Jew Gene Simmons of KISS Files Patent for Devil Horns Hand Gesture


Muh shekels! Muh shekels!

Chaim Weitz, better known as Gene Simmons of the 70s glam rock group KISS, wants to patent the hand sign you see above.

One problem for him is that I believe the University of Texas at Austin (the Longhorns) has been using the sign forever. The students make the “Hook ’em horns” sign at football games.

In any case, muh Jew shows muh chutzpah much.


Gene Simmons is attempting to trademark a hand gesture. The Kiss frontman has filed an application with the United States Patent and TradeMark Office to mark the sign of the horns hand movement (seen above) as his own, according to The Hollywood Reporter. On the application, Simmons describes the movement as “a hand gesture with the index and small fingers extended upward and the thumb extended perpendicular,” and claims that he first used it on November 14, 1974, which is when Kiss were touring behind their second album, Hotter Than Hell. Simmons later flashed the hand gesture on the cover of 1977’s Love Gun.

KISS was one of the manufactured recording industry attractions that debased American culture in the 70s. Can’t this Jew be happy with his millions and his retirement?

Uh no.

It’s not in his “genes” to be content and leave people alone.

11 thoughts on “Jew Gene Simmons of KISS Files Patent for Devil Horns Hand Gesture

  1. Typical idiot good luck Moloch lap dog..can’t wait till he/it/whatever that transgendered devil thing is ..comes to collect you and your ugly family! PS never liked your music either!

  2. That Simmons pic looks a lot like Howard Stern. I never liked Kiss. The 70-80s unleashed a number of manufactured acts like Village People……c’mon drink deeply from the entertainment cesspool goy.

    Seems now the jews are scraping the bottom of the septic tank; creating such youth destroying supposed muzak styles like (c)rap and hip hop. Crap to me sounds like a bunch of Tourettes patients that went of their meds

  3. Kiss lacked musicianship so they had to wear weird face paint etc.
    What happened to letting the music do the talking?
    Kiss was a Jew band, hence the lack of talent.
    Classical Jew composer genius – nil.
    Mendelsohn is the best they have to offer. Weak simpering cry-baby stuff.
    Spinal Tap is a Jew mockumentary band and movie.
    Think of all the 98% talent that has never seen the light of day due to the dominance and greed of the 2%.

  4. Wait a min, hold your horse y’all misunderstood about the hand sign language meaning I love you this is really what Deaf people’s hand sign language {I love you} please don’t Jump To Conclusions. a lot of times people don’t often know the hand sign language in the Deaf cultures intend signing I love you is that simple. want to clarify and Thank You.

      • True..sounds like something they would do..just like all the food that is certified Kosher …we are ingesting food blessed by Christ hating rabi’s ..blah!

      • Oh yes, Deaf people just right now pissed off at Gene Simon.Did you know Deaf people had this {ASL America Sign Language} since in 1800’s and the Kiss the thick head want to stamp and make it his trademark Devil horn which it is wrong? right now, KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Wants to Trademark “I Love You” Hands …
        KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Wants to Trademark “I Love You” Handshape, Says It is “Devil Horns.” The CAD (California Association of the Deaf) has filed an official opposition to the USPTO. here’s the link

  5. The Christ-killers have run/controlled the music industry since its inception. Of course, they pervert everything upon which they set their eyes/hands.

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