First Year North Carolina SJW Teacher Fired, Arrested for Sex with Three Students



North Carolina teacher Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe began and ended her teaching career within nine short months.

The social justice warrior, who has a long history of involvement in charity work that benefits the world’s darker citizens, finished her teaching job on May 4, one day before she was arrested on sex crime charges.


If she’s convicted of the four crimes she’s charged with, she’s facing five years in prison. That should give her plenty to do since the prison population will be heavy with ladies of color that she can help.


New York Post

A prep school math teacher in North Carolina was arrested for having inappropriate sexual contact with three male students, police said.

Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe, 25, is scheduled to make her first court appearance on Monday in Nash County District Court on three counts of sexual activity with a student and one count of indecent liberties with a minor, WNCN reports.

McAuliffe, a former math teacher at Rocky Mount Preparatory School, was last employed at the school on May 4 — one day before local police were notified by school staffers of the allegations. Police have said the alleged acts took place off-campus and involved two 17-year-old students and one 16-year-old student.

“We have been fully cooperative with local law enforcement during the course of their handling of this matter,” school officials said in a statement.

McAuliffe was released from the Carteret County Jail after posting $20,000 bond, WNCN reports.

A former student who graduated from the high school last year said he was outraged by the allegations.

“It’s very shocking and appalling that a person would do that with a student,” Dayvon Steel told WNCN.

A phone listing for McAuliffe has been disconnected, WITN reports. It’s unclear whether she’s hired an attorney.

McAuliffe, according to her LinkedIn profile, graduated from Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.


Heavy offers more information about the randy Miss McAuliffe. She’s a native of Rocky Mount, so the locals probably know her well. She graduated from Rocky Mount High School in 2010.

Then there’s this:

She said on Linkedin that she has done volunteer work with The Fuller Center for Housing, which provides disaster and humanitarian relief. In 2013, McAuliffe, “traveled to Haiti to help build a new home for families who had been living in tents and shacks since the most recent earthquake. I also interacted and built relationships with the local children and adults in effort to better understand their culture and environment.”

McAuliffe also volunteered for six years as a crew member at Gate Keepers Work Camp, a “local ministry providing home repairs/improvements free of charge to elderly or poor residents who are unable to maintain upkeep on their own, yet face safety issues if the repairs are not done. This is a week long project conducted each summer. Approximately 10 homeowners benefit from the ministry with volunteers of greater than 100 adolescents and 20-30 adults participating.”

Yikes! She’s a social justice warrior with a history of Negro worship. It makes you wonder if her “sex education” activities also involved black youths. ROCKY MOUNT IS NEARLY TWO-THIRDS BLACK AND ONE-THIRD WHITE. Odds are that the SJW was simply teaching math to black teens, illustrating the differences between twosomes and threesomes to students who have trouble counting past three.

It’s time for White Sharia. it’s time for men to take charge.

See more photos at Coed.

22 thoughts on “First Year North Carolina SJW Teacher Fired, Arrested for Sex with Three Students

  1. According to our (((media))), marrying a white man and staying home to raise babies is “oppression”. It is “oppression” because her white male “oppressor” would never permit her to travel to an island full of ignorant savages and kiss their ungrateful black asses. I think it is also safe to say that he would never allow her the “freedom” to copulate with them as well.

  2. Was she shagging tinted lads?

    No matter, I have a new law to act alongside Hate Laws. My laws will be known as Love Laws. All whites that love niggers and go to Haiti or Africa to “help” will be jailed for not less than one year for a first offense.
    All whites that have sex with blacks will be jailed for one year and the black for two years.
    My love laws ban miscegenation and once again make this abomination to Nature a crime.

  3. This is nothing more than what I call White Woman Smear Job Porn.

    You pulled this story from a site called Coed? This is journalism?

    At least the blog Viking Bitch was front and center about being bitchy. The blog was a fusion of personal experience coupled with research. Coed is run by a ‘sumdood’ who has a fetish for imagining white female teachers doing Colored Kidz.

    Come on. Enough of pornifying women in helping professions.

    • The story is from the NY Post; most of the pics are from Coed.

      The story is getting wide play in the media, generally trending heavy and hard today. It’s legit news because there is a crime involved.

