Deep State Hatchet Man Robert Mueller Investigating Trump for Obstruction of Justice: Report


From Day 1 when the name Robert Mueller first surfaced as the Special Counsel investigating the Trump-Russian connection, we called him out as a Deep State operative with an ax to grind.

Sure enough, on Wednesday the Washington Compost broke a story that claims that Mueller is now investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice.

Mueller’s job appears to be to ruin the Trump presidency or see to it that he’s removed from office via the impeachment process.

Here’s the story as reported by a very biased fake news NPR.


Special counsel Robert Mueller, overseeing the Department of Justice Russia investigation, is looking into whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice, officials tell the Washington Post.

Former FBI Director James Comey testified last week that the president was not personally under investigation at the time of his firing on May 9. “Officials say that changed shortly after Comey’s firing,” the Post reports.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers and Rogers’ former deputy Richard Ledgett agreed to be interviewed as part of Mueller’s investigation, according to five people “briefed on the requests” who were “not authorized to discuss the matter publicly,” the paper reports.

Mueller spokesman Peter Carr tells NPR’s Carrie Johnson, “We’ll decline to comment.”

NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines told NPR’s Phil Ewing, “NSA will fully cooperate with the special counsel. We are not in a position to comment further.”

A spokesman for Trump’s personal lawyer in the Russia matter Marc Kasowitz said, “The FBI leak of information regarding the President is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal.”

In his testimony on June 8, Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he believed Trump had fired him over his role as lead of the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election and Trump campaign associates’ possible ties to Russia. The White House has been inconsistent with its public messaging about the dismissal — initially saying Trump took the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about Comey’s management of the FBI, but then the president himself said he had made up his mind prior to receiving the recommendations from the two top lawyers at the Department of Justice.

Comey testified that initial explanations that he was fired because of poor leadership were “lies, plain and simple.” He also said Trump had privately urged him to pull back on the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The Washington Post previously reported that Trump also asked Rogers and Coats to push back against the FBI’s investigation. The intelligence chiefs declined to discuss their private conversations with Trump during a Senate panel hearing on June 7.

Asked whether Trump’s actions rose to the level of obstruction of justice, Comey testified last week: “I don’t know. That’s Bob Mueller’s job to sort that out.” But Comey did lay out facts that a prosecutor could use to try to prove obstruction, as NPR’s Domenico Montanaro noted.

Trump and his supporters cast Comey’s testimony that he had told the president he was not personally under investigation as vindication. Trump disputed, though, Comey’s assertion he had asked for a pledge of loyalty. After Comey’s much watched Senate testimony, the president said in a press conference that he would testify under oath regarding his interactions and conversations with the former FBI director.

Chatter surfaced earlier this week that the president was considering firing Mueller. After a day of speculation, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “While the president has the right to, he has no intention to do so.” The New York Times reported that Trump had been waved off the idea by advisers.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller on May 17, testified on Tuesday that he would not fire the special counsel without “good cause.”

Mueller’s investigative team has expanded in recent weeks. The National Law Journal reported on June 9 that Mueller has brought Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben onto the team on a part-time basis. Reporter Tony Mauro noted Dreeben’s part-time status may signal that “Mueller may be seeking advice on complex areas of criminal law, including what constitutes obstruction of justice.” At the end of May, the chief of the Justice Department’s Fraud Section, Andrew Weissman, also joined the team, NPR’s Carrie Johnson reported at the time.

Kurt Schlichter at Townhall is calling for Mueller to resign because of his close friendship with former FBI Director James Comey. Law professor Jonathan Turley observes that Mueller may very well be the leaker in this story, a self-serving leaker.

When Jeff Sessions foolishly recused himself, that left Deputy Attorney General (((Rod Rosenstein))) free to appoint Mueller, the man who is most responsible for the coverup of 9/11. Why would Rosenstein appoint someone with such as obvious conflict of interest as Mueller?

This whole thing stinks and it’s getting stinkier.

9 thoughts on “Deep State Hatchet Man Robert Mueller Investigating Trump for Obstruction of Justice: Report

  1. “Mueller may be seeking advice on complex areas of criminal law, including what constitutes obstruction of justice.”

    Well, if he doesn’t already know, what is he doing being appointed as a Special “Counsel”? SMH.

    All of this stuff is a time & money waster. Adam Gingrich in that “Sessions Kicks A**” video I left on the Sessions post, said no way that Trump will ever be impeached, never ever. And he was also explaining about Mueller but I was only half-listening/trying to read at same time, so I missed his points. He sees some strategy there, that Trump does not want to fire Mueller because…. ??? (that’s the part I can’t remember, lol, sorry!)

    • Hey Roger, she is also a flaming Four By Two. An Ikey Mo. A Red Sea pedestrian. Like most of the “Deep State”.

  2. Stone tweeted this 12 hours ago. I think you beat him to the punch…

  3. This whole farce is like a game of Texas Hold’em. The President and Atty Gen need to call the (((Dems/press))) bluff. If they have nothing, tell them to f*ck-off and get back to business.

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