A Rogue’s Gallery of the POS Who Radicalized the Scalise Shooter


The social media evidence left behind by today’s leftist shooter who intended the mass murder of Republican Congressmen shows that he was radicalized by celebrity “journalists” and comedians rather than Karl Marx or college professors.

I’ve put together here a rogue’s gallery of these figures, all of whom are often seen on TV even if they don’t have their own show.

Jews are disproportionately represented in the rogue’s gallery. I’m sure that more people could be added to the lineup, but this is a fair representation of the people that shooter James Hodgkinson admired.

All of these pukes are going to pay lip service toward denouncing violence, blah, blah, blah. But when the sun rises tomorrow, they’ll be right back doing the things that turn their stupid followers into radical terrorists.









24 thoughts on “A Rogue’s Gallery of the POS Who Radicalized the Scalise Shooter

  1. Not directly by Karl Marx, but definitely his Communist followers. There’s no doubt they and many other Democrats are as dangerous, even more so, than ISIS, Taliban, al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups, since there are many more lefties in the country than Muslims. .

      • I just put a tweet in the other “Racist”/Scalise article of the brief video clip of Bernie bashing Trump for not telling his supporters to “stop the violence.”

    • The lefty commies have been “brewing” since post-WW2 America. Add the “cherry on top” of several decades of brainwashed college kids, & we have a big mess on our hands.

      I don’t know the answer. And the EU is threatening Poland that they have 24-hours to begin taking in refugees! (How can the EU tell anybody what to do? Why do those stupid countries even belong to the EU?)

  2. Almost all of these people who promoted, crated and advocated this attempted mass assassination of politicians are Jews. They should all be treated like the Confederate Flag was due to Dylan Roof liking it.
    All of these terrorists should be banned from TV immediately under National Security laws. If a link can be proved with the terrorist than they should be charged with attempted murder.
    The crime was an act of political terrorism, and it should worry all US citizens that this is a step towards a 1917 style Russian Revolution. Before that theft of a country by Jew scum, some of the best politicians were assassinated by Jews and other bad eggs. One example of such a victim was Stolypin, killed in 1911 on the 11th attempt..

      • Traficant was murdered by having a tractor placed on top of him, death by suffocation. Yet his chest had no physical injuries. He spent 7 years in jail for telling the truth about the Jews. He rescued an innocent man from the death penalty in Israel. This (((they))) could not forgive. He was planning a comeback at age 73.

      • I was very rusty on Traficant’s history. I knew they threw him in the slammer but couldn’t remember what for, & I also somewhat remembered that they finally “did him in.” So thanks for the details, Robert. What a shame. I’m glad he’s on video. He deserves a spot in the truther hall of fame.

      • Yes, good job & good idea, thank you! I can’t imagine what state someone’s brain/mind must be in to be able to actually sit & “take in” the above talking heads & all the others, day after day after day, & not having a clue that they are totally FULL OF IT! I become nauseated just looking at them.

        And how utterly evil they themselves must be (the talking heads), KNOWING they are FULL OF IT. How can they stomach THEMSELVES? How can they even listen to their own garbage?

        “Cable TV” really sped up the corruption of everyone’s mind. Those of us “deceived” by old-timers like Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley, John Chancellor, Tm Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, etc., were easiest enough to “cure” just by hearing truth. We weren’t BOMBARDED (“entrained”) 24/7/365 by the cable-clowns before their “invention” in the early 1990s(?).

      • Thanks for the 666-guy video. Ha, he does get a bit crass, like his description of Christie was uncalled for. I got 8 minutes into it so far…

    • This post was a good idea by me. I kept seeing the names of those who radicalized him and realized it would be powerful to just put up their pictures.

      The government is helpless in this case. First amendment and all that. The best that we can hope for is to red pill some normies. Then keep boycotting these traitors.

      • I replied to you in the wrong spot, see above. And the photo didn’t show up for some reason (it’s a wiki link).

        Someone over a Reddit did a “headlines” version of what you did here with the photos. Too bad Hodgekinson (& all the others like him) didn’t take note of the contradictory headlines the insane news puts out. Reddit has set the headlines side by side for a hilarious read for those awake but which might cause a serious case of cognitive dissonance for those who are not:


  3. Direct Action
    J.B. Campbell

    “The Jews are showing their power. Again. The Jewish method is to control the president, one way or another. Control him or destroy him, or both. And then there is the Congress – the mob that gave twenty-nine standing ovations to Netanyahu – which has just voted 419-1 in favor of the neo-con idea for US Navy warships to stop and search cargos in the waters of other countries, such as Russia! Only a Jew would have such an idea. And only a Jew-dominated Congress would vote for it. Russia considers the vote an act of war.

    This is a call for direct action against the Jewish machine, which has virtually destroyed us all. Destruction by Jews is unavoidable and total when they are allowed power for over a century.”


    • “The Jewish method is to control the president, one way or another. Control him or destroy him, or both.”

      Sad but probably true. I watched part of a video the other day where the guy says that in Trump’s 2004 book, *Trump The Way to the Top The Best Business Advice I Ever Received*, that Trump refers to his Kabbalah Teacher! It takes less than 2-mins. to get to that part, & the rest he includes a video explaining what the Kabbalah is. The guy talking is “Richie from Boston” who sounds Jewish, very nasal:

      • Re the above video, I took a screenshot of his video where he is showing the page from Trump’s book where he wrote that. Here is it, but the page number doesn’t show up:

        Maybe that was a long time ago & Trump no longer has a Kabbalah teacher. Let’s hope!

  4. Re Jew plotters and agitators on TV forcing Trump to be a dictator – so they will have even more power afterwards.

    From Turdpedia……
    “The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building (home of the German parliament) in Berlin on 27 February 1933, just one month after Adolf Hitler had been sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. The Nazis stated that Marinus van der Lubbe, a young Dutch council communist, had been caught at the scene of the fire, and he was arrested for the crime. Van der Lubbe was an unemployed bricklayer who had recently arrived in Germany. The Nazis stated that van der Lubbe had declared that he had started the fire. Van der Lubbe was tried and sentenced to death. The fire was used as evidence by the Nazi Party that communists were plotting against the German government. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.”

    The conviction of van der Lubbe was upheld in multiple German Courts after WWII – and only overturned in 2007. I.e. He did the crime. The main do gooder complaint is that he should not have been executed, but should have got 8 years in jail instead.

    Funny thing, if you watch the garbage on the Hitler Channel they will declare bluntly that Goering did it – but (((they))) present no evidence. If this was true West Germany would have been only too pleased to tip this bucket of shit all over Goering at the 1965, 1980s etc. fresh Court hearings in to the crime.

    So, why did this foreign Commie piece of shit help Hitler in 1933 to immediately get all elected Commies kicked out of parliament? Because Stalin wanted to help Hitler be dictator, and end all elections. That way, the Commies would get their turn. Hitler and Stalin may have been paying in harmony to the same (((conductor))). We do not always know why things happened – but we do know what happened. Stalin and the Commies won WWII, and the British and Yanks paid all the Commie expenses. Not with loans either but with free military supplies. the Bris had to pay for all US weapons sold to them, including those the UK gave to Stalin. The Russkies got everything for free. “To stop Hitler”. Yes they stopped Hitler all right and the whites paid for it, with their lives and with their tax money.

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