Trump Afternoon Tweet Storm Sounds Like a Declaration of War on the Deep State

Twitter is one of the few ways that President Donald Trump has to communicate his thoughts to the public without them being put through the “fake news” filter.

This afternoon, the President published two new Tweets that are sure to gain media attention. Before looking at the two latest Tweets, consider the President’s thoughts last night.

Notice that “witch hunt” is all caps, which draws attention to the term. It’s pretty effective propaganda since nobody likes a witch hunt, where innocent people are targeted for a hatchet job.

Now, here are the latest Trump Tweets, published about an hour ago as these words are being written.

Trump has cleverly shifted the focus away from him and toward Crooked Hillary. He also makes the focus highly specific. I never knew, for example, that Hillary took a hammer to some smart phones.

All of this Tweeting has come in response to leaks from Deep State hatchet man Robert Mueller which are nothing but another of the thousands of smear jobs on Trump.

Smear jobs by the press are one thing, but Mueller’s job is to prosecute people. There’s no reason not to think that he’s out to get Trump for firing his buddy James Comey. He has the power to bring criminal charges against Trump and expectations are high that he will.

Every option at Trump’s disposal is fraught with danger. He can do nothing other than continue Tweeting. Or he can fire Mueller and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller.

Both options could lead to the demise of his presidency.

Perhaps the best option for Trump is to appoint a slew of special prosecutors to look at the Clinton family, James Comey, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, the murder of Seth Rich, #pedogate, and the media’s role in promoting leftist violence.

Better yet, from the perspective of truth, would be for Trump to order the release of all hidden federal documents relating to:

1. 9/11 and the World Trade Center.

2. The JFK assassination.

3. All information related to UFOs, including the Roswell incident.

4. The truth files relating to Israel, including the attack on the USS Liberty.

The corrupt Deep State relies upon secrecy to prevail. Tear away the veil of secrecy, Mr. President.


15 thoughts on “Trump Afternoon Tweet Storm Sounds Like a Declaration of War on the Deep State

  1. Alinsky rule #: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.“ Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.”

    I fear Sessions too weak. It’s up to him to investigate Hillary, Obama, and Comey. There is NOTHING!

  2. Trump surrounded himself with jews. Now he’s paying the price. Or, it’s all just one big psy op. I wouldn’t doubt that.

  3. Is that photo real or fake? Trump is about to get hit in the head by a moving chain on his chainsaw. His left hand is too far to the right. The safety brake which automatically stops the chain on hitting the left hand may not operate. Trump is about to get severely lacerated. This sometimes happens to chainsaws when attempting to cut using just the tip of the saw, like boring a hole. The chain can still hit the head but is not very dangerous if it is not moving. Professionals, i.e. those doing this all day, should be wearing a helmet.

  4. Re Paladin idea……..If Trump wants to humiliate and weaken the Jews and the Deep State, a new and genuine investigation in to 911 would be very rewarding. The attack was only 16 years ago and there are millions of eyewitnesses. A lot of subjects could be looked in to such as the Dancing Israelis. Thermite. Re-examine the physical evidence. A lot of still exists. Many New Yorkers would have chunks of it at home, the whi9te asbestos power for example. Study Lucky Larry and his insurance claim. Study the report of the company that paid that claim and why did they pay it so fast. Study all the PUTS on American Airlines bought just before the crime. Who bought them, and especially those that never claimed their winnings. Study every Jew who did not go to work that day and find out why. How many Jews actually died on 911, and how did so many not die? The killed number should have been huge as many Jews worked on the top floors of the buildings. Interrogate the live ones and give them the Third Degree, waterboarding maybe. A lot of them know what happened and they knew it when deciding not to go to work that day.

    Why did Cheney stand down all air defence during an air attack on the USA? Why did Bush keep reading a book about goats to nigger kiddies after being told the USA was under attack? I saw this live on TV as would have about 100 million or more people worldwide. My son rang me while the attack was still on. This was in Australia, late at night. A lot of US citizens must have seen the whole thing on TV. Many New Yorkers saw it close up. Even live it was implausible, the way the buildings fell.

    Mueller himself will be implicated as the leader of the FBI at that time. The official report was of course done by Jews. Trump better exclude all Jews from any fresh investigation. I will bet $1000 to $1 that the crafty Chinese have kept a lot of the physical evidence intact, for later blackmail against the 911 criminals if needed. Now is the time to ask the Chinese to return some of that evidence. Or at least have it examined in China with some non-Jew US experts who are loyal to the USA.

      • Great ideas, Paladin, and very much needed. There are a lot of answers to 911 and they all fit with jewry, both in Israel and infiltrated here. All Americans who care need to know that the evidence is there.

    • I’ve been saying that forever! That is the starting place 911! Plenty of evidence out there to take down past administrations,the CIA, current politicians and minions like Giuliani…Most important is to “out” Israhell’s major role in 911 and how they gained from it! To wake up the lied to, brain dead, misinformed, Christians and evangelicals who stand by the satanic state of Israhell because their compromised paid off preachers tell them too! Public opinion must be changed toward these deceitful parasites …shine a bright light on them their lies their actions …this will drive the cowards back into their holes where they belong!

  5. Why shouldn’t Trump fight back when war has been declared on Trump and on real Americans by slime who only pretend to be American in order to undercut our country and our people?

    I normally don’t put much faith in the following author, in fact none without undertaking independent verification, but she offers a good scenario to examine, and could very well be right on the money. Think about it. It sounds exactly like Soros.

    “George Soros “Republican Massacre” Birthday Gift To President Trump Stuns World”

    “An urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states that the “Republican Massacre” that occurred near Washington D.C. yesterday was a not so subtle “birthday gift” to President Donald Trump from George Soros (who considerers himself a “god” and is called “the most evil man in the world”)—one of whose “community organizers”, named James Hodgkinson, attempted to assassinate up to 14 Republican Party lawmakers—but his being thwarted from doing so by the quick action US Capitol Police special agents, and (of course) the known fact that leftist-communist radicals are notorious for being inept assassins. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.] “.

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