‘Detestable lie’: Attorney General Sessions rejects charges of collusion with Russia

The Democrat attempt to pull off another smear job on Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed yesterday. Senator Tom Cotton, a rising star in the true conservative movement, helped a lot, as you will see if you watch the embedded five-minute video at the bottom of this post.


US Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify about the firing of FBI Director James Comey and allegations of contacts between Russian officials and Trump campaign associates, including himself.

Committee chairman Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) framed the hearing as giving Sessions an opportunity to “separate fact from fiction.”

Sessions said it was critically important to investigate allegations of Russian interference during the election because such interference “can never be tolerated,” and encouraged the committee to get to the bottom of the matter.

He said he had no meeting with the Russians at the Mayflower Hotel, but did attend a reception with at least two dozen people – including President Trump – and had conversations during the pre-speech reception, but doesn’t remember talking to any Russians.

“Any suggestions I was aware of any collusion, or to undermine integrity of the democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie,” said Sessions.

Before he was nominated for Attorney General, Sessions had two meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and other foreign ambassadors. He acknowledged those two meetings, but said nothing that happened was inappropriate.

As to why he recused himself from the Russia investigation, Sessions said a Department of Justice regulation, 28 CFR 45.2, states that an “employee participating in a criminal prosecution with a personal relationship…with a political campaign, closely identified with a candidate or an elected official…” must recuse himself.

Senator Tom Cotton ridicules the collusion theory.

Take your choice. Watch the minute and a half of Twitter video or watch the whole five plus minutes on youtube.

Senator Tom Cotton full interaction with AG Sessions:

It was a good day for truth.

5 thoughts on “‘Detestable lie’: Attorney General Sessions rejects charges of collusion with Russia


    That is why it is not right to call MSM media, because they are not reporting, but lying about a scandal they manufactured.

    I repeat–it is not illegal for a private citizen to talk to the Russian govt, even if it happened. It is protected by the first amendment–freedom of speech.

    If that were so, everybody who ever posted on pravda.ru or rt.com should be in jail.

    The libs are running a double scam–they are manufacturing a scandal, and then reporting their own manufactured scandal as news.

  2. Tom Cotton, wow, a Senator with common sense. I watched the 5-min. one & would like to see the entire 3-hours but I can’t stomach it, ha. I hear the McCain portion proves beyond a doubt that he has severe mental problems.

    Here’s little Jeffy as a kid, how cute! He’s six months younger than Trump, born in Dec. 1946 (vs. Trump June 1946):

    • Here’s AG Jeff Sessions as a college kid (photos from his full history/bio at archive dot org):

      His Alabama drawl sounds very similar to the old-time NC relatives I mentioned elsewhere.

  3. Instead of the 3-hours of interrogation, I listened to this 1-hour recap with Mitchell’s female hostess & Adam Gingrich from yesterday 6/13. (Mitchell was off duty so it was just the other two.) Gingrich always has straightforward opinions & insider consensus on things. He did most of the talking.

    YourVoice™ America (6/13/17) “Sessions Kicks A**!”:

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