Trump Won’t Say if Conversations with Comey were Taped

At a Friday press conference President Donald Trump refused to confirm or deny that tape recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey exist. Last month, he had made reference in a Tweet to the possibility that such tapes do exist.

The House Russia probe has requested that the Trump White House supply it with those tapes by June 23, as reported by The Independent.

Trump dropped a hint that he will soon reveal whether the tapes exist or not.

Excerpt from NOLA

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump refused Friday to say whether his private conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey were taped — a matter at the heart of conflicting accounts of what passed between them — and asserted that nothing in Comey’s testimony to the Senate showed collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice.

“He’s a leaker,” Trump said dismissively. “Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction.”

He further denied ever asking Comey for his “loyalty,” contradicting Comey’s detailed allegations in his sworn testimony.

“No I didn’t say that,” Trump stated abruptly, taking questions after meeting Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. Asked if he would make that denial under oath, he said: “100 percent.”

Trump’s aides have repeatedly dodged questions about whether conversations relevant to the Russia investigation have been recorded, and so did the president.

“Well, I’ll tell you about that maybe sometime in the very near future,” Trump said. “I’m not hinting anything.” He added: “Oh you’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer, don’t worry.”

Comey told the Senate of multiple conversations alone with the president, during which he said Trump pressed him to show “loyalty,” to back off on the FBI investigation of aide Michael Flynn and to disclose that Trump himself was not under investigation as the FBI probed Russian interference in the election and ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Comey said he refused on all points, told senators of the detailed memos he had written after his conversations with Trump and said he hoped those conversations were taped because he is confident of their veracity.

Trump has offered many surprises along the campaign trail and on into the White House. If the taped conversations exist, then they just might be the biggest surprise of them all.

2 thoughts on “Trump Won’t Say if Conversations with Comey were Taped

  1. According to Pat Buchanan, no president used recording devices since Nixon, but thinks Trump should use one…not on everyone and wouldn’t expect it with the FBI Director. So, who knows?

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