Traitor Reality Winner Sought to Join Taliban, Planned to Play “pretty, cute white girl card:” “I want to burn the White House down.”


I wonder who lied to the treacherous monster Reality Leigh Winner and told her she was cute. I guess she could have been self-deluded. Delusional people are not that hard to find on the left.

Winner’s burning hatred of President Trump extended to the rest of us deplorables. She allegedly wanted to go to Nepal or Kurdistan and join the Taliban. I assume that’s because she wanted to kill American soldiers.

Closer to home, she also allegedly wanted to kill President Trump.


Reality Winner, the woman accused of leaking classified government documents to a news website, pleaded not guilty Thursday, according to the Huffington Post.

“Authorities allege Winner, a 25-year-old employee with Pluribus International Corp., accessed a classified document on her work computer in Augusta and mailed it to a news outlet,” HuffPo reports.

“In court Thursday, prosecutor Jennifer Solari said Winner wrote in a notebook that she wanted to “burn the White House down” and move to Nepal or Kurdistan. Solari also said that Winner knowingly leaked information.”

Winner was arrested Saturday. Authorities believe Winner made copies of top secret government documents that outline details of Russian attempts to hack voting software, according to The Intercept – the online publication that received the documents.

It will be difficult for Winner to get a fair trial if her case becomes “this big thing where we’re not going to tolerate leakers,” Winner’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, told The Associated Press in an interview.

“I think they’re going to try to make an example out of her because of the political climate right now,” Winner-Davis said.

Yes, we should make an example out of your daughter, Madam. The only good thing about her is that had a dog and a cat, which I hope you’re taking care of for her.

Daily Mail

Reality Winner portrayed little emotion in court Thursday as she was denied bond in her federal espionage case after the government alleged that she may have stolen other top secret information and poses an ongoing risk to national security.

The Air Force veteran, 25, is accused of mailing a classified report on a Russian military intelligence cyber-attack in 2016 to a news website.

She entered a plea of not guilty before Judge Brian K. Epps at U.S. District Court in downtown Augusta, Georgia on Thursday afternoon after she was charged with a single count of ‘willful retention and transmission of national defense information’.

Winner was brought into court, in an orange jumpsuit with her hair braided in a top knot, by two federal marshalls. Her hands were cuffed behind her back and she appeared to stand to attention when addressed by the judge.

She spoke only to respond: ‘Yes, your honor’ in a soft voice.
The prosecution made their case for Winner to be detained based on evidence that one prosecutor called ‘downright frightening’.

The prosecution alleged that Winner is ‘extremely intelligent’ and may have removed information from a ‘Top Secret computer on a USB drive’ while she was on active duty and stated that the thumb drive has not been located.

The government is also concerned about what other intelligence Winner possesses as she told her mother in a recorded phone conversation from prison that she ‘screwed up’ over those ‘documents’.

The prosecution stated that Winner had a fascination with the Middle East and Islamic terrorism. The government claimed that they had found handwritten notes during a search at Winner’s home which appeared to sympathize with Osama bin Laden and other terrorists.

Authorities claim another handwritten statement found during a search of Winner’s home allegedly read: ‘I want to burn the White House down and go live in Kurdistan.’

Prosecutors said in recorded jailhouse calls that Winner told her mother how to play her side of the story in the media.

They also said in a phone call she made to her sister that she was confident in how to ‘play the court’ during her bond hearing.

‘I’m pretty, white and cute,’ she allegedly told her sister.

Prosecutors said Winner told her sister she would braid her hair and cry in court.

In a recorded prison call, Winner also reportedly asked her mother to transfer $30,000 out of her bank account and instructed her what to say to the press.

Winner’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, and stepfather, Gary Davis, sat directly behind her in court along with their friend, Anne Demasi.

What has been revealed about Winner-Loser is probably typical of deranged leftists in America. From her ugly tats to her body builder’s muscularity to her attitude, everything screams loser about her. She was destined to be a lonely cat lady or a tranny or a dykish lesbian even before breaking the law.

America is safer with her off the streets.


6 thoughts on “Traitor Reality Winner Sought to Join Taliban, Planned to Play “pretty, cute white girl card:” “I want to burn the White House down.”

  1. “‘I’m pretty, white and cute,’ she allegedly told her sister. ”

    And extremely stupid. They should allow her to fulfill her wish to join the Taliban. I am sure they would love to have a little practice rape doll for boosting morale.

  2. Yeah. She might need to go with another strategy. I recommend a defense of not being in full control of her mental faculties (of course that would describe all women to some degree). Waiting for the tomatoes.

  3. There’s a nigger in the woodpile somewhere. Who would give this nitwit air-head a top secret? She plead not-guilty so she can leverage (blackmail) those up the command who traded some sack time with her for a clearance. She’s looking for a slap on the wrist and likely angling for big dollar book and movie deals.

    Colonel Boyd, F-16 and A-10 designer, said the true purpose of the Pentagon was to funnel tax money to large contractors. The contractor Miss Winner ‘worked’ for falls in that category it seems.

    This gal reminds me of Amanda Knox who played cutie and sweetie and manipulated her way out of prison in Italy after twice being convicted of murdering her English flatmate while they both were students in Perugia Italy. Trump backed Knox and gave her money for her defense in Italy. Once freed she stabbed him in the back, metaphorically speaking.

    • “Colonel Boyd, F-16 and A-10 designer, said the true purpose of the Pentagon was to funnel tax money to large contractors.”

      Crikey I wonder why US taxpayers enjoy handing over a large part of their income to thieves? Both parties – Democrat and Republican are part of this swindle – perchance the largest ongoing theft in the history of the world. The interest on the money loaned (counterfeit money) by the Federal Jewserve must be paid by unborn children,. and their children for ever.

      Did Colonel Boyd did early or mysteriously I wonder?

      • As a former Reagan Republican I can give you my perspective. We’re told that it’s patriotic to support the military. Futhermore, there are military bases everywhere. We’re told they support the local economy.

        A couple of nights ago in the local supermarket there was a fellow in his desert camos shopping. The other shoppers fawned over him: “Thank you for your service, sir.”

        I remained silent rather than raise any questions since I prefer not to be lynched or branded a traitor and barred from the supermarket.

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