Black Baptists Enraged as Southern Baptist Convention Refuses Resolution CONDEMNING White Nationalism

“Asia for Asians. Africa for Africans. White countries for everybody.”

The “journalist” who wrote this piece for Yahoo confuses white supremacy with white separatism. The writer also gratuitously interjects Donald Trump into the story rather than staying focused on White Nationalism.

White Nationalism simply demands the same right as other groups already have–the right to an identity and a homeland. No left-wing journalist wants to touch upon that truth.

The Southern Baptists are as confused and Marxist as the reporter. They apparently are going to vote against White Nationalism on Thursday, after not doing so on Wednesday.


Christian Leaders Refuse to Renounce White Nationalism at Southern Baptist Convention Meeting

A resolution condemning white supremacy and the growing white nationalist alt-right movement was initially rejected at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting this week, raising outrage from black members of the faith. The controversy illustrates the continued clash among evangelicals over President Donald Trump and the more radical, white nationalistic branch of his supporters.

Dwight McKissic, a prominent African-American preacher, drafted the resolution. It called white nationalism a “toxic menace” to the country and called on the church to “reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases and racial bigotries of the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ that seek to subvert our government, destabilize society, and infect our political system.”

The committee behind new resolutions decided not to move the proposal forward on Tuesday, the first day of the group’s 2017 meeting in Phoenix. Southern Baptist pastors from across the country gather annually to discuss their beliefs and practices.

The Committee on Resolutions decided the language was “inappropriate,” committee Chairman Barrett Duke told The Arizona Republic. “The resolution just contained some significantly inflammatory language that we felt was over the bar,” he said.

After the resolutions committee decided not to move the resolution forward, McKissic made a motion to allow additional time for the resolution to be considered. The motion failed, which led to wide-ranging criticism of the organization, especially from black Baptists.

The resolution touched on the church’s racist history, as the Southern Baptists once prominently taught the “curse of Ham” theory, which the resolution describes as “echoing the belief that God through Noah ordained descendants of Africa to be subservient to Anglos” and “which provided the theological justification for slavery and segregation.”

“The amount of work left to do in ‘evangelical’ (who knows that means anymore?) church is staggering,” black pastor Thabiti Anyabwile tweeted. “Any “church” that cannot denounce white supremacy without hesitancy and equivocation is a dead, Jesus denying assembly.”

Garrett Kell, a pastor at Del Ray Baptist Church in Virginia, told the Republic he was concerned about the day’s developments.

“I’m disappointed that we as a convention could leave the illusion that we don’t reject the racist ideologies held by many in the alt-right movement,” he said.

The controversy comes at a time of a growing divide between evangelicals over politics. White Evangelicals strongly supported Trump, including Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., who called him the “dream president” for evangelicals, pointing to his Supreme Court nomination and economic and immigration policies.

But Trump’s comments about women, including the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which he brags about sexually assaulting women, rankled some anti-Trump evangelicals. While 81 percent of evangelicals are said to have supported Trump, according to exit polls, pre-election polling suggested 62 percent of non-white evangelicals supported his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is an outspoken opponent of the president. “Most illogical is his support from evangelicals and other social conservatives,” he wrote during the campaign. “To back Mr. Trump, these voters must repudiate everything they believe.”

Will the Baptists denounce this racism: It’s not even on their agenda.

11 thoughts on “Black Baptists Enraged as Southern Baptist Convention Refuses Resolution CONDEMNING White Nationalism

  1. “…62 percent of non-white evangelicals supported his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.”

    No surprise!!!

    And I fixed this for you [brackets]…

    “…confuses white supremacy with white separatism. White Nationalism simply demands the same right as other groups already have–the right to an identity and a homeland. No [scaredy cat white Southern Baptist Convention leader] wants to touch upon that truth.”

    Too bad there’s not a brave soul in the bunch who could at least stand up & explain the difference in the highly-charged (by media & the unaware) terminology.

    If blacks only knew how duped & how used they are by the REAL BAD GUYS which are not Whitey but Jewey-Commies.

  2. The modern church is a trojan horse. Every egalitarian ideal that has infected the white race over the last several generations began in the church. Now more than ever they are promoting the one blood one race nonsense. Pathetic.