      I plead guilty to running a surfeit of photos of the alleged perp because they reveal a lot about her narcissistic personality.

      Growing up in Rocky Mount, she clearly took in black values. I’m the only one reporting that. I think it’s important.

      • Paladin keep on doing it your way. You have a good balance of entertainment and white race news, to attract a lot of views. “your site, your rules”. Those that do not like it can find 1000 other sites, maybe 10,000,000 other sites. E.g. a cat lover will not find much fun here, so they can go to a cat lover site. Same for nigger lovers, this site is not for them.
        Pit bull haters could go to a pit bull hater site, there must be hundreds of them. Re teachers abusing their position to have sex with their students, why not “expose” more Profs, as that is the type of thing that urged you to create this site in the first place? Also expose the Jew domination of the (((Ivy League))), It is a scandal. David Duke has written about this. Jew students deserve 6% of the spaces on merit but are given 25%. Half or more of the senior staff are Jews.

        “You can please one man all of the time, you can please all men some of the time, but can not please all men all of the time”.
        Here is my variant. “You can not please any woman all of the time, or even much of the time, but some of the time if you are lucky”.

  4. “Time for white sharia”?!?!? The fucking Jews haven’t destroyed our culture enough? Now, you want to give the Muslims a kick at the can? Fucking WOW. Haven’t seen enough of White Europeans’ minds polluted by Abrahamic filth yet, huh?

    • I’d hit it,

      Then I’d quit it

      I’d hit that sheeit

      Then get out quick

      She’d be my main hoe

      And I’d be her main bro

      It’s all good

      In da Rocky Mount Hood.

      I like her back

      I’d do that!

      • It’s okay Sab

        Sharia is a drab

        It ain’t fab

        It’s for the A-tab

        We be different us Kwans

        We are not Arab morons

        We don’t Shit-Ria

        It won’t take us high-ya

        It is about Love

  5. Too many Teacher-Sex-Students stories going on out there. It makes one wonder if these “teachers” are not being “planted” in schools to do just that. Or maybe people are just so degenerate these days, it’s all “normal” to them.


    Too bad about Rocky Mount, NC. My grandfather was born there into a large family, in 1905. They had a farm. We used to take car trips up there as a kid (later on, obviously). He used to work for the railroad which is how he met my grandmother (born 1908) as she worked in the RR offices. She was originally from Southport, NC, born into another large family.

    Later my grandparents lived in Wilmington, NC, which is where my mother & her brother were born. Grandfather was a captain in the Army & was sent overseas for several years during WW2 (four years, if I remember correctly). Grandmother was a nervous wreck the whole time worrying about him, yet he made it home without a scratch. The fancy china dinnerware from France, that he brought back for her, wasn’t so lucky. But she glued the dishes together & kept them always. During the war, all the family’s relatives all lived in one big giant multi-story wooden house, to scrape by; any spare rooms were rented out.

    He wrote beautiful poetry to my grandmother, in perfect penmanship. His hobby was woodworking; he made beautiful picture frames from scratch. His garage was his “shop.”

    Oh, and he always wore a TOP HAT which is why I love old photos of men with HATS! 🙂

    Later grandfather was transferred to one of the Florida railroads when my mother was a teenager; she met my father in high school (all the high school kids all married each other, as was done in the “old days”). The rest is history. 😉

    Great memories of North Carolina … huge family reunions, all the old folks sitting around in rocking chairs on wrap-around porches, talking in their slow-drawn-out NC drawl. Beautiful flowers & a multi-assortment of trees in NC; & the colorful leaves in the Fall. In tiny (back then) Wrightsville Beach, the relatives would rent a huge 4-story wooden beach-house & fill it top to bottom with relatives, for a week or two for family reunions. Then when it got dark, they’d go “window shopping” & we’d tag along.

    I’d be curious what the demographics were for Rocky Mount back in the 1950s. :-/

      • Wow, that’s a bad ratio, a losing battle it would seem. 😦

        Thanks to unknown persons, I was able to visit the “gravesites” of my grandparents today online at Find-A-Grave. I don’t know the person who entered their info & photos of their headstones at that site, but it was bittersweet to see them.

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