White Man and Wife Make the Mistake of Eating at a 70 Percent Black Golden Corral

There are usually some pretty good race realists posting messages on the GLP Forum.

On Sunday night, a member posted his experience eating at Golden Corral. That brought forth a torrent of interesting comments.

I believe that Golden Corral offers to some degree a buffet dining experience.

Here’s the original post, with a few of the follow ups.

Had lunch at Golden Corral today and the food tasted like crap.

My wife and I had lunch at Golden Corral today and the food was so horrible that I wanted to throw up. What a fucking waste of $30(for both) on a lunch buffet. The grilled chicken tasted like they took the meat out of the chicken’s ass and burned it in the coal. All the fried food tasted like crap. The desert was fine but not up to the mark.

I told my wife that we will never go to the Golden Corral again. The crowd was like 70% black 30% white.

Did you see all the people leaving the bathroom (hands unwashed) pawing at the food?

Oh you missed that ehh?

You stomach didn’t.


careful if you see muslims at a buffet,

they don’t use toilet paper.

I ate there about a year ago and almost died! I was rushed to hospital throwing up blood. Here in west texas, the population here who work at fast food have absolutely no regard for food safety. they could care less, what matters is replying to a text message during work hours…

Golden Corral used to not be so bad. I remember going there as a child with my family after church most Sundays.

I went to a local one a few years ago… terrible. There was food all over the floor, and someone had apparently barfed. It was there from the time we walked in to about thirty minutes later when staff finally started cleaning it up. I will never visit there again.

Another place that has been a constant disappointment is Chili’s. I used to like their burgers, but I won’t go any more. It consistently takes about ten minutes to get our drinks, and sometimes forty-five minutes to get our food *after* we order… and it’s about 50/50 as to whether the order will be totally screwed up (I’m not picky, by the way). There’s always barf in the parking lot (from drunken patrons, I assume). Disgusting. They had their last chance. I’m never going back.

Oh lord.
We went there Friday night.
I should have known it was going to be bad when we were walking up to the door and a woman was so fat that her family was having to push her on one side and pull her on the other side to get her out of her car so she could waddle in. I wish I was kidding.

Then when we sat down a hairy-ape man (like the most hair on a human I have ever seen) was wearing a wife beater lime green t-shirt on a 350 pound frame with huge sweaty armpits, he kept passing our table and I had a full view of him. I could barely eat.

Then a humongous woman with a clown-red weave sat down away from me and her bottom was hanging over the side of the chair to where she actually needed two or maybe three chairs.

With that view I went on a diet.

The food was just okay. The soup was the worst I have ever tasted. I thought it was the old clam chowder but it just tasted like fat off of meat or something not edible.

The food is just okay. I won’t go back. The people who eat there are seriously scraping the bottom of the human race.

The white youth who exposed Golden Corral in this video was subsequently fired.

I personally have no opinion on the restaurant as I’ve never eaten there. I’ve seen mixed reviews on Yelp.

8 thoughts on “White Man and Wife Make the Mistake of Eating at a 70 Percent Black Golden Corral

  1. Wow. One theory I have is that as more and more food inspectors are black, brown and yellow – that bribery and corruption will increase and food safety will go way, way down. This seems some proof of that. Where are the food inspectors? BTW it is very rare to see them. I do not think I have ever once been in a restaurant or food service locale where an unplanned snap food inspection took place. I.e. never. Just once, I saw a white male customer tell off the staff for some infraction – it was an Indian takeaway. The customer said he was a food inspector. I recall the tinted staff member was smoking inside near the food.
    Buffet self service areas are ideal for terrorist attack. Luckily terrorists lack imagination and ideas, and seem to prefer bombs and blasts and vehicles, shootings and stabbings – they must watch a lot of (((action movies))). There was a Maharaja Guru in North West USA who poisoned 900 or so diners at salad bars via his cult members. He was not happy with the state or Federal Govt. I think nobody died; salmonella or some such was used.

    Maybe the good news is more people might cook their own food at home. Cooking kills most germs. Steak is a lot safer than sausages and hamburger. Salad can be dodgy unless washed at home. In Australia some fresh green vegetables have evidence of Chinese human shit on them (E Coli) – imported all the way from China.

    • Some years ago San Antonio had a typhoid carrier working in a Mexican restaurant. He was an illegal. I eat 99 percent plus of my meals at home. My father was adventurous and would eat anywhere. He never seemed to get sick though.

      • I am like your dad. “That which does not kill me makes me stronger”. So all the spit and piss and shit that nice tinted people put in my restaurant meals has made me stronger and healthier!

        This “food war” is like that Edward Jenner smallpox vaccine which he invented way back in 1798! A white man of course.

  2. I had the misfortune of walking inside a Golden Corral in Florida. It was so disgusting I left without eating. It was worse than the StarWars bar scene. Actually the aliens in the bar scene are probably far more intelligent.

    Sab, I’m with you, I eat 99% of my meals at home unless I’m traveling. Even then I buy things from the grocery store and eat it in my room.

    • In Star Trek and Star Wars nobody seems to wash their hands nor do they ever need to take a piss or a shit. Dr McCoy might wash his hands in rare cases.

  3. I have no confidence in restaurant food. It is easy to go to the grocer and be picky about the food, so I eat almost entirely at home. I hate being waited on and eating in a crowd, I don’t like the entire restaurant experience.

  4. I have eaten at the Golden Corral, but very infrequently (once every 5-10 years). Last time was in California while visiting my dad. He likes to go for the dinner meal when they serve grilled steak. The food was not too bad. It is Sysco institutional food designed to be heated and served (except for the grilled meats). My dad lives 15 minutes from the Mexican border, so the clientele is mostly Mexican-American. The food is tolerable, but the clientele can be quite a sight sometimes. Eating at a GC, where the clientele is mostly negroes, would be a nightmare.

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