Atheists demand town remove church welcome signs

Evil Satanists are attacking a good Christian concept–that of welcoming strangers. They are demanding that the sign pictured above and another similar sign be taken down.

Declare those signs as historical monuments and let the atheist vandals try to destroy them via the court system.

Reminder: I’ve never seen a sign saying “The Synagogues of ______________ welcome you.” I’ve seen plenty of these nondenominational Christian church welcome signs in small towns, though.

Fox News

A group of perpetually-offended atheists, agnostics and freethinkers are threatening to sue a small Wisconsin town because of two welcome signs.

The signs, which were posted some 50 years ago, read, “The Churches of Oconomowoc Welcome You.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said the welcome signs are unconstitutional because they are not neutral toward all faiths.

“It endorses religion over non-religion and Christianity over all other faiths,” FFRF attorney Ryan Jayne wrote in a letter to town leaders.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is on a national crusade to eradicate public displays of the Christian faith. They typically target communities that do not have the financial resources to fight back.

No one can explain how such signs or “In God We Trust” on coins harms anyone. Those who join in the crusade to strip religion from America are (((destroyers))) and should be the ones banned.

If the atheists are victorious in court, then move the signs to privately owned land where they will be safe from legal challenges.

8 thoughts on “Atheists demand town remove church welcome signs

  1. The “In God We Trust” is more than a little bizarre, given it is on a coin that represents a portion of the loan from the (((Federal Reserve))) that masquerades as the American currency.

  2. “Freethinkers”? Really? I don’t have a problem with church welcome signs. In fact, as a White traveler, I would be relieved to see one.

    “(((The Freedom From Religion Foundation))) is on a national crusade”

    To wreck any White townships and neighborhoods that might still exist. I can’t believe it has become so obvious.

    “Those who join in the crusade to strip religion from America are (((destroyers))) and should be the ones banned.”

    I absolutely agree and I would take it a step further in that if they refuse to leave, they should be removed to a labor camp.

  3. Someone needs to explain this to these intolerant Satanists!

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, (or prohibiting the free exercise thereof);”

  4. “The Freedom From Religion Foundation”.
    Who leads this group I wonder? Red Sea pedestrians by any remote chance?

    Why was the Foundation silent about Trumps guns for religion based visit to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican? Surely that was more important than a small sign in a small town. Though Trump sells modern weapons only to Israel and Saudi Arabia, not the Christian Vatican.

    Christian Churches are dying, especially the old fashioned kind. These Jews are kicking a man who is lying unconscious in the gutter. They need to read the story of the Good Samaritan. Christian church attendances are way down. The only big ones in the USA love Israel. Will the Zionists counterattack the FFRF on behalf of their Christian buddies? (No).

    “A group of perpetually-offended atheists, agnostics and freethinkers”.
    This is an insult to agnostics and free thinkers. The FFRF are almost certainly atheistic Jews. 99% of agnostics and free thinkers are not upset by such signs. They are more interested in more important things. Especially agnostics – why would they demand signs dedicated to a God be removed – when they have an open mind whether God exists or not. Only atheists are certain that God does not exist. Free thinkers would all know life is better and safer in small town USA than in small town Pakistan.

    (((Fox News))) is garbage. To Fox, a free thinker is anybody who threw their TV set on to the kerb. All (((TV))) news is Fake News.

  5. On a side note I often wonder why so much attention is paid to Satanists. How could anybody believe in Satan unless also believing in God? If Satan exists and God does not, then Satan is in fact God and should be worshiped. I think that Satanists are very confused. If God does exist as per my logic above, Satanists will burn in fire for trillions of trillions of years, just for the warm up phase. Not a good deal for a few years of fun.

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