Chaos at Massive London Apartment Building Fire: No One Really Knows the Facts Yet About Cause and Casualties

I’ve never seen a fire totally engulf a large building like this one. If you can’t see the Tweets on the homepage, click on the link to display the story and the Tweets should appear, complete with photos and videos.

Heh, heh. The good old London police are more worried about someone speculating that a Muslim terrorist started the fire than anything else. They are worthless, despicable fools.

I wonder if the London police will try to track down the laughing Arabs?


Where the hell is worthless scumbag Sadiq Khan? Working on a coverup?

Sky News Live:

Sky News is bragging about the diversity of the neighborhood as I listen. There are many Moroccans living in the neighborhood celebrating Ramadan. I can hear the sound of helicopters in the background.

More later as events develop.

The latest MSM report I could find as I go to press is from The Guardian.

18 thoughts on “Chaos at Massive London Apartment Building Fire: No One Really Knows the Facts Yet About Cause and Casualties

  1. Any minute now It’s going to fall into its footprint….any minute now (c’mon Sivan, er I mean Abdul, where’s that fuse?!)

    • PB you stole my words exactly! Nice tidy vertical collapse? No Lucky Larry though 0- this buuildin almost certainly belongs to the white taxpayers.

      • I wonder what the Third Word trash living there would store inside. Many car owners may have spare petrol (gasoline) in jerry cans or similar as they have no garage. Others would have LPG bottles to run their BBQs to cook their food inside the apartments. Others might have kerosene to cook their food and run heaters in winter. They might be some paint and other chemical substances. Probably no cleaning fluids whatsoever!

        Maybe like the steel framed Lucky Larry buildings full of asbestos, fires now will burn steel, concrete and asbestos? The laws of physics have been repealed since the magic of 911. Might aliens have done 911 using weird technology? (Joke).
        Experts can tell the heat of the fire from the colour, e.g. red, yellow, blue in that order I think. Even abos know what fire is cool and which is hot. The 911 fires were as cool as buggery, nowhere hot even to melt metal thicker than a table spoon. No blue flame whatsoever.
        450 NY firefighters were murdered by demolition charges placed inside the buildings. The Rotten Apple.
        Only three steel framed buildings have ever collapsed due to fire. All on the same day – 911.

        The London building probably has no steel frame which is a very US way of building. In UK and Australia concrete is reinforced internally by thick metal wire. This is called reinforced concrete and is cheaper to build than steel frames.
        Concrete is not flammable at all, nor is steel, unless heavily insured by Jews.

  2. Good news is that building would have been chock a block full of Coons and Indians and Pakis as they are favoured before whites for Govt Housing. A tiny number of desperately poor whites, probably elderly. It looks like Muzz arson to me. However Africans are batshit crazy when it comes to cooking their weird and stinky meals. Very likely an African with a BBQ fire inside the apartment started the fire – but why did it spread to all floors so easily? You will see the building has no balconies where BBQs can be operated in relative safety. Well done Brits! Were there compulsory smoke detectors inside all apartments and checked every year as in Australia for such firetrap buildings? Any single attempt at a BBQ would have set off the alarm. The once great England is now a Third World shithole. All in just 60 years! After almost 1000 years of never being invaded by a foreign foe.

    Are any American Airlines planes missing by any chance? Maybe one hit the building and evaporated as they usually do, leaving no engines or other indestructible parts. However maybe a passport or two will be found near the fire?

    • Sky News was interviewing a Muslim who lived there who escaped the fire with his entire family. Suspicious? I’ll leave that to the London police to decide. Your theory of the crime is probably the correct one, although the MSM narrative is already focusing on a “faulty refrig.”

  3. Cause of fire not yet known, but most likely electrical. The tower was built of concrete and steel (not glass and steel) and was not hit by a large passenger plane travelling at ~800kph. That’s two good reasons why it didn’t fall down.

  4. It’s curious how the fire spread so widely in a modern building. I’m not an engineering prof, but I am a structural engineer and I do believe the airplanes brought down those buildings. (911) The asbestos fireproofing was changed to a more environmentally sound fireproofing early on in the first buildings construction. The steel joist floor construction was very light and susceptible to fire. Th e fireproofing fell of due to the impact. Asbestos would have performed way better. Once the light floor framing gave way, there was no lateral support for the columns and they buckled. All that jet fuel raised the temperature. Even at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit steel has lost about 50% of its strength. Combine that with the loss of lateral support and the factor of safety fell below 1.

    • The fires were a long way up though, and most of the fuel burned off externally on impact. I don’t think any burned tower before or since has collapsed so efficiently, or even collapsed at all, and that includes some pretty third-world efforts.

