Scalise Shooter Obsessed with Trump-Russia Connection

James Hodgkinson, the far left loon trying to start the new Civil War, died because of a lie. That lie is promulgated every day by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream press. There’s even a Special Counsel who’s been appointed to try to flesh out the lie and give it credibility.

The lie is the Trump-Russian connection.

Leftist lies kill.

Excerpt from Rush Limbaugh

I just got an email. The email said, “Rush, I’ve studied Hodgkinson’s Facebook page. His Facebook page looks as hysterical as a 10-person CNN panel on Trump and Russia.” What a perfect way to describe it! His Facebook page looks exactly like what you would see in your average 10-person panel on CNN discussing Trump and Russia.
Here’s the thing about this — I’m having to stop and get hold of myself here because this boggles my mind. I’ve run out of ways to describe how this affects me. This entire — what do we call it? Thing, story, narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians or that the Russians hacked our election, is a total lie.

It is a hoax. It is a manufactured narrative that has been fed by anonymous leaks from nameless people with no evidence whatsoever. And it has been the primary news story going on six straight months, maybe seven, seven straight months uninterrupted, the number one story.

This story has spawned countless congressional investigations and a seemingly endless FBI investigation. It has now resulted in the creation of a special counsel because James Comey and his gang couldn’t find any evidence of this even when they tried to plant it! They came up with a faked dossier ostensibly describing despicable acts Trump had committed in Russia and elsewhere. That’s the equivalent of planted evidence, and they couldn’t even make planted evidence stick.

It’s greater than nothing here. There is no “there” there. There is no evidence. There isn’t even a scintilla. This is all a manufactured political theory to explain what to Democrats is inexplicable: Them losing an election to Donald Trump. And they have been hysterical for seven straight months now. It’s been the lead story. CNN cannot let go of it. The New York Times can’t. There isn’t a shred.

And yet if you look at this guy’s Facebook page and if you look on his Facebook page the various television, celebrities, hosts, personalities and shows that he watches, or watched, it is all this Russia story. Everything. There’s some climate change in there, obviously there would be. But it is astounding, folks. This guy was driven to pick up a gun and start shooting people because of the hatred he harbored.

Now, I have to ask a question. If this had not happened as it has happened for the last seven months, would this guy be as enraged, would he have been as he was? Well, we can’t know. With numerous assassination plays and television shows and so forth that have now permeated the popular culture, it is, as I say, I’ve run out of descriptive words. This guy’s Facebook page reads and looks exactly like your average CNN 10 person panel on Trump and Russia.

And when you really stop, and stop looking at this as an observer and actually immerse yourself in it, you realize that all of it, all of it, it’s worse than a lie because everybody involved in it knows there isn’t any evidence. Everybody involved in this has known since early January that Donald Trump was not even a target of this investigation that couldn’t have found anything because there isn’t anything to find. And since in January, CNN, New York Times, ABC, you name it, have led every one of their believers, listeners, viewers, to believe that Trump was involved.


6 thoughts on “Scalise Shooter Obsessed with Trump-Russia Connection

  1. Where WAS The Trumpenfuhrer when this happened they will ask? The kikenpress will tell us that he was behind the grassy knoll.

  2. The leftist jew mob factions don’t like the power of the capitalist jew mob. There has been a lot of infiltration into the intelligence structures since the past spate of Marxist-leftist politicians such as Obama and Clinton.

    “Princeton Professor: Intel Agencies assault on Trump Presidency huge threat to national security”

  3. There is only one nation that interferes in every US national election. That ethnic group controls all the (((News))) in the USA. That nation is not Russia. It is a tiny ally which has attacked the US militarily several times. Unlike almost all other US allies. It is a nation which demands and gets huge aid from many Western nations even though it is not poor. They have a lot of trouble collecting taxes from their citizens. They have more than 200 nuclear bombs and German made subs to launch them from. Germany gives these subs to this victim nation for free, because Germans were the bad guys who did bad things to these victims.

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