Pre-Multiculturalism, Pre-LGBT San Francisco 1955 (Travel Film)

Before multiculturalism, San Francisco was looking good. People dressed very nicely, contributing to a society that was together, not splintered.

One attraction featured in the film is the now lost Sky Tram. You can read more about it here. The video below is embedded in that article.

The Sky Tram is a great example of European man’s ingenuity and creativity, expressed some sixty two years ago.

If you feel like crying over what’s been lost, I won’t try to stop you.

7 thoughts on “Pre-Multiculturalism, Pre-LGBT San Francisco 1955 (Travel Film)

  1. I really do want to take a day (or night) & catch up on watching all of these old time travelogues you are posting. Is “travelogue” the correct tag to find them all?

    Here’s some nostalgia I could do without, but loving the old photos just the same:

    108 Years Ago!

  2. Pre Zebra killers. A secret race war when 70 whites in SF were shot dead by black killers in the 1970s. The media worldwide was quiet – I never heard of it until coming to this site.

  3. I watched the video. All lefties and Immigration freaks should watch it and ponder if more people of any (colour) is better – or worse. San Francisco had enough people in 1955. Now there are too many, to state the bleeding obvious. Note the quiet roads and easy parking. Governments could run at a surplus in those days without the shitload of welfare bums now on the Govt teat.
    White people are clean, tidy, hard working and organised. Browns and blacks are filthy, lazy and disorganised.

  4. This was a great one. Watch also Hitchcock’s Vertigo to see a wonderful view of San Francisco before it became fuxxated with negroes and sodomites.

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