Colbert Grills Oliver Stone About Putin

Obnoxious Trump hating Stephen Colbert of CBS’s The Late Show interviewed filmmaker Oliver Stone for six minutes last night.

In the interview Stone acquits himself well despite being badgered and mocked by Dirty Steve.

Recall that Hillary Clinton called Vladimir Putin the “new Hitler.” Stone’s upcoming Putin documentary reveals a great deal of the positive truth about the Russian president, according to what Stone has been telling the world in recent interviews.

As he said to Colbert, he doesn’t understand why anyone would be against detente with Russia.

Stone should interview the (((neocons))) who want war with Russia, which is resource rich and relatively sparsely populated. Those psychopaths would make for a shocking conspiracy drama that would wake some more people up to the dangers posed by the Deep State.


Oliver Stone’s interview with Stephen Colbert on Monday’s Late Show, to tout his four-part documentary, The Vladimir Putin Interviews, went off the rails. Almost immediately.

In a clip shown to viewers, Stone is seen telling Putin that he has so much power in the United States, if he let it be known he preferred American candidate X, that person would tank in the U.S. election, but if Putin let it be known he did not like Trump, what would happen is that he would win.


“Unlike many partners of ours, we never interfere within the domestic affairs of other countries,” Putin responds, smiling in the clip, adding, “That is one of the principles we stick to in our work.”

Stone responds: “Thank you sir, we will see you tomorrow. Talk about some heavier stuff.”

Noting Stone spent 20 hours with Putin over a period of several years for the project, Colbert noted, “You’ve gotten a little heat; people have said you’re being too cozy, you believe him too easily. What do you say to people who say this is a fawning interview with a brutal dictator?”

Stone insisted, “You have to be polite, because this was a two-year deal” and Putin is a very busy man, working 12 hour days “for almost 16 years now.”

“It’s politeness, and it’s curiosity, and it’s the way you ask the questions. I think he respected me and respected my work, and he knew I would give him a fair hearing. And it wouldn’t be chopped up to pieces,” he added.

Colbert wanted to make sure the clip had not been edited and that what viewers saw was, in fact, how Stone responded to being told by Putin that he does not interfere in domestic affairs of other countries.

“I took that at face value because I’m not – this is an important point for him that he keeps insisting on it,” Stone said.

“No followup on that question?” Colbert wondered.

Not at that moment, Stone acknowledged.

“That doesn’t seem like an interview. That seems like an opportunity for him to merely propagandize,” Colbert suggested.

Stone promised he presses Putin in the fourth hour of the docu, about his own election coming up in 2018, and “I also pressed him on this issue of Mr. Trump, the whole hacking thing, and cyber warfare.”

“Cyber warfare is very complex. I don’t take it lightly,” the director added.

After spending 20 hours with Putin, does he like him,” Colbert asked Stone who, seeming to sense a trick question, told him to watch the documentary.

“I’m just asking you a question: Do you trust him after spending 20 hours with him?” the late-night host persisted.

“He is a head of state. He has his own interests of Russia. I respect him for that, and I understand why he’s doing that,” Stone said.

“He’s a strong nationalist. He went through the whole history of 16 years…outlining what the relationship with the U.S. has been. I never heard him badmouth the U.S. I heard him try to reach out and have a relationship with them. He called them ‘our partners’ repeatedly…And that was made fun of at one point, because it didn’t feel like the partnership was working both way. He really wants a partnership. There is a strong feeling he can still have a relationship with the US. That I felt very genuine about that.”

Changing his approach, Colbert asked Stone what about the docu will surprise him the most.

There is a tremendous amount of information in the project “a lot for the first time, we haven’t heard” before, Stone boasted.

“I think he’s devoted to his country, and I’m amazed at his calmness, as I said, his courtesy,” the director continued. “He never really said anything bad about anybody. And he’s really been through a lot and he’s been insulted and abused –“

That’s where Stone began to lose Colbert’s studio audience, who had been effusive in applause when he took the stage.

“Abused in the press; in the media,” Stone clarified, appearing to think that would win them over.

It did not.

“I didn’t sense any kind of anger about that,” Stone said of Putin’s “abuse” at the hands of the press.

“Any thing about him negative you found? Or, does he have your dog in a cage someplace?” Colbert questioned, as his studio audience roared its approval.

“What is wrong with détente with Russia?” Stone wondered impatiently. “Why would you be against it? I don’t understand this mentality of — may be it’s because you hate Trump.”

“Hate is a strong word,” Colbert interrupted. “I don’t trust him.”

“You don’t trust him, therefore Russia is convenient as an excuse –” Stone plowed ahead.

“I don’t understand why our president will never say anything negative about Vladimir Putin, given that Putin is an oppressive leader of his country, who suppressed the free press and arrests his enemies,” Colbert interrupted again. “And that is not something that I, as an American, or a member of the press, can respect. And I’m surprised that you do respect that.”

Replied Stone: “You know I’ve always been for free speech.”

Colbert let that go, instead pointing out, “He doesn’t seem like he would be a hero of that.”

“No question he’s a social conservative,” Stone conceded. “I don’t know why you’re laughing,” he chided the studio audience.

Because, of course, they were laughing at his remark.

“That seems like a mild description” of Putin, Colbert laughter-translated.

“I think if you watch patiently, you’ll see that it’s developed, it is a film that has a flow, from 2000 all the way up to 2016,” Stone said of the docu, debuting on Showtime. “We went back… to talk to him seriously about the election. It’s all done in that vein, and everything is above board.”

“Has he murdered a man? I wouldn’t know how to ask him that question,” Stone said, in maybe the most revealing moment of his sit-down with Colbert. “I’ve looked at the evidence too. If I believed it I’d go after it.”

For a second time, Colbert let it go. He thanked Stone for being his guest.

Colbert’s snarky hatchet jobs are his trademark. In all honesty, I don’t know why anyone would watch the unfunny so-called comedian.

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