Remember When America Looked Like This?

Almost every family had children and all the children had bikes. And there was usually a dog lurking around somewhere, ready to go running off on a big romp with the kids.

I surmise this picture was taken on the Fourth of July because of the red, white, and blue decorations on the bike wheels.

Seen at DC Pilots Twitter

15 thoughts on “Remember When America Looked Like This?

  1. Yes, I remember. It breaks my heart and fills me with a rage that, in time, will manifest itself. Woe to those who will be in wrath’s path.

  2. Ahhh yes I remember that scene well, having grown up during the 50s. You could walk the streets at night with no fear, people didn’t lock their doors, everyone in the neighborhood knew and helped each other.

    Today the town I grew up in is just about 97% Latrino, Negroid and Cambodian. It’s sister city which was heavily Irish is almost 100% Latrino and both shities….uh I mean cities are rated in the top 20 for violent crimes.

    How progressive

  3. What do you call a groid on a new bike? A thief! Yes, until they screwed our cities, communities and neighborhoods up we actually had good living conditions.

  4. I remember this very well. When I have a conversation with some of my former high school classmates, they long for our hometown and how great it was. It was great because it was all white. When I bring that up, I get uncomfortable stares, people walking away or looking away.

    • Yeah, they feel guilty about deep down wanting a return to an all white country. You have to feel out people a bit before talking. I have one guy who is Nigger-wise, but doesn’t want to hear anything about Jews or Mexicans. So, I only talk about black crime with him.

  5. You know probably 90% of Whites today would agree with us — that there is a huge difference between then and now. But………………….they can’t seem to make the connection when it is so bloody obvious. Why? That is the question isn’t it.

    I visited Farragut State Park over the weekend. It was once a Naval Base built right after Pearl Harbor. They have a museum there now. Wow………………..what a depressing trip around that museum I just had. Wanting to break down in tears. Awesome pictorial display of ‘what once was’. But then they had a whole section devoted to the praise and worship of FDR.

    They had a picture of an awesome hotel called “The Swastika Hotel”. But then they had a plaque which had to apologize for the use of the word ‘swastika’.

    This is my opinion — Not until we bring the Jewish Question back into public discourse, as in the days of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, will things ever change. We can draw one’s attention to the simple fact of demographics; but if we don’t educate them as to the “Jew”, we will forever endure this bloody nightmare.

    A really hot red haired girl was standing next to me while I was reading the Swastika Hotel display and she said to me, “isn’t it sad they used the name ‘swastika'”. I thought for a moment, “I have this woman’s attention for probably 30 seconds. What do I say that will make an impression?”

    I said to her………………………”history isn’t always what we are taught in school. When you get home, youtube — The Greatest Story Never Told.” She said OK and walked away.

    I hope I see her again some day and discover she did what I suggested.

    We should never have to apologize for 1) being white and 2) proudly displaying symbols that our ancestors found hope and purpose in.

    • Hey, friend, I was in Bayview over the weekend. It seems we’re neighbors. I’m about 20-odd miles south on US-95.

      • Spokane. Used to live in Couer d alene before I HAD to move to Atlanta Georgia. Georgia is a Latrine. 16 years too many. So thankful I was able to move back to the PNW. Love being back but I will say that although my neighbors are White, the whites in Georgia were at least ‘race aware’. I’m seeing too many white liberals here in Spokane. They have NO CLUE about Race Realism. Their wish for more refugees is self-suicide and they don’t recognize it.

        Hopefully I can make a difference here. One person at a time.

    • No, never apologize for being white. In time, we will hear the mud races’ apologies when we mow them down.

  6. The big difference is that in those days kids outnumbered their parents. Now it is the other way around in white areas. Kids are a rarity. Many first time mums are 36, with no husband, and they have just one child and that will be the last one. I notice this a lot when in Sydney. White kids are rare. But when I see a Paki or other Muzz mum and they usually have 3 to 5 kids all under ten years old. These shits are swarming all over Western Europe as well, like killer bees.

    Here is Eastern Europe there a lot more kids. Nobody wears a bicycle helmet, many motorcycle riders do not wear helmets either. Most car drivers and passengers do not wear seat belts. Many do gooder laws like this are not enforced. It is like the white 1950s, but somewhat dystopian with potholes and very dangerous drivers.
    In Australia there is “Stranger Danger” presented by men of all types and the Govt presents this horror story to all and sundry. In Eastern Europe this idea of men as evil has never occurred to anyone. If a small kid or two was locked in a car they would most likley be rescued – both here and in Sydney too.

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