“Racist” Rep. Steve Scalise in Critical Condition, Hospital Says

The left falsely accused Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise of ties to David Duke. Duke himself calls out the lying Zio media in the image above and in the article posted by Duke in 2015.

Leftist Twitter has celebrated the shooting of Scalise, who is now in critical condition, because after all he’s a white male and for sure he’s a “racist” like all white male scum who must die.

ABC News

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, the House majority whip, is in critical condition, hospital officials said this afternoon, after he and four others were shot by a gunman who opened fire on members of Congress practicing for a charity baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia, this morning.

Scalise, a lobbyist, a congressional staffer and two Capitol Police officers were injured. The suspect died from his injuries sustained in the shooting, President Donald Trump said in his remarks this morning.

Scalise’s office said he was shot in the hip and underwent surgery.

“Prior to entering surgery, the Whip was in good spirits and spoke to his wife by phone,” his office said in a statement. “He is grateful for the brave actions of U.S. Capitol Police, first responders, and colleagues. We ask that you keep the Whip and others harmed in this incident in your thoughts and prayers.”

Multiple law enforcement sources identified the suspected shooter as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois. His wife told ABC News he has been living in Alexandria, Virginia, for the past two months, but had not been working and was expected to return to Illinois in the coming days.


The shooter picked President Trump’s birthday to carry out his attack:

The shooting took place around 7 a.m. at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, about seven miles away from the White House in Washington, D.C., where a number of lawmakers were practicing for the annual charity congressional baseball game set for Thursday. Only Republicans were at this practice; Democrats practiced earlier in the morning.

Betcha you didn’t know that guns kill 93 million Americans every day:

Those playful guns, what are we going to do about them? They have such a mind of their own.

(Crickets) We’re all waiting for “prayers and condolences” from Hillary and Obama.

The left’s joy is summarized here:

The MSM isn’t going to do much with the truth about the shooter’s leftist activism. So, let’s go to Twitter:

Here’s the Tweet that Baked Alaska says didn’t age well:

CNN tries to cover for the left:

Back on May 1, Cernovich called on the leftist MSM to honestly cover violence by the left in their reporting. He was mocked by the filthy scum.

The narrative changes by the hour, but at this point it looks like the leftist fake news media is following two paths:

1. Scalise and Republicans are racists and that justifies shooting them.

2. The shooter was just some guy. Never mind who he supported for POTUS and never mind his political activism.

41 thoughts on ““Racist” Rep. Steve Scalise in Critical Condition, Hospital Says

    • Trump supporter Michael Savage (aka Michael Weiner) blasted Trump’s response today as too tepid. Savage wants to see Trump name CNN, et. al. as haters. Savage may be right. The Dems and RINOs praised Trump’s response today. Drudge had the links up above his name a little while age.

      • Trump’s commentary did sound a little too scripted rather than just his normal raw passion. But maybe it’s not the time to lamblast the media with Scalise in such bad shape.

        Hopefully Trump will fire himself up eventually, & call out the obvious > Violent Propaganda that obviously messes with the minds of some people in a severely bad way.

  1. Wow, trying to catch up with all the “Summer of Leftist Terror to Come” (or so they’ve been warning for a few months. Has it arrived?)

    Must see if you missed it… A person who was there & couching behind the chainlink fence, recorded almost 6 minutes of the incessant shooting. You can’t see anyone being shot, nor the shooter, but you surely can hear all the firing. Ugh. Very upsetting:

  2. Somebody made the video BIGGER; it’s the same one as above but somehow they made the tiny screen bigger/taller:

    [video src="https://videos.files.wordpress.com/RCmXjvzb/dramatic-video-shows-shooting-at-republican-congressional-baseball-practice_dvd.mp4" /]

      • Thanks, I hadn’t seen the Rand video. He did sound rather calm, as the interviewer said. Glad he was OK.

        Hopefully this will be a LESSON to all those Congress Critters > PACK HEAT wherever you go & Don’t leave your gun in the car. Why should only “security” be armed?

        Obviously it would not be comfortable to wear a holster/gun while trying to play baseball, so they could put their guns in a box somewhere right on the field, or put one on each base & the pitcher’s mound, etc.

        Imagine if all the baseball players had guns & went STORMING the idiot guy with guns ‘a blazing. (Of course he had an automatic rifle, so hey, have at least one of those at every game.)

