Guess the Race: Man arrested at Rome’s Trevi Fountain with 40 panty videos


You’ll have to guess the race since nobody is reporting it. However, it would be reasonable to guess that the perp is one of the Sons of Africa who have illegally made their way to Italy.

The clumsy obviousness of his crime suggests the perp has a low intelligence level and a surfeit of testosterone.


ROME — Police in Rome say they have arrested a man who allegedly shot smartphone videos of women’s panties, preying on tourists wearing short skirts at the famed Trevi Fountain and even fondling them to get a better shot.

Police said they were alerted about the man’s alleged activities on Tuesday when an Asian tourist screamed after she had been fondled. The man first excused himself and then tried to run away, but police nabbed him in the crowd.

Police said in a statement that when officers searched the suspect’s smartphone, they found 40 videos recorded under different women’s skirts, all made in the same day.

He was detained on suspicion of sexual violence.

Tourists visiting the 18th century fountain on Wednesday praised the police, saying the man violated the women’s privacy.

If the African worked as hard at paying work as they do at crime, they might amount to something.

Here they’re selling fake goods to tourists in Rome.

6 thoughts on “Guess the Race: Man arrested at Rome’s Trevi Fountain with 40 panty videos

    • Despite feminism, almost all women under say 40 wear sexy underpants beneath their skirts, which men stare at at every opportunity, unless they are poofters or MGTOWs. Why is this so? Why do women not wear sensible, large and comfy white cotton undies ans stop tempting men? As a man I have been wearing large comfortable underpants for 20 years, no not the same pair. Men should never crush their balls with tight undies, or overheat their nuts either.
      In Eastern Europe in summer a large percentage of young women wear G string (or other skimpy) undies which probably are not comfortable, but look great if seen from outside the dress. Or is seen at other times, e.g. ascending stairs.
      Almost no women know the politeness rule that a man should always go up stairs before the woman. It is great that women are so ill informed as to historical good manners. Keep your eyes open fellers but keep your camera turned off. Looking up skirts is legal, photography is illegal. Groping and adjusting a skirt without permission is also illegal.

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  2. 40 upskirts in one day is unusual if not unheard of. It is a professional, not an amateur with a bit of an obsession. My guess is that the photographer makes videos which he posts online and charges money for them. Or he gives it away for free and hopes to get advertising revenue like other Internet heroes.

    Amateurs doing this, like Peeping Toms, know they take the risk of social disgrace, loss of job, divorce, shame, humiliation by the media, criminal conviciton etc. OTOH that risk is part of the fun and excitement for them, The Frogs call it “frisson” I think.

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