Black Boyfriend Walks Around Store with White Girlfriend on Muzzle and Leash

In this story there is both a racial component and a misogyny aspect.

Racially speaking, the Negro in this video has flipped the script, enslaving a white female. The white male witnesses are in effect cuckolded on the spot by black power.

At the same time, the cult fetishists whose primary interest in life is making women slaves act like dogs have also scored a victory with this stunt. I’ve seen lesbians do the same thing. I’m not sure if women respond differently depending on who’s muzzling and leashing them: a white male, a black male, or a lesbian. Faggots also use the muzzle and leash technique in their sex games. Sometimes, women put men on a leash too.

Daily Mail

This is the bizarre moment a boyfriend appears to use a lead to walk his muzzle-wearing girlfriend around a grocery store while appalled shoppers look on.

Wearing a white summer dress and high heels, the pair who are believed to be from America caught the attention of others in the shop this week.

A customer felt compelled the film the strange incident when she thought it might be a prank.

Unsure of whether it was hilarious or humiliating, the woman briefly followed the duo and recorded it on her camera.

She is heard saying: ‘That’s got to be a prank, you know you’re going to get videoed in this store.


Comments at the Mail are pretty much OK with this. It’s just a normal sexual fetish being acted out, say the comments I saw.

Rather than passively accept offensive public mudsharking, my thought would be to call the police and claim an emergency–a girl is being kidnapped. Slavery is illegal by the 13th Amendment. Make the police enforce the constitution.

Let the nog and the whore explain the situation to police. For all we know she could have been kidnapped and drugged. Right?

Does anyone have a better idea?

19 thoughts on “Black Boyfriend Walks Around Store with White Girlfriend on Muzzle and Leash

  1. (((Masoch))) wrote about this stuff. Women love it. “Fifty Shades Of Brown” was written for women book buyers – not men.
    Brown is my name for this garbage book/s. The hero (Mr Grey) is white, 27 years old, a billionaire, charming, tall, well groomed, handsome, never married, no kids, has six pack abs, helicopter pad on the roof, private plane (jet) etc. He is also a do gooder lefty and generous with the moolah.
    His one fault? He likes to tie up women and beat the shit out of them. Nobody is perfect, right?
    Did I mention this garbage is written for women and not men?

      • “Fifty Shades Of Filth” was written by a woman allegedly. There is also a major character in the books who is a defrocked Catholic Priest and very much an Illuminati type figure.
        Actually I do not mind if women want a darn good whacking and I am more than wiling to give them one.
        Americans call this “win-win”.

        Here is a joke……
        Masochist say to sadist “beat me”.
        Sadist quickly says “OK” then pauses and rubs chin.
        Sadist says “No, I will not”.

      • Also beware of such simple messages; they can get a site banned. I have often talked about wiping out the entire African population. Because it seems ridiculous and impossible, it would be unlikely to get a site banned or get a Hate Crime conviction, but “kill niggers” is a bit dodgy legally in my (inexpert) opinion. I like the idea of a mad scientist (Vincent Price style) solving the Coon problem. Maybe they already did this via HIV/AIDS and Ebola, with many more diseases in the pipeline. Natures also is on side and would love to reduce the population of black humans. Whites are fighting nature by shipping free food and medicine to Africa. Not really free –white taxpayers must pay for all of it.

  2. It’s always about stealing dignity from white people. The more dignity these apes steal by spectacles like this, the more dehumanized and cowardly we become. It was believed by many of our ancestors in the near east (and elsewhere) that it was the most difficult to be born into an Aryan body. It was a symbol of divinity and royalty. We ruled over the civilized world for thousands of years because we were in tune with our righteous and well-directed fury. Our enemies once feared us. Let’s not forget that. Not so long ago niggers would step aside when we came walking down the street. These days a white body brings shame to weak people like the very confused young lady in this video who very likely had a weak or absent father. Welcome to the new dark age, brothers.

    • Mark Tinley. Well said “we were in tune with our righteous and well-directed fury.”
      Whites work hard, conquer and explore due to this energy. They also indulge in massive wars against other whites, which has exhausted and weakened the population base of whites. Modern weapons are to blame. With swords, the weak and cowards get killed more often than the strong and the brave. Even bows and arrows are considered cowardly weapons. So the strong have been getting killed by remote weapons for a long time now.

  3. I bet this adorable little skit was the big, wide assed mudshark’s idea….
    Just walking around with a disgusting n!gger instantly renders the whore a diseased filth hole….Who cares what is does at that point? INCLUDING if the n!gger stomps it and sets it on fire…I would just stand there and laugh if I saw that…

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