Racist Service Dog Heroically Bites Negro in Face on Delta Airlines Flight


An heroic canine segregationist has taken matters into his paws and attacked a Negro on a Delta Airlines flight.

Prior to the attack, the dog warned Marlin Termain Jackson that he was culturally appropriating white culture and that he would have to deplane.

Jackson ignored the warning growls at his peril.

The results are seen in the photo above.

President Trump has Tweeted out his praise of doggie racism and has invited the service dog to the White House, where he will be awarded the Congressional Medal of Canine Honor.

Oregon Live

A Daphne, Alabama man has obtained legal representation after he was severely injured by a Delta Airlines passenger’s emotional support dog while on a plane Sunday night.

The victim, Marlin Termaine Jackson, 44, had his attorney J. Ross Massey of Alexander Shunnarah & Associates release close-up images of his facial injuries on Thursday (June 8) afternoon.

The images show a large open wound under Jackson’s right nostril and another open wound running along his right cheek.

Multiple dark scars can also be seen around his eyes and face.

Initial police reports stated that Jackson was bitten by a dog owned by, Ronald Kevin Mundy Jr. of Mills River, N.C.


All three were on a Delta Airlines flight leaving Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta headed to San Diego that night.

Officials from Delta Airlines said the flight was delayed as Jackson was transported to a local hospital and Mundy and his dog were escorted off the plane.

Massey gave a more extensive narrative of the incident in the statement his legal office released.

According to the statement, Jackson was assigned a window seat on the left side of the plane. When he approached his aisle Mundy was sitting in the middle seat with his dog in his lap.


According to witnesses, the approximately 50-pound dog growled at Jackson soon after he took his seat. The dog continued to act in a strange manner as Jackson attempted to buckle his seat belt. The growling increased and the dog lunged for Jackson’s face.

The dog began biting Jackson who could not escape due to his position against the plane’s window. The dog was pulled away by Mundy, but broke free from his grasp and attacked Jackson a second time.

The attacks reportedly lasted 30 seconds and resulted in profuse bleeding from severe lacerations to Jackson’s face. His injuries included a puncture through his lip and gum.

Massey said the injuries required immediate transport, by an ambulance, to the emergency room of a local hospital. Jackson received 28 stitches and is presently awaiting consultation with a plastic surgeon.

He also added that Jackson’s injuries will likely have permanent scarring.

Massey said that Mundy was moved to an alternate Delta Air Lines flight and his emotional support dog was placed in a kennel in the undercarriage.

Mundy, a military service member with the U.S. Marine Corps, told authorities that the dog, a chocolate lab pointer mix, was issued to him for support.

Delta Airlines website states that the company complies with the Air Carrier Access Act. It allows customers traveling with emotional support animals or psychiatric service animals to travel without charge.

The website states that a kennel is not required for emotional support animals if they are fully trained and meet the same requirements as a service animal.

Massey said his legal team is currently seeking information from Delta Air Lines regarding their compliance with policies for unrestrained larger animals within a plane’s cabin. He also wants to see the verification process of their emotional support animal training requirements.

“It is troubling that an airline would allow a dog of such substantial size to ride in a passenger’s lap without a muzzle,” said Massey. “Especially considering the dog and its owner were assigned a middle seat despite Delta Air Lines’ policies that call for the re-accommodation of larger animals.”

At this time, a lawsuit has not been filed.

Every dog I’ve ever seen doesn’t like members of the Negro race. Dogs instinctively know that their ancestors were hunted down and eaten in Africa.

Every dog is thus a natural born segregationist KKK sympathizer.


22 thoughts on “Racist Service Dog Heroically Bites Negro in Face on Delta Airlines Flight

  1. Funny bottom photo of the white dog, but it sounds like the stupid “emotional support” dog is the one with “emotional problems.”

    Put the dog & the Vet on tranqs for the flight & put all pets in cargo. Nobody wants to be crammed near a dog or cat or bird or whatever for an airline flight.

    I don’t care what color anyone is. Chewing someone’s face is not cool. I hope the guy sues the crap out of the airlines.

    And no pity for the stupid Vets & their “emotional problems.” Face the fact you were used/abused by the stupid govt. & move on. If you want a dog as a pet, fine. But don’t make a big deal out of it, or impose the stupid dog on other innocent people.

  2. Some good comments above. The USA is a crazy dystopia, a madhouse. Imagine having a 50 pound “support” dog on the lap of the man in the middle seat. This is almost unbelievably unpleasant for both the adjoining passengers. Then 3 meals are served. How does the dog behave at this time? What about the hygiene issues?
    What a joke. I also hope the other adjoining passenger joins the lawsuit for “emotional distress” and gets say $50,000 or so. The USA has more lawyers per capita than any other country on earth (of course); there will be shysters queueing up for the action on this one.
    I hope the black man gets $1 million minimum, and $10 million would be better and this should include bankrupting the arsehole serviceman who took the animal aboard the plane. Delta should pay big bucks and so should the Govt that made stupid laws allowing dogs in the passenger area.

