Arrest: White Mom Intentionally Left Two Toddlers to Die in Hot Car While She Partied Inside Friend’s House




Amanda Hawkins was apparently cavorting with a 16 year old boy while her daughters were dying in the SUV where she left them for 15 hours.

This crime took place in Kerrville, Texas, a small Hill Country tourist town not far up the road from my location.

Amanda is married, but is estranged from her husband. She had been the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation last year.

Everyone in the local area is in shock over this completely unnecessary tragedy.

Daily Mail

A mother killed her two toddlers by intentionally leaving them in a hot car for more than 15 hours, police say.

Amanda Hawkins, 19, from Kerr County, Texas, allegedly left her children Brynn Hawkins, one, and Addyson Overgard-Eddy, two, in the car overnight and ignored them even as they cried for hours.

The girls were unconscious and in ‘grave condition’ by the time Hawkins sent them to the hospital – a day after they’d been left in the car.

‘This is by far the most horrific case of child endangerment that I have seen in the 37 years that I have been in law enforcement,’ Kerr County Sheriff Hierholzer said in a statement.

Let’s pick up the details of the story with excerpts from Heavy:

Amanda Hawkins, of Kerrville, was arrested June 9, a day after her daughters, Addyson, 2, and Brynn, 1, died at a local hospital, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

Hawkins was charged with two counts of abandoning or endangering a child and is being held on $70,000 bail at the Bexar County Jail, police said. It is not clear if she has hired an attorney.

Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer said in a press release that the charges could be upgraded after the case is presented to a grand jury. It is being prosecuted by 216th Judicial District Attorney Lucy Wilke, who could not be reached for comment. Wilke told the San Antonio Express-News more charges could be forthcoming and she is reviewing the case.

“These children were left in that car intentionally,” Hierholzer told KABB-TV. “Helpless little kids,” the sheriff said. “And it was totally preventable.”

Investigators determined the girls were left in Hawkins SUV “intentionally” for more than 15 hours, the sheriff’s office said. Hawkins was inside a nearby friend’s home during that time, from the evening of Tuesday, June 6, to about noon on Wednesday, June 7, according to investigators.

The SUV’s windows were partially down during part of the 15 hours the kids were inside, and the temperature was about 60 degrees overnight, Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer told the Houston Chronicle. Temperatures rose to about 85 degrees at noon Wednesday, with humidity about 96 percent, meaning it could have felt like 105 degrees, the newspaper reports.

Police said a 16-year-old boy who was at the house went out to the SUV to check on the girls and spent time with them for a “little while,” but did not get them help or bring them inside, KABB-TV reports.

During the night of partying, friends told Hawkins they could hear the girls crying, the sheriff told the news station. The friends told Hawkins to bring her daughters inside, but she refused, according to the sheriff.

Hierholzer said the girls didn’t have food, water or bathroom visits during the 15 hours inside the SUV.

Amanda and Isaac Hawkins were investigated by the state Child Protective Services agency last year, the San Antonio Express-News reports. The agency could not provide details about its interaction with the family. The investigation took place in September 2016, CPS spokeswoman Mary Walker told the newspaper.

In July 2016, Amanda Hawkins wrote a Facebook post about concerns others had raised about how she was caring for her children:

If you want my mom to check up and ask questions about if my daughters are taken care of that is messed up. You can ask me yourselves or leave us alone! We are great here. Focus on something else. My daughters have everything they want, and need, plus so much more. They get their checkups they get their shots. They get everything. You don’t see us so just stop. The only people who see us are my mom and my grandparents. Ugh i feel so mad. How dare someone question if i take care of my kids

In conversations in the comments with friends, Hawkins wrote, “Exactly. It pissed me off so much. Like you have that audacity to sit there and question if my babies are taken care of?,” after a friend said she knows Hawkins takes “great care of them.”

She also wrote, “I would make a trip to kerrville just to beat some ass. Show up like ‘you said what now?’”

22 thoughts on “Arrest: White Mom Intentionally Left Two Toddlers to Die in Hot Car While She Partied Inside Friend’s House

  1. A 19 year old with 2 kids? At 19 I was living in a 2 room effeciency apartment, attending classes from 7 to 3 and working from 6 to midnight at the local phone company. I drove a 1963 Ford Galaxy 500 (it was 1973) and the last damned thing in the world I needed was kids or a spouse! I was barely making it, green behind the ears and perpetually broke! Sex back then involved avoiding pregnancy at all costs, even refraining because I was smart enough to know I was just a kid myself! As for partying, I was lucky if I had the energy to climb the stairs to my place after the shift. Then it was bed and get up to repeat! Most 19 year olds can’t properly blow their own nose much less a kids. I forget! Big gov’t is Baby Daddy to every girl who can’t keep her legs closed and every douchebag that doesn’t want to take his responsibility.

    • Okay, try a different perspective here.

      Maybe she turned to drugs due to the constant monitoring by DFS/CPS?

