100 Percent Kosher Approved McCain: America was Better off with Obama

There’s goes Songbird McCain again. This time he’s shilling for TPP, which both Trump and Hillary opposed in their public statements.

47 seconds. There’s a worthless short article at Salon not worth reading, that goes with the video.

The video makes clear that McCain’s loyalty is to the globalists. We really didn’t need any more evidence of that, did we?

This video appears at Salon. More Trump bashing by McCain.

9 thoughts on “100 Percent Kosher Approved McCain: America was Better off with Obama

  1. McCain is pure scum. I watched that POS “get tough” on “immigration” six weeks prior to when he was running for re-election. Then, safely engorged for another 6 years, almost overnight, he does an about face and becomes beaner loving Senator McAmnesty again.

    Fact is, he and his homosexual pal Graham have not missed a single opportunity to attack the President, before and after the election. How’s that for patriotism and party loyalty?

    It just amazes me that anyone can truly believe that a lowlife cockroach like McCain actually gives a tinker’s damn about the American people, especially the white American people.

  2. McCain was brainwashed while in captivity by the Commies for 5 years in North Vietnam. He is a lifetime (((Communist agent))).
    Pilots who have had a head injury are never allowed to fly again, like the two white pilots who survived a hammer attack in the cabin by a disgruntled nigger who wanted to kill them and crash the plane. All three worked for DHS. The Coon planned to crash the plane on to the DHS buildings and make it look like an accident. Hence, no gun.

    McCain should not be allowed to hold any high office including national politics because his tiny brain has been damaged permanently and he is an obvious traitor to his Nation and to his own Party. Angela Merkel is also a brainwashed stooge for the NWO.

  3. The guy all by himself almost sunk an American aircraft carrier by shooting off a missle while it was sitting on deck. When he ran against obama he ran an ad praising obama for winning the dem nomination as a negro. He ran against Jed heyworth a vicious campaign. I hate the fucking guy, he is the prototype Washington dumbass who has no morals.

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