    This emotional support dog is so much bullshit I am (almost) lost for words. (No that won’t happen). Maybe the US Govt likes it because it is much cheaper than paying human carers?
    It is well known, or widely believed, that domestic dogs and cats inherit the emotional problems of their owners. Neurotic owners get neurotic pets. Psychotic owners get psychotic pets. Even Sherlock Holmes noticed this. “Cruel men have cruel dogs, Watson” (from memory).

    Here is a plan. Say to every PTSD person with an emotional bitey carer dog that they want to take aboard a plane. “You can give up your dog for ever, or go to live in a mental hospital with your dog. It is your choice”.

  3. Many centuries ago, warriors and heroes had a lot of children and got the best women. Cowards were killed and executed. Now, heroes get a dog and cowards make the babies. The future is bleak in my opinion, and the dark skinned present is pretty shithouse as well.

    • So, that guy is a hero? For allowing himself to be whored out by his government for the benefit of another government? What makes him a hero in your eyes?

      • They do so that Israel will fight to the last Goy to preserve (and expand) its presence.

      • I know nothing about him except that he put a 50 pound dog on his lap in the middle seat of a commercial flight. He may have been a hero on the battlefield or he may not. I was merely saying that in the past heroes got wives and made babies, now these same heroes are crybabies who need to have a dog with them 24 hours a day.

        My own children have a great grandfather who was a severely wounded war hero. He was a volunteer in WWI. Not my relative, my wifes grandfather. 300,000 Australians volunteered for WWI – none were conscripts. 60,000 were killed and 140,000 wounded. This young hero died within ten years of that war – burnt to death while smoking in bed, he was crippled so could not escape. He made babies and never got a dog for PTSD, or his actual physical injuries.

        I agree with you that he was a fool and a chump to volunteer to kill white men in a far off land. WWII volunteers were even more stupid.

  4. Get the negro checked to make sure he has had his shots. No telling what that poor dog might have contracted. We have all heard that negroes are afraid of dogs. Actually, dogs do not like negroes. Is not this guy one of the Jackson 5?

  5. I’m afraid I’m with Blackie on this one. An emotional-support dog? On his lap in a plane? Its a glorified, dangerous teddy-bear. I hope Blackie sues the crap out of everyone imaginable. He should have an emotional-support hamster as his travel pack. You could dispose of it in the bin provided and pick up the dog at the destination.

  6. Good grief! I see a lot wrong here! First, this ‘lab mix’ looks like a pit bull. Notice the dog’s broad snout, small, short ear flaps, and white paws. Even the shorter legs. Whatever the dog is, I’ve seen Standard Poodles bite people, so a lab mix would too under the right circumstances. Next, a dog of that size is going to protect its owner and territory…seats so close together invade others’ personal spaces. The growl should have been a warning to the owner who should have had his dog under control. Woofy should have been in baggage.

    The black man is responsible as well. If I saw a man holding a large dog in a plane seat, I’d think military and would have talked to him and the dog first before sitting down so the dog knew it was OK. .

    I throw my support for the dog…the real victim here.

      • Probably everybody here saw the dog looks like a pit bull. This is a pit bull friendly site. “My site, my rules”. Labradors and golden retrievers are friendly gentle animals, bred to collect shot birds and not eat them. Pit bulls are dogs bred for fighting and biting, and hanging on to the bit victim for grim death.
        “What you see is what you get”.

        I have been attacked and chased by many dogs on my bicycle, especially mongrel street dog gangs in white dump Eastern Europe. Not once in my life has a Labrador or Golden Retriever chased me on my bicycle or even barked aggressively.

        If ever I got a dog, I would get a Golden. These dogs are rare in Eastern Europe as many men like to show how tough they are by owning a horrible and dangerous dog. Some women too. Many varieties too – people love to show off their weird breed.

    • Try to imagine sitting in the next seat with a 50 pound dog on the lap of the guy in the middle. Would you still approve and think your air ticket was good value for money? Forget the Coon, imagine the other seating vicitm was a white man or woman.

      If white vets with PTSD are special, why did not the airline not give him all three seats – two for free? It is your country so why does Delta not support their own Govt and their own soldiers?

      Thai Airways by contrast often gives monks free upgrades to Business Class – and so do some passengers who give up their seats for these monks and move to economy. Do any US passengers in Business Class offer their seat to any vets sitting back in coach? No, I did not think so.

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