  3. Might Albert Mohler be of Jewish heritage? He has the nose for it and the right type of name. Is nobody in the USA called Smith or Jones? Strangely, he wants to convert Jews to his church. He seems to have all their policies already, maybe he should convert to Judaism.

    “It called white nationalism a “toxic menace” to the country and called on the church to “reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases and racial bigotries of the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ that seek to subvert our government, destabilize society, and infect our political system.””

    OK I will get aboard this bus. Throw out the filthy black bathwater but keep the white baby. Forget the Nation, it is fucked anyway. Keep the white separatist idea.
    All white nations are now shitholes due to Turdmigration, so why fight for them?
    Whites need their own homeland, such as whites and blacks were given under Apartheid.

    The US nation is especially on the nose (sic), what with world dominance, non-stop wars for oil, and causing most of the world’s tinted refugees to get on the run to the West. Who needs a nation like that? Wall Street is the biggest den of thieves in the world.

    It is interesting that only the alt-right was angry with Trump for bombing Syria. The left thought it was great. Trump might as well go all the way with this pro white thing. His worst enemies are not non-white – they are whites like that (((Bernie))) fan shooter at the baseball game. And Ashkenazi’s of course.

    Yugoslavia was not worth fighting for. Now 7 nations exist in that land mass and are largely monocultures in accord with the Laws of Nature. Whites should learn from Yugoslavia and indulge in ethnic cleansing in every Former White Country (FWC). The sooner such a cleansing war starts the more likely it is that whites will win.

    In the meantime end all foreign aid. No aid for Africa or any fast breeder nation, no free food and no free medicine. No importation of Africans anywhere outside Africa.

  4. “Xenophobic”. Xenophon was a great man and a good man. He went over to the Spartans. He fought alongside Persians as a mercenary. What is with this “xenophobic” bullshit?

    “Xenophon has long been associated with the opposition of democracy. Although Xenophon seems to prefer oligarchy, or at least the aristocracy, especially in light of his associations with Sparta, none of his works explicitly attack democracy”

  5. It’s not just White people. Almost everything in the world is superior to negroes. I can’t think of many things that aren’t. They try to preach to the wrong people. Those “leaders” need to get off of their pretentious posturing done for their own advancement and teach respect for others among their own black herds.

    A Golden ‘Screamer’ Spook is to spend 18 Hundred and 88 years to learn to play nice. It won’t work.

    • “The triumph of Trump, Brexit and the near victory of Norbert Hofer in Austria are part of a wave of nationalist sentiment sweeping the white world. But so far this wave has been entirely kosher and has been largely welcomed by traditional conservatives, including a significant number of Jews.
      … there is a persistent danger of racialist movements gaining traction. In response to this grassroots rage a number of Jews are positioning themselves as leaders of civic nationalism.”

  6. “It called white nationalism a “toxic menace” to the country”
    Whites who fight for the US military – are they fighting for their nation? If not, who?
    Are white soldiers in fact mercenaries fighting for the (((Federal Reserve))) and its counterfeit money printing system? Trillions of these dollars have been siphoned off (stolen) and the white US taxpayers are expected to pay it all back in real money.

    Should all military personnel be required to dislike if not hate their own Nation? White military especially. What happens when the anti-nationalist US Army meets nationalist North Korean Army forces? Who wins?

    Should white politicians hate the very Nation they were elected to represent? Most of them do hate that nation and blatantly work for another foreign nation instead. They also are mercenaries paid by the Jewderal Reserve system.

  7. My father frequently says, “Words cannot hurt you unless you allow them to.” But, few possess enough self-awareness to not take them personally.

    Do non-Whites read alt-right websites…obviously so, because we hear them repeat some of the vitriol spewed by some alt-righters? Are we partially to blame for some of the backlash against us?

    While (((they))) started it by indoctrinating non-Whites against us, (((they))) also knew some Whites would react with hatred adding more fuel to the fire.

    • You’re probably right, but I refuse to obey the language police. Negro is a perfectly good word for general use and for black monsters who kill and rape and maim, the word Nigger works for me. The reality of lower AVERAGE black intelligence is simply true, no matter that it may hurt some feelings.

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