      Maybe she was taking good care of her kids until DFS got involved at the behest of busy body neighbors who have nothing better to do than call DFS on people.

      I was harassed by DFS for 18 months because my neighbors resented the fact that I was a single MOTHER who was educated and worked, etc. The single FATHER across the street had more problems with disciplining his daughters that I did, yet no one called DFS in him.

      Maybe this teen was doing well, but was harassed to the point that she could no longer take care of her kids?

      I can say that had I been harassed as much as I had been at a younger age without resilience and strength that I have now I may have buckled and turned to escapes. I have the confidence not to do that.

      Where was the fucking community?

      Fuck you ‘white people’. The blood of these kids’ hands are on the community as well. Instead of calling DFS, did you offer to listen, talk, and help?


  2. “friends told Hawkins they could hear the girls crying, the sheriff told the news station. The friends told Hawkins to bring her daughters inside”
    I would like all of these people and the 16 year old charged with child abuse and child neglect. All were required by law to report this abuse to the police – before the deaths. They are in fact accessory to murder. How could so many people be so negligent? What human garbage are they? So many people knew this was a major problem and none did anything. Are they all drug abusers by any chance? This story is an indictment on the entire USA, or Texas at least. Is this a real life “Breaking Bad” script?

    “Let the punishment fit the crime”.
    This mother should be sentenced to death by heat exhaustion, to extend over a period of 6 months. She will live in a hot box like the fiendish Oriental Nip one for white soldiers in “The Bridge On The River Kwai”. All except the last few days she will be given water and some food, and an average temperature of 45 degrees by day and about 25 by night. The last few days, same heat and no water at all, until she dies. Even better – lock her in the same seat of the same SUV she murdered her kiddies in. No water.

    I accidentally left my thermometer on my balcony with all windows closed a day or two ago, Outside was just 28 degrees. The thermometer read 48.5 degrees. So I think 105 F was optimistic for a vehicle in the sun with windows up. More like 130F and more. Much more. Poor little tikes, beautiful kiddies.

  3. This article makes me sick.Just looking at her pictures tells me that she is a complete imbecile. Especially the photo of her wearing glasses. She looks retarded. I immediately get the impression that she is a self centered little twit. I can’t imagine a man desperate or stupid enough to screw her, let alone trying to hold any sort of a meaningful conversation with her.

    Yes she should get some jail time, yes indeed. But she should also be fixed. She shouldn’t be allowed another opportunity to breed. She is too stupid and selfish.

  4. White niggers are the lowest form of life on earth. Niggers have their inferior/defective DNA as their excuse. YT has none.

  5. This is absolutely horrid, Anyone who was remotely close to this child and here family should be held accountable along with child protective services. These beautiful children how horrible to have to die this way alone like that. i WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A MINUTE OR TWO WITH THIS BITCH. If she didnt want her Kids there are White Moms like me who would have gladly taken these children all over the country being I my self can not have any more. I have many sisters in Texas who would have welcomed this two beautiful children into there families with open loving arms.

  6. Do braindead bozo teenagers think tiny tots’ bodies can cope as their own bodies could? with 15 hours outside w/no food/water/bathroom, heat for the cooler night, nor cooling for the hotter day? Fifteen hours is nothing to a grown-up, but for near-infants (only 1-2 years old!, toddlers barely walking yet), 15 hours of abandonment would be like a LIFETIME for them.

    They probably died of broken hearts.

    So sad!

    And yes, the photos of that “mother” disgust me, with the gobs of eye makeup (trashy) & the turquoise nail polish, etc. I hope her own parents wring her neck like a chicken!

    And as everyone else has said, ALL those at the party are accomplices to wanton criminal neglect leading to death!

    • It probably didn’t get down to 60 here. I think it was a warmer night. However, it could have been a little hotter during the day than the temp quoted.

      There should be some drug arrests at the house where this child abuse took place. I don’t know how easy it would be to convict the party goers of contributory child neglect, but drug convictions are pretty easy to get.

  7. –“The girls were unconscious and in ‘grave condition’ by the time Hawkins sent them to the hospital – a day AFTER they’d been left in the car.”

    I wonder what in the world was the mother DOING for a WHOLE DAY AFTER the babies’ night in the car? Sobering up? Coming “down” from a drug trip? Trying to figure out how to “cover her crime” as the babies’ health grew more & more dim?

    And she “SENT” them to the hospital, or she TOOK them to the hospital?

    This case reminds me of Casey Anthony, another “party girl” who killed her 2 year old, Caylee, in 2008:

  8. She should have given these kids up for adoption to a loving family. A man and a woman. Not two lezzos or two faggots.

  9. When she gets incarcerated( hell,who knows in this world,maybe she wont) that’s when her she will regret her actions. Those women hate anyone who hurts,molests any kid,never mind murders her own. Life is going to be hell on earth for her now…she’s got it coming that’s for sure!

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