        A 2-min. medley of non-stop cowboy shootouts…

  3. The Guardian got this much right, from 3 hours ago:


    “Hodgkinson appears to have been a leftwing activist who frequently penned screeds against Donald Trump and Republicans, and who allegedly volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign during the Iowa primary.”

    The shooter sure had a smirk on his face in his photo above.

  4. What are the chances of THIS happening… Shooter in town a month sleeping in his van. It “just so happens” the former DEM MAYOR chats OFTEN with shooter in the YMCA gym…

    “Hodgkinson has been in the area since March, living out of his van, said local FBI Special Agent In Charge Tim Slater. Democratic former Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille said he had spoken often with the man on recent mornings at the nearby YMCA.”

    • Now, compare THAT to this comment from another YMCA visitor:

      …Hodgkinson spent time at a YMCA near the site of the shooting, sitting with a computer in the lobby or at a table in an exercise area that overlooked the baseball field.

      Stephen Brennwald, an attorney who said he saw the man every time he visited the facility recently, said he never recalled him talking to anyone.

      “I would try to chat him up and say stuff, but he never looked back at me,” Brennwald said.

      Brennwald thought it was odd that Hodgkinson was never exercising or wearing workout clothes. He thought about asking a staffer about the man but never did, he said.

      “Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, I can see how the guy was troubled, but at the time I thought he was working,” Brennwald said.

      So, the former DEM MAYOR remembers all sorts of chats with Hodgkinson at the Y, but the attorney was snubbed by him.

      The Mayor thing is my first red flag about this “case.” And who would know re Congress baseball games anyway? I suppose they post their games/events online somewhere(?)

      Minor incidentals: He was 66, & he wanted to kill Repubs on POTUS’ birthday, as you pointed out.

  5. A little background on Hodgkinson… what will the lefties say regarding ONE OF THEIR OWN, not only owning firearms, but being a crazed-nut SHOOTER?

    –“…April 17, 2012, photo, James Hodgkinson of Belleville protests outside of the United States Post Office in Downtown Belleville, Ill…”

    –He “…recently frightened a neighbor by firing a rifle into a field behind his Illinois home.” That was 3/24/17, he was using a high-powered rifle, about 50 shots. Neighbor man told him to cut it out. Shooter would not stop, so neighbor called police, but shooter showed them all his official/legal firearms paperwork, so there was nothing they could do. The article says shooter evidently left Illinois shortly thereafter if he had been living in a van for a month in Alexandria.

    –“…he frequently wrote letters to his local newspaper, the Belleville News-Democrat, which published nearly two dozen of them between 2010 and 2012. Many included complaints about the same theme: income inequality.”

    –“…Hodgkinson was a member of a [FB] group called ‘Terminate the Republican Party’..”

    –“Court records show that his legal trouble started in the 1990s with arrests for resisting police and drunken driving.”

    –In 2003, “…Hodgkinson served as an independent contractor on a county weatherization program. He was banned from the program after he was apparently caught rummaging through someone’s desk in search of a check.”

    –“In April 2006, Hodgkinson was charged with misdemeanor battery after he stormed into a neighbor’s house in an attempt to force home a teenage girl who … was under guardianship of Hodgkinson and his wife … Hodgkinson burst into the home and told his daughter “to get your stuff. It’s time to come home”… The daughter refused and locked herself in a bedroom … Hodgkinson again forced his way in and “became violent,” grabbing her by her hair and throwing her on the floor … the daughter and a friend tried to flee in a car. Hodgkinson used a pocket knife to cut the friend’s seat belt and punched that woman in the face. The teenager’s mother entered the fray, hitting her daughter, pulling her hair to get her out of the car and threatening to put her back into foster care … Hodgkinson was [later] confronted by the boyfriend of the woman he punched … Hodgkinson struck that man in the head with the wooden stock of a 12-gauge shotgun before firing off a round as that man fled. A judge later returned the teen to the custody of Illinois welfare officials and awarded guardianship to the Hodgkinsons’ neighbor … Battery charges against Hodgkinson and his wife were later dismissed.”

    –“The office of Republican Rep. Mike Bost, whose district includes Belleville, said it had a record of 10 contacts with Hodgkinson between June 2016 and last month. The contacts were made via phone calls and emails. Spokesman George O’Connor described them as “negative in nature on a variety of legislative issues, but not threatening.”

    –“Dale Walsh, 65, of Belleville, said he was a lifelong friend of Hodgkinson’s. He said Hodgkinson never talked politics with him, but he was a passionate person who occasionally got into fights.
    “He was the type of person that if you challenged him, he wouldn’t back off.”

