“The Bus Driver” 1945 Encyclopaedia Britannica Films – WDTVLIVE42

In 1945 America was 90 percent white and blacks were still required to sit in the back of the bus.

This nostalgia film takes 10 minutes to explain to young people how the American intercity bus system worked. It shows a father and son going for a bus trip from New York City to Pittsburg. Part of the trip takes place along the Pennsylvania turnpike.

Watch how well dressed and polite everyone is. We were a unified tribe in 1945. There’s some beautiful countryside on display too.

7 thoughts on ““The Bus Driver” 1945 Encyclopaedia Britannica Films – WDTVLIVE42

  1. That was fun! 😀

    –Boys still liked & looked up to their fathers.
    –Fathers still hung around with their boys.
    –People considered traveling a special treat & dressed for the occasion, as if going to church.
    –Service people (like bus drivers) were nice, professional, & not grouchy slobs.
    –Vehicles were mechanical, not digital, computerized, radiating disasters.
    –Those tires on the bus did not look very “hearty,” though.
    –Roads were not crowded (except for those few big diesels that went by on the narrow 2-laner!)
    –There were plenty of jobs for everyone, waitresses, drivers, even the porter pulling the suitcases out of the bus at the end.
    –There was still some countryside, instead of endless strip malls built up everywhere.
    –Roadside diners — & probably with twirling chrome stools like in the old 1960s Woolworths downtown. I bet the food was great!
    –I want to go on a road trip! But not by bus … unless it’s a Class-A “Willy Nelson” type “luxury” RV. 😀

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this old-fashioned road trip. I spotted the Allegheny Mountain tunnel in the film. I looked it up. It’s now claimed to be aged and in need of replacement. It’s part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which was built in 1939. So, it was pretty new when the bus trip took place.

      • It was probably a “marvel” at the time, just like the Underpass & Overpass that the narrator mentioned in the bus trip. 😀

        And maybe the tunnel is on POTUS’ Infrastructure FIX IT List!

      • Why would you replace a tunnel paladin? Seems every wasteful. Drill a new hole just to replace an old hole. Yet holes never age and do not even exist. Better to shore up the old hole (tunnel). Depending on the rock e.g. granite a hole might last for thousands of years without decay. With soft stone like sandstone the tunnel might need to be lined with concrete every so often. It is not cheap to drill a new hole.
        The holes of the London Underground would be 150 years old in many areas. The tunnels inside the pyramids of Gaza are as immaculate as when they were built a few thousand years ago. Lined with granite.

  2. Did I ever post this? I saw it again in my bookmarks. It’s a 1-min. video of ROGER STONE as a little kid, all his little kid photos. SO CUTE because it is Sooooooo 1950s, all of it, all the “good old days” feeling & clothes & surroundings, etc.! It will fit right in with your “Old Days” Theme… And his face as a baby looked the same as it does now, lol. Amazing. 😀 He was born in 1952…

    The only Hmmm is the very end… the graphic for his “Get Me Roger Stone” documentary has him pointing to his TEMPLE/EYE with his index finger. :-/

    • I agree, but the whites have declined in quality and manners in accord with society as a whole. They say the pendulum swings too far one way, then it swings too far the other way. Let us hope the pendulum is now at the extreme and about to change direction.

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