Internet Obsessed with Man’s Evolving Face Tattoo Mugshots



The evolving mugshots of a man with elaborate face tattoos have become an internet obsession this week after his most recent arrest.

Originally from North Carolina Robert Hardister, 25, has an array of mugshots, starting in 2009, that show the evolution of tattoos on his face.

When he was arrested eight years ago he had floppy, shaggy hair and no visible tattoos on his face.

Hardister is currently in St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office in Florida being held without bond on a parole violation from North Carolina. Hardister was arrested in St. Augustine Beach after police say he was found in a stolen car.

You look and you wonder how Hardister could have made such bad choices in life.

See 17 mugshots of Hardister by clicking on the link to

8 thoughts on “Internet Obsessed with Man’s Evolving Face Tattoo Mugshots

  1. All that pain for no gain.
    To me this is a cry for help.
    Nobody is listening and nobody cares. He is a white man and must stand on his own two feet.

    Do women go for this with free sex offers?
    The only benefit is that he will never have to work and can live on welfare for all of this life. He will have to. Nobody will hire him except sideshow alley at the freak show. There must be unbelievable competition for the freak show these days. Maybe a white person with no tatts, a collar and a tie, business suit with ironed shirt and polished shoes and a briefcase could be on display at the circus nowadays?
    Or a near naked woman with no makeup, unplucked eyebrows, no tatts, hair which is not dyed, hair is long and tidy and brushed, no jewellery, no metal in the face or ears or body etc. Look at the freak!

    • I agree. He’s been crying out for help and we’ve failed him. We have to offer our young white men something bigger than themselves to live for. National Socialism? I’m not ready to say so. Patriotic civic nationalism? Maybe. It’s a vexing problem that I don’t have the answer to.

      • PJ, respectfully, be ready. National Socialism worked in Germany, because it was nationalist (exclusive love of your country and your people). The socialist part worked there, because it was geared toward the social compact we as Caucasians have toward one another and society as a whole. Their socialism was not (((Marx/Engels’))) ghastly envy-based Bolshevism from hell. These binding agents gave people hope for a better life. In America, we had our own system prior to flooding the U.S. with tens of millions of muds. The key element was that our nation was (60 years ago) Caucasian. The few muds we had knew their place and were kept in their place. There is an established order to things in both nature and man’s society. When either of those are disrupted, chaos and mayhem reign. BTW, if you have not already, study NS. Everything that our Christ-killer revisionist history taught you and I regards this subject was a lie. Every TV show/movie/news account/article/history lesson– all of it.

      • No disrespect Truth hammer but you do not need to co-sign with me. Anyone who finds fake booby hoez attractive is just not my ally.

        Peace brotha

    • Slav, I was not endorsing your statement, and I have no idea what you just said.
      Also, this forum is free and open to all big boys and big girls, so do not tell me what I need or do not need. Respectfully.

      • Germanic Slav. Please do address me as Germanic Slav or GS. I am not Slav

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