      • Very true. And odd, but for being 66, he actually looks the same or younger than Scalise who is only 51 but looks much older!

      • Trump tweet 1 hours ago…

      • Are the doctors working on Scalise Bernie supporters? They may do a Patton on him. Scalise tells the truth, as Patton did.
        A nigger driving a truck intentionally hit Patton’s jeep head on, causing only minor injures. Patton warned his wife he would not survive hospital. He went to hospital with these minor injuries and died there. Patton told the truth about the Jews and they do not like that sort of thing.
        A lot of doctors are Jews and killers. Stalin woke up to that problem near the end of his life. Trying to purge Jew doctors resulted in his sudden death.

      • Good for you for replying to Trump’s Scalise tweet re the haters. They are like gnats, they swarm, they snip, they bite, they just won’t quit.

        Re Doctors/Hospitals: Remember Joan Rivers’ doctor’s appt.! And they say Seth Rich was walking after the attack but never survived the hospital. Then Robert gives the Patton example above. So they are even killing off their own (Rivers & Rich were Jewish).

        A letter dating from 1489 from the head of the Grand Sanhedrin in Constantinople to a rabbi in Arles France suggests they infiltrate Gentile society. That letter was published in 1880 in the Review of Jewish Studies & included in the 1954 bulletin, “I Testify Against the Jews” by Robert Edmondson (1872-195?).

        The 1489 letter said for them to convert to Christianity as the French King demands but “keep the Law of Moses in your hearts;” make your sons merchants so “that they may despoil Christians of their [property]”; doctors so that “they may take away Christian lives.”

        “Make your sons canons and clerics that they may destroy the churches … Arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with affairs of state in order that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.” (71)
        –Full Edmondson story at Henry’s:

      • You’re welcome. He does have some gems in his tweets; but sometimes the headlines (retweeted) are “sensational,” & if you actually check them out, they are not always as bad as they appear. However, the one above looks like a doozy!

        You told me some time ago that Henry subscribes to some NWO news service & that’s where he gets all his tweets from. You told me the name of the site & I was going to check it out, but long since forgot the name of the site. Do you remember it?

  6. I took a wild guess yesterday that he was a Bernie supporter and I was right. Generally speaking, Hillary voters would be less angry – they had their chance at the polls. Bernie voters had no chance – so this dipshit shoots men who had nothing to do with shafting Bernie.
    (((Bernie))) the Commie got shafted by his own Party – not by any Republican whatsoever.

    This shooting is a shocking display of the incompetence of law enforcement in the USA and protection of politicians. If they are in the open air in a group like this they are vulnerable. The cops knew that Scalise was a likely target for assassination. Yet he was not adequately protected. A guy living in his van nearby was ignored – even though he probably had the high powered rifle and ammo in his vehicle which should have been searched. Nobody like this should be allowed to live in their van so close to so many politicians. It is illegal to live in a van except in an authorised camping ground, or private land. And possibly some remote wilderness areas for short periods, and overnight stops when traveling on the open road.

    If you check the police photo you will see that five feet occurs twice, once for five feet and once for six feet. Just in case you thought cops were smart.

    That the media is now demonising Scalise the victim is terrible, the alleged David Duke connection once again. David Duke tells the truth about the Jews and their control of the media. The Jews truly are evil and this cruel story proves it. Trump must smash the Jew media monopoly and ASAP.

    • LOL at the cops’ height chart 5 – 5 as you noticed (I didn’t notice until you said it).

      But look again…

      14 > the day he shot the Congressmen (& POTUS Trump’s 71st birthday). They are probably signaling that everything is going along just fine, according to their Judeo-Masonic plan.

  7. Ah ha…

    NYT publishes practice date two months in advance.
    Disgruntled Illinois “protestor” just happens to see a copy of the NYT(?)
    Grabs his bags & goes & sets up computer & homebase in the YMCA in Alexandria.
    Former Democratic Mayor of Alexandria Bill Euille just so happens to visit the Y & says “he had spoken often with the man on recent mornings at the nearby YMCA.”

  8. Isnt it interesting that initial reports indicate that the ‘shooter’ had been subdued and was no threat – being taken in. Hours later he is finally identified and is dead… methinks thye found out that he wouldnt fit the narrative/who he really was and offed him to limit political damage.

    of course, nut cases will again try to blame the gun…how about left wing kook control? THAT makes sense…

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