The Show Must Go On: NYC Trump Assassination Play Performance is a Go for Tonight

The hatred of American President Donald Trump among the arts crowd is palpable. These people view his assassination as a worthwhile goal. Democracy be damned. The Deplorables, that great mass of the stupid unwashed, must be lead by a progressive, not a Nazi.

And so the assassination of the president will take place on stage again tonight in spite of the attempted mass murder of Republicans by a leftist fan boy who loved Rachel Maddow and CNN.

New York Post

A modern production of “Julius Caesar” — with an actor made up as Donald Trump getting offed onstage — will continue to play in Central Park as scheduled, the theater company said.

The production — part of the annual Shakespeare in the Park series — has been ripped by the White House since it was mounted Sunday.

Donald Trump Jr. even retweeted a comment Wednesday that it may have spurred on the shooting at a practice for a congressional baseball team.

The Public Theater stressed the current production — scheduled to play until Sunday — was never meant to promote violence.

“Our production of Julius Caesar in no way advocates violence towards anyone. Shakespeare’s play, and our production, make the opposite point: those who attempt to defend democracy by undemocratic means pay a terrible price and destroy the very thing they are fighting to save,” it said in a statement.

Delta Airlines and Bank of America pulled their sponsorship of the play Sunday.

American Express also distanced itself from the political fall-out by removing an ad from The Public Theater’s website.

Meanwhile, I checked Kathy Griffin’s Twitter feed and found no call to tone down the political rhetoric of violence coming from the left.

With the left giving its implicit (and sometimes explicit) approval of political assassination, the choice now for conservatives is how to push back. If it boils down to a modern Gunfight at the OK Corral, liberals are going to lose because they don’t have the firepower that conservatives have.

13 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On: NYC Trump Assassination Play Performance is a Go for Tonight

  1. I do not understand How they can claim this does not advocate Violence…. My personal view of it is This is not even freedom of speech this is a direct threat to the President no matter if you like or dislike him. If a normal individual was to play out the killing of say a random person i think your average police department would view it as a direct terrorist threat. I know here In Bakersfield It would Be anyhow But then again here in Bakersfield we have The countries Highest Killing per capita by police. So I guess our County Kinda does what ever it wants. But we also do not have these types of liberals either at least not ones who speak out about it, we were a pro trump county one of the only ones in california. We have no local BLM here and when The BLM attempted to come here the local Black community asked them to leave claiming that the cops here kill anyone we didnt need the racial bs added to it. We have like maybe a dozen or so open antifa who stay quite except for maybe on face book and they usually get told to shut up if someone notices there mouths. Our sheriff is pro imigration laws and pro building the wall and will help ice in this matter. He spoke up to our state representatives who hate the man. We are a racial community do not get me wrong we have our areas where each race is and if anyone dare crosses all hell breaks loose. We had an instance last year where blacks came into our white neighbor hoods and were attacking white female pregnant ones even just dragging them off and beating them. Saying they were there to stay even told an off duty officer there intentions. and to say the least that was short lived for them! So i guess you can say our county is basicly segregated for the most part ya we have stupid ignorant individuals who will attempt to befriend other which usually ends badly for them. with the rest of us saying I told you so. We wouldn’t allow this sort of “free Speech” here I dont even think our county reps would be ok with this sort of disrespectful display and would call it illegal in some way.
    But California is deffinantly a hard place to be pro white it is frowned upon in most places this state is over ran by liberals and illegals and so on im not sure how this county has been able to remain as we are.

    • –“I do not understand How they can claim this does not advocate Violence…”

      Once upon a time, TV programming was clean & bad stuff was censored, whether language, immorality, or gore. Then the commie lefty libtard deep state + bad-guy-Jews called in the legal troops to claim that all their vileness was FREE SPEECH protected by the First Amendment & should NOT be censored. So they managed to get rid of the TV censors.

      Then they called out their “psycho-analyzers” to claim that TV-Violence does NOT cause people, whether children or grownups, to do the same. And they are still telling that BIG FAT LIE, as you so rightly question!

      Anyone with half-a-brain can understand how “boiling the frog slowly” creates DESENSITIZATION, inch by inch, to the point that now ANYTHING & EVERYTHING gets through, as they continue to push the envelope … on TV, in movies, in video games, etc.

      It’s downhill from here…

      • Oh I understand that I guess more my question is more in the way of something that ultimately can not be answered. How these people can think as they do and to where is comes from. How they can actually be this ignorant and remain or even become so blind and ignorant. When life is in front of them . Just as I can not grasp the idiots who are wanting to open our country to more tragedy by allowing terrorist here how these people can put these animals before the lives of their own children and family. It is rather hard for me to grasp that people can be so detached from reality .

    • I just finished reading the REST of our comment. Wow, Bakersfield sounds like a great place to be American, to be White, to be Conservative!

      • Oh don’t get me wrong we have our issues and we are under constant attack from the rest of the state. We have corruption in our law enforcement which is very sad. And hurts the lives of many. If we could clean up the corrupt law enforcement it would be much better.

  2. All the insane negative & ENDLESS ranting by the lefties needs to be curtailed. They have been over the edge since Trump-the-Turtle passed Hillary-the-Hare in the race & never looked back.

    Probably many of (((them))) in the “artsy” world.

    To add fuel to that fire, along with your other Trump axes $3mil for Holohoax:

  3. “The Public Theater stressed the current production — scheduled to play until Sunday — was never meant to promote violence.”

    Oh what a load of BS. That is exactly the intention. Imagine the howls over such a production that involved an Obama or Clinton character. Oy vey national news outrage for weeks!

    Just another example of how an enemy uses (((art))) to wreck a nation.

  4. The organisers should cancel this play immediately, in sorrow and respect, due to the mass shooting on Republican politicians. If they do not, Trump should order the play cancelled, or at the least the local political leaders could close down this play.
    This is not free speech. This is advocating terrorism and assassination.

    Could all of this be a pre-planned attempt to turn Trump in to another Hitler? Not by his friends, but by his enemies. The idea being that the Trump/Hitler dictatorship will make a mess of things and Communism will follow – which is what actually happened to much of Europe, all of Eastern Europe and all of China except Taiwan and Hong Kong. After Hitler, East Germany was Communist and a Communist Stasi agent now runs Germany.

    • Mayor de Blasio is a Communist married to a Negress who has vowed to stop Trump at every turn. I’m sure he loves the play and probably wants it to go on beyond it’s scheduled run, which ends in a few days.

      As to your Trump conspiracy theory, you’re playing 8D chess. So yes, it’s entirely possible that the idea is to force Trump into something that advances globalism, which equals Communism.

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