williams to have to testify to having had sex with Jemma. The shame will surely haunt him the rest of his life.

As far as I’m concerned this one has the strong smell of lesbian about her. I have no proof of that, mind you, but if she is a man-hating lesbian, then it would explain a lot.

14 thoughts on “Woman Allegedly Made False Rape Claims Against 15 Men

  1. Well, she has anti-rape body. I’ve been told it’s an effective deterrant.
    But that is old info, something might have changed due to multi-cultural enrichment.

  2. Borderline Personality Disorder. This fits the self-inflicted injury also.

    If she was thin the story would be possible. A Norwegian woman aged 23 was raped twice in one night while drunk in London. The first attacker was a Coon and the second a Muslim security guard on duty at a building site. The men did not know each other. She had asked both for help and directions. She got two lessons never to do this with Coons or towelheads.
    So in theory a slim good looking girl could get raped more than 700 times in London in one year without lying. This excludes any gang rapes. Which Pakis are doing to white girls in England every day.

  3. Her story would only have credibility if she described how her attacker rolled her in talcum powder and looked for the wet spot.

  4. “Your Honor, due to the size of her thighs my client could not part her legs. In fact, she rolled him over and caused him lumbar trouble.”9

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