Trump Blocks Stephen King on Twitter

When MILO “abused” Negro actress Leslie Jones on Twitter, he was banned totally from the social media platform. Liberals cheered.

Now, liberals are going after Trump because he doesn’t care to read abusive Tweets. Trump didn’t get any Tweeters banned. He just blocked them from following him. That’s no big deal, but the media is running with this story today to make the nation’s elected leader out to be a monster.

Why, if Trump can block someone on Twitter, the next thing you know is that he’ll be sending storm troopers into newspaper offices to wreck the presses and arrest the editors.

The Australian

Horror author Stephen King has revealed US President Donald Trump has blocked him on Twitter.

The writer joked he “may have to kill myself” after his repeated criticism of the US leader led to Trump taking action on the social media site.

King regularly hits out at Trump on Twitter.

On Tuesday, hours before he revealed he had been blocked, he wrote: “Trump’s cabinet offers a postgraduate-level course in ass-kissing.”

In February he said he “screws up” America’s relationship with Australia and called the Republican “an impulsive, bad-tempered idiot”.

Last week he posted: “Our idiotic president seems to have confused what’s ‘politically correct’ with what is ‘unconstitutional’.”

Lawyers for two Twitter users sent the White House a letter last week demanding they be un-blocked from the @realDonaldTrump account.

Time followed up this story by reporting that author J. K. Rowling (of Harry Potter fame) has offered to send Trump’s Tweets to King. Time also reports that the left is claiming that Trump has no legal right to block anyone from reading a presidential statement.

All of this nonsense reporting is intended to delegitimize the Trump presidency and make it impossible for him to drain the swamp.

9 thoughts on “Trump Blocks Stephen King on Twitter

  1. Wow, what a bunch of whiney idiots!They hate Trump yet cry he blocked them??Probably the same nut jobs who were outraged because Trump tweets…UGH….Steven King ..boring..JK Rowlings..why don’t you go tweet a Banna the fake Syrian girl you Twit!

  2. “Horror author Stephen King “. Is this some Aussie wit using double entendre?
    Stephen King is a horrible author. I read one of his books and the “climax” went on and on and on. Maybe for 100 pages.
    What crap. The evil one or ones are killed. Then they come back and are killed again somehow. Then they come back again.
    Repeat many more times, yawn.
    Yawn! What a waste of time and paper.

  3. Back when King was the rage, I bought a couple of his books and thought them basic garbage. He admits he wrote many while boozed up and coked out. That explains the lack of coherence and verbosity. Hemingway he is not, and to be fair he admits that.

    In Kings books there are few heroes and limited realistic romance. This, me thinks, reflects his cold soulless New England upbringing. King grew up poor and his mother struggled to make a living working in a mill town. Give him credit, he had a talent and worked day and night to make something out of it. He got rich by hard work and his own talent and I appreciate that. Yet instead of being humble he became arrogant. He looks down on fellow poor whites and ridicules them and their religious beliefs, that is, Christianity. If they, these poor whites, turned fanatical rag-heads, he’d say nothing about it.

    The ‘Shining’ I thought was your basic hyped-up Hollyjewed trash. Terrible book, worse movie.

    I was always convinced that King has some sort of sex-o-warped mental illness. He is just too interested and fascinated with the female cycle.

    I put James Michener in the same category as King, not worth wasting time and money on. Yet I thought Michener’s ‘The Bridges a Toko-Ri’ was a pretty good read. The movie wasn’t bad either but the romance part way too sappy.

    As opposed to King, both Michener and Hemingway led fantastic adventurous lives. Hemingway of course had a mental illness and thus suicide. In today’s world, he could have been helped.

    Of Hemingway, King said, “He was a genius son-of-a-bitch writer, even when he was drunk on his ass.” My beef with Hemingway? He supported the wrong side in the Spanish Civil War.

  4. I just read a book by (((Harlen Coben))) a talentless author from Jew York. Took me two weeks to finish it. Then I destroyed it to my great satisfaction. I bought it cheap in eastern Europe. I like to read hard copy books so I often get stuck with mediocre books, that is why I have read two of the “Fifty Shades Of Poop” books.

    In this Harlen Coben book, the hero is a 6 feet 4 Jew, fearless, brave and tough (!). The heroine is a “beautiful” six feet 5 nigress. She is the illegitimate daughter of a very wealthy white man, who “loved” her horrible nigger mother who was his maid! The Jews secretary is over six feet and she is the size of a tram car. The Jew loves all these monster niggers and wants to fuck them, but does not. What a shitty book. A lot of people get killed, white men mostly. And a couple of niggers including the heroine. Never buy a book brand new written by a Jew. Borrow it from the library if you must read it. Do not feed the (((Beast))).

  5. Doesn’t that idiot King know he can read ANY twitter feed — whether blocked or not — by simply NOT LOGGING IN to twitter first? He’s a dummy!!!!

    And THANK GOODNESS that Trump is BLOCKING the dirtbags. I hope he does it to all the creeps in order to CLEAN UP his reply sections, because it is truly disgusting & demoralizing to even have to see all their garbage. Most are probably bots. I hear they race to try to get their negative replies to show up at the top, & that twitter is helping them to do that; whereas legitimate positive replies are shoved way down at the bottom of the replies.

    • Ah, you’ve explained it clearly. I gave up trying to explain what you just said. Before I ever joined Twitter I could read Tweets, all of them unless the party had set his account to private. King is just grandstanding.

      On Trump’s Tweets I never look at the replies because they’re mean AND stupid.

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