Inspirational! 57 Year Old Aussie TV Newsman Beats the Sh*t Out of Antifa After Being Attacked (Video)

The fight back by Andrew Bolt starts at about the 4:30 mark, after Andrew editorializes against leftist violence being tolerated by the Melbourne authorities. He’s up against two young antifa who threw something in his eyes that blinded him.

Kudos to Andrew for his great victory for decent white men.

6 thoughts on “Inspirational! 57 Year Old Aussie TV Newsman Beats the Sh*t Out of Antifa After Being Attacked (Video)

  1. I’m ready for anything or anybody. I’m packing two guns, three knives, including a Randall Made Model 2 Boot Knife and Letter Opener, and some pepper spray.

  2. Andrew Bolt was one of the first to be convicted under the Jew written Hate Laws in Australia. Just to make sure, the prosecutor was a Jew and the judge was a Jew. Not sure if the defence lawyer was a Jew also. I have mentioned this case on this site before. I believe Andrew Bolt took this conviction willingly to help the Israeli and Jew cause. He claimed to be baffled by his conviction as he is an Israel lover. He was not jailed of course, just a slap on the wrist. Unlike Brendon O’Connell who spent 3 years in jail just for some verbal insults to a young activist Jew male.

    Andrew Bolt is Conservative but he works for (((Rupert Murdoch))) and thus is wildly pro-Israel like almost all journos all around the world. The Murdoch press often publicises Nigger crimes in Australia, e.g. that Africans living in Victoria Australia – Bolts State – were sending their kids to private schools in Africa because Victorian streets were too dangerous with Somali scum!!! This is a true story as hard as it is to believe. Ray Hadley in NSW reported this on radio and then confirmed it in the Daily Telegraph (Murdoch).

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