Incompetent Megyn Kelly’s Interview with Vladimir Putin was Falsified by NBC News in Order to Promote War

NBC News (Mark Dice calls it Nothing But Crap) has been caught falsifying Megyn Kelly’s interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin via some sneaky cuts from Putin’s answers.

The goal appears to be to make Putin look bad in order to promote the (((Deep States’))) goal of war with Russia.

Lew Rockwell

Dear NBC News Team,

Congratulations! You have graduated from fake news to falsified news, arriving at a journalistic level that is identical to that in the Soviet Union in its heyday.

A couple of days ago, the political talk show moderated by Vladimir Soloviev on state television channel Rossiya 1 broadcast two versions of a segment from Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vladimir Putin last Friday in the St Petersburg on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum. One was the complete, uncut version that was aired on RT. The other was the cut-to-shreds version that you put on air for the American audience. (Watch here, beginning 4 minutes into the program.)

Unless you understand Russian, the first part of video isn’t going to be of value. At about the three minute mark Megyn appears with Putin and it all turns to English.

The segment was Megyn Kelly’s aggressive question to Putin, asking his response to what she said was Americans’ understanding of his government, namely one that murders journalists, suppresses political opposition, is rife with corruption, etc., etc. In the NBC version, Putin’s answer has been cut to one empty introductory statement that “Russia is on its way to becoming a democracy” bracketed by an equally empty closing sentence. In the full, uncut version , Putin responds to Kelly’s allegations point by point and then turns the question around asking what right the USA and the West have to question Russia’s record when they have been actively doing much worse than what was in Kelly’s charges. He asks where is Occupy Wall Street today, why US and European police use billy clubs and tear gas to break up demonstrations, when Russian police do nothing of the sort, and so on.

In a word, you intentionally made Putin sound like an empty authoritarian, when he is in fact a very sophisticated debater who outranked your Megyn at every turn during the open panel discussion in the Forum, to the point she was the laughing stock of the day.

Who wins from these games? You are only preconditioning the American public for the war that is coming, whether by intention or by accident. And there will be no one left to have the last laugh after the first day of that war. So you can forget about your stock options and retirement schemes, ladies and gentlemen of the News Team.

have a nice day

Gilbert Doctorow


Read the subtitles and watch Putin destroy the (((Deep State))) puppet, Megyn Kelly.

11 thoughts on “Incompetent Megyn Kelly’s Interview with Vladimir Putin was Falsified by NBC News in Order to Promote War

  1. Not surprised. I’m VERY sure this has been happening since forever, or at the very least since the jews took over the media, to promote only their agenda.

    Similar things have been happening with Hitler as well and other things. Not to mention all the wars USA started for no reason.

    Thank GOD for the internet! Without it, 99% of us or more would still be in the dark, just eating up what the media tells us. Even if we thought it might not be true, where could we find the truth? That’s why the internet is literally the best invention ever made imo. Sheeple will still gobble up what the jews and mass media tell them is the truth, but at the very least we have a chance to learn the truth, or at least parts of it. Not to mention that it makes you think more about the sources where you get your information from.

    Now my problem is that no one actually prosecutes the liars and cheaters, especially in the government and secondly in the media. For example, if i’m not mistaken, prosecuting bush or others who lied about the Iraq war, or vietnam war or any other shit usa started for no reason.

    Also, everyone says that governments shouldn’t be transparent and stuff. I disagree to be honest. It’s all this secrecy that helped corrupts, traitors and jews take power.

    • Viewers should file a class action lawsuit against NBC.

      Prior to the Internet there were independently published books you could buy at John Birch Society bookstores and the like.

      The word got out, but slowly as most still believed in NBC back in the day.

  2. Did Michael Moore win a Nobel Peace Prize yet? Or just an Academy Award or three for “documentary” making? He should get a Nobel Price for writing fiction, which Freud actually did win. Megan Kelley is at that very low level.

    Why does the (((NBC network))) wish to be turned to ashes in an atomic war? This is a deep mystery to me. Israel will also be destroyed if the USA and Russia go at it hammer and tongs.

    • I think several sources caught their deception. Doctorow, the source for this piece, is a Jewish conservative, I think. Interesting that conservative Jews are some of the best at ferreting out truths, although some of them, like Pamela Geller, are Zionists.

      • How come so many Jews have so much time on their hands? Half of them think they are trying to save the world. The other half are knowingly trying to destroy it. Why can’t they be humble, speak softly, go to work, pay taxes (!) like normal people do and stop with the fake insurance claims and their other financial crimes. And shut up already their big mouths and hide their big noses. Jews obviously do not watch enough TV.

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