Destroying White History: St. Louis Begins Removing Confederate Monument

With the help of white politicians, both New Orleans and St. Louis have removed their Confederate monuments.

This sophisticated form of ethnic cleansing has the approval of many whites who are still living in The Matrix of egalitarianism. When a group of blacks says “Muh feelings” the white liberal proceeds to give the Negro what he asks for and more.

The problem is that when you feed the voracious Negro monster today, he’s back tomorrow with even more demands.


June 8 (UPI) — Workers in St. Louis began disassembling a massive Confederate monument that had become a target for vandals angry over what they view as its racist symbolism.

A spokesman for St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson said the decision was made to remove the 103-year-old monument to the Confederacy after residents petitioned to have it taken down. The massive granite structure, in the north side of Forest Park, weighs more than 40 tons.


A work crew removed the top portion of the monument on Wednesday using cranes. They loaded the hunk of stone onto a large flatbed truck and drove it away.

The mayor’s office said city engineers are developing a plan for how to remove the rest of the hulking edifice without damaging the surrounding area or the park’s small roads.

Vandals spray painted the base of the structure with messages including “Black Lives Matter” and the acronym “FTP,” a shorthand for vulgarity aimed at police.

The decision in St. Louis mirrors ones being made in cities across the South, where controversy has surrounded vestiges of Confederate memorialization on public land. Supporters have argued the monuments are a part of U.S. and local history and are a show of civic and regional pride. Detractors said they point to the ugly history of slavery the Confederate states fought to protect during the Civil War and institutional racism that followed for generations before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended segregation.

As has been the case elsewhere, the question of what will happen to the St. Louis monument remains a source of debate. Krewson vowed the monument would not be destroyed, but efforts to find a museum or other relevant home for it have yielded no takers. Failing that, she said the monument would be disassembled and stored indefinitely by the city.

Monuments don’t kill people. They just encourage the always disaffected Negro to be even more butthurt until he gets his way.

Meanwhile, the monument to Communist, plagiarist, woman beater Martin Luther King remains in place. Tear the damn thing down!

Watch whites talk about ethnic cleansing:

4 thoughts on “Destroying White History: St. Louis Begins Removing Confederate Monument


    “As scholar Charles Murray has written, 97 percent of the world’s most significant figures and 97 percent of the world’s greatest achievements in the arts, architecture, literature, astrology, biology, earth sciences, physics, medicine, mathematics and technology came from the West.”

    ““The white race,” wrote (((Susan Sontag))), “is the cancer of human history.””

    i suppose Jews like her wish that only 3% of the inventions and advances had been made. We would not even have steam trains, nor steam engines, let alone motor cars, radios and TV sets. We would still be living in caves, animal skin tents and mud huts. There would be no iPhones and no Internet. Apple would be something to eat, but we would never have thought of creating orchards or selecting and breeding the most tasty apples.

  2. Lived in St. Lois for two years. It is a nigger-fuxxated shite-hole. Lots of white cuck libtards, sodomites, and jews there too. It is one of our “lost” cities.

  3. If I was a St. Louis resident and petitioned to have MLK Blvd re-named for some evil YT, would the cunt mayor and Co. be so accommodating? Let those cucks and f*cks stew in that sh*t-hole. F*ck them all.

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