      • The second building hit collapsed first, because it was hit lower down, where the column loads were higher. I don’t see how you can say most of the fuel burned externally. A lot of the fuel carried to the interior. The planes were going almost 600 mph and weighed somewhere around 600,000 pounds. They had enormous kinetic energy. The vertical members so prominent in the WTC were the external columns. The planes destroyed many of them on impact. The other columns were at the core, and the light steel framing spanned from the exterior to the inner core, 60 feet or so I think. If you want to know what the floor framing looked like, go to a Homedepot or Costco and look up, same stuff with a little foam fireproofing sprayed on them. Not much mass. So many columns are destroyed on impact,the lateral bracing for them is slowly removed by the fire, and th remaining columns buckle. Watch the collapse of the second building again, you can see the columns go and the entire upper section falls upon it, creating a progressive collapse, a well known phenomenon.

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  6. THAT is one WICKED fire! Unbelievable. Worse that it was at night & people may have been fast asleep. What a horror!

    Did that tower have SMART METERS yet? They have NO SURGE PROTECTORS on the back of them & are well-known to be serious fire hazards. One little spark will set them ablaze. If there was a “bank of meters” for a 27-story building all in one place, one spark would eventually set them all off.


    “Asbestos would have performed way better [for WTC].”

    Below is “Trump & Asbestos” info I had looked up & had left in a prior post from March this year, fwiw:

    1_Trump Tower was built in 1984…

    2_Asbestos was first outlawed by EPA 1989, but a court overruled that in 1991 saying that buildings that already had it prior to 1989 could keep their asbestos.

    3_Trump LOVES asbestos (funny part!), says it’s the primo stuff for fire retardant & that all the other “crap” is majorly inferior for stopping fire. (If you google “Trump Asbestos”, a zillion headlines show up!)

    4_In Oct. 2012 he tweeted that the WTC would not have burned if it had had more asbestos.

    5_In 2005 he appeared before some agency (see below link) to sing the praises of asbestos.

    6_Trump claimed it was the Mafia who instigated the fearmongering & outlawing of asbestos because it is Mafia-owned companies that do asbestos-removal. (Also funny! I love a fellow conspiracy “theorist.”)

    7_I couldn’t find quick info whether Trump Tower has asbestos, but at same below link, it says Trump said that “the private owners have it removed, it takes about 1-1/2 days, it’s only a minor inconvenience,” etc. So I’m guessing he was referring to people who buy units in his building(s).

    8_Same link says WTC had asbestos in only 1-tower up to its 40th floor & other stuff from there up & in the other tower:
    (That is not a pro-Trump article but it’s not too bad as far as “hate” goes; moreso that he is “dangerous” due to his opinions on things like asbestos).

  7. Latest update from 2-3 hours ago…

    Real “smart” lining the walls with POLYESTER! Also, gas pipes are being mentioned as a suspect cause.
    Survivors of the disaster said on Wednesday they had raised fears about the fact that there was only one escape route. They also told the Kensington and Chelsea tenant management organisation (KCTMO) of their concerns over the placement of boilers and gas pipes, the absence of a building-wide fire alarm or sprinkler system, and piles of rubbish being dumped and causing a fire risk.

    Investigations have begun into the cause of the fire and how it swept so rapidly up the tower’s 24 storys, apparently spreading across a new thermal cladding system installed last year as part of a £10m refurbishment.
    As well as examining the cladding at Grenfell Tower, another line of inquiry is likely to be whether gas pipes triggered or exacerbated the blaze.
    …the speed at which the fire swept across the new polyester powder-coated aluminium facade, installed as part of the refurbishment to improve the building’s insulation and appearance.
    …fears about the installation by the National Grid of gas pipes in the main stairwells. The landlord assured her they would be boxed in with “fire-rated” protection, but this was not done.
    “I raised 19 complaints on behalf of individual residents. Every single time we were told that the board had satisfied itself that the fire safety was fine.”
    “I spoke to councillors and they refused to investigate,” Collins said. “They wouldn’t believe that the residents were concerned. Ninety percent of residents signed an independent petition asking for there to be an investigation into the organisation that runs this building because they were so incompetent. And the council turned it down.”
    “The flames were working their way up and it seemed like the cladding had caught fire,” she said. “That is how it spread.”
    “Before the regeneration, people raised concerns about how it was going to be made safe,” said Cllr Lasharie, speaking about Grenfell Tower. “Once it was done, the finishing wasn’t done properly. People were worried there was only one fire exit, that there was rubbish being left at the bottom of the tower where dumping was going on, open wires when the works were being done. They were concerned there was no proper evacuation process, no proper fire alarm for everyone to hear and there’s no sprinkler system.”

    She said boilers were left “bare” in living rooms and kitchens. “It was poor work.”

    WHAT A MESS!!!

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