Negro Pleads Guilty to Murder of Mudshark Ex-Wife On THIRD DAY of Trial


White women married to an African gentleman are eight to twelve times more likely to experience domestic violence and murder than white women married to white men.

Calvin Jefferson thought he could talk his way out of prison, until he saw at trial which way things were going.

Unfortunately, his DNA will remain outside prison in the form of sprogs created with his mudshark.


Three days after testimony began in his second-degree murder trial in Covington, Calvin Jefferson pleaded guilty Friday morning (June 9) in the murder of his ex-wife in 2012. Judge August Hand of the 22nd Judicial District sentenced him to life in prison.

Testimony for the state had begun Wednesday in St. Tammany Parish and prosecutors were attempting to convince a jury that Jefferson was a man with a history spousal abuse who killed Nicole Veade Jefferson.

Nicole Jefferson went missing after her birthday party on April 29, 2012, at the home the couple shared with their four children in the Greenleaves subdivision near Mandeville. Her body was found a week later in a wooded area off Interstate 12 west of Louisian
a 21. Her neck showed “cutting marks,” prosecutor John Alford told jurors in his opening statement.

Although the couple had divorced in 2006, Alford told jurors Calvin Jefferson, 46, had moved back in with his ex-wife to help raise their children.


Nicole Jefferson, 31 at the time of her death, had worked for the Transportation Security Administration at Louis Armstrong International Airport.

“The evidence was overwhelming,” 22nd Judicial District Attorney Warren Montgomery said in a written statement. “I’m glad he pled to give some closure to the family and reduce their pain.”

In a news release, the District Attorney’s office said several family members and TSA colleagues of Nicole Jefferson testified before Calvin Jefferson’s sentencing.

Nicole Jefferson’s brother, Chris Veade, and her niece, Elizabeth Veade, both said they wanted to know why she was killed. “Don’t just give me a blank stare,” Elizabeth Veade said. “Why? Especially on her birthday.”

Kathy Kromer, who worked with Nicole Jefferson, said she had seen Nicole Jefferson with bruises and a black eye. She told Calvin Jefferson: “To me, you are the scum of the earth. Couldn’t you have just walked away?”

Over the objections of the District Attorney’s office, Hand allowed Calvin Jefferson to enter an an Alford plea. In an Alford plea a defendant maintains his innocence but agrees that the prosecution’s evidence is enough to win a guilty verdict from the jury.

“The state is morally opposed and strenuously and morally objects to allowing the defendant to maintain his innocence,” Alford argued in court, according to the DA’s news release.

In his opening statement, Alford told jurors the evidence would show a pattern of spousal abuse at the hands of Calvin Jefferson and would show that Nicole Jefferson had a new romantic interest in her life and was ready to move on.

He also said Calvin Jefferson changed his story on three different occasions when discussing his wife’s disappearance. Initially, Calvin Jefferson told St. Tammany Parish investigators that he and Nicole were asleep in bed after her birthday party but that she was gone when he awoke.

An interesting comment on this story at NOLA says that Calvin’s lawyer, who is probably black himself, had argued to the jury that the DA’s story was fake news and that if the jurors did not see Calvin murder Nicole, then they must acquit.

As juries become more nonwhite and more dumb (like the O.J. Simpson jury) I expect that this argument will be used more often in the future by defense attorneys. In other words, if the prosecution can’t produce a cell phone video of the accused doing the crime, then it didn’t happen.

6 thoughts on “Negro Pleads Guilty to Murder of Mudshark Ex-Wife On THIRD DAY of Trial

  1. “As juries become more nonwhite and more dumb (like the O.J. Simpson jury)…” Who could ever forget that fiasco! So true, so scary. A jury trial by one’s “peers” is no longer trustworthy.

    And it isn’t just browns that are dumbed down; too many whites who have been cognitively “institutionalized” by TV & media & who have never been readers, are just as dumb on important issues.

  2. Multicult people dodge jury service, 99% of them. Only whites turn up in any numbers. In NSW Australia the good citizens waiting to be selected for jury selection are treated like garbage by the Govt. They are lectured they are on Holy fucking Abo ground – for which of course the Govt pays the Abos zero rent – but flies their bullshit Abo flag designed by a white man. The accused get treated better than the jury. The accused are almost all non white.
    Happy times. Not.
    I also thought of handing out pamphlets against this bullshit jury selection system but knew I would be arrested. I was the only person over 60 waiting out of100 or so people (suckers). I was paid only A$8 for several hours wasted time, that is US$5, which is for fares only – time paid for, nil. This is white slavery which is supposedly illegal.

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