Teresa May Facing Hung Parliament and Uncertain Future as British PM


British Prime Minister Teresa May can always try to blame the Conservative Party’s loss on Russian hackers. It’s been working out pretty well for Hillary Clinton.

Her party has the largest number of seats in Parliament, but not a majority. Thus, negotiations are underway with members of third parties to form a government.

For Americans, perhaps the most significant question mark about this election is “Whither goest Brexit?”

Sky News

She’d had a haircut, put on her brightest crimson lipstick and the tomato-red two-piece she always wears on high-profile occasions.

Clearly Theresa May was expecting to be celebrating a Conservative triumph and the biggest Tory landslide since Margaret Thatcher won a majority of 102 in 1987.

But as she stood waiting for the declaration in her Maidenhead constituency just before 3.30am, the Prime Minister had a face like thunder.

When she spoke, her voice was cracking. She sounded – as well as looked – badly shaken. She must know her days as Prime Minister are numbered.

By calling for a “period of stability” in her acceptance speech, she sounded as if she was pleading with Conservative MPs not to move to oust her just yet.

Oh dear! Her gamble of a snap election to win a Brexit mandate had horribly backfired. Despite her plea, members of her Cabinet were already plotting.

Close allies like Ben Gummer had lost their seats and the woman some saw as a potential Chancellor and future Tory leader, Amber Rudd, was taken to two recounts.

Many Tories would claim it was no more than the pipsqueak Gummer deserved. After all, they would argue, he was the clown who wrote the vote-losing manifesto.

Earlier this week, Mr Corbyn sounded rather foolish when two days before polling day he called on the Prime Minister to resign over cuts in police manpower.

He sounded much more convincing when, in his victory speech in Islington, he called on her to quit after the election results showed Labour holding on to seats the party previously thought were vulnerable to the Tories.

Back in Maidenhead, Mrs May faced – and ignored – questions over whether she was going to resign as she arrived in the hall for the result of her count.

Who would have thought as recently as two days ago that it would be Theresa May facing questions about her future on election night and not Jeremy Corbyn?

Despite Mr Corbyn’s better than expected performance, however, there will be plenty of Labour MPs who will claim that with a better leader the party could have won a handsome election victory.

But that’s churlish. Mr Corbyn, too, was looking his smartest on election night: a neat, dark suit and a red tie as bright as Theresa May’s lipstick.

He’s never going to be a fashion icon. But he does seem to have heeded the advice David Cameron passed on from his mother at PMQs last year: “Put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem.”

He’s done the first two. He just needs to learn to do the third!

And as for Theresa May, after results like these, she’s left with a face as red as her crimson lipstick and Mr Corbyn’s tie.


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8 thoughts on “Teresa May Facing Hung Parliament and Uncertain Future as British PM

  1. Not so fast. May is going after an Irish party to join that would give her enough votes to win. Spoke to Queen Elizabeth about it and going full steam ahead.

    • Right, the deal has to be negotiated. The question is whether her own party wants her as PM. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe the Conservatives can dump her and pick a new leader if they want to, without a new election.

      • Regardless Paladin, some agenteur either forced her hand or “persuaded” her to make this snap election, as she had enough power within the ranks and was not beholden to have one til at least next year. The timing could not have been worse for Brexit, as the negotiations were under way. My take is that it was done by unseen hands to undermine the Brexit process, perhaps to even stop it altogether. The globalist bloc is behind this 100%, and their attempts to realign Britain with the EU may prove successful. I never trusted this bitch…

      • I saw that the Brexit negotiations are to start next week. She now has a weak hand to play. There are no coincidences, only plots and plans. I wonder if the dissent within her own party isn’t manufactured by you know who to weaken her even more.

      • It wouldn’t surprising. They even have the Crown in their lap, even though the Royal family knows that they will either be exiled or murdered once Britain becomes 55% Muslim… But they don’t really care, they are German-Jewish this family, and have pretended to be British for over 200 years…

      • VertigoPolitix I agree strongly.
        “Her gamble of a snap election to win a Brexit mandate”.

        Garbage. The Brexit vote was the mandate. This sap (snap) election was the only possible “democratic” way to derail that mandate and she succeeded, or rather her (((bosses))) succeeded. Brilliant cynicism by toady politicians doing the bidding of the (((bankers))) who rule.

  2. According to Henry Makow and others, London is the epicentre of Jew money power, even more than New York or Washington. So the UK needs no industry whatsoever, and neither does the USA. The Jews create fake money in dollars or UK pounds, which Turd Worlders and Chinks will literally die for. Meanwhile UK citizens and USA citizens can settle into their Laz E Boys and switch on the (((TV))).
    All is right with the world. Why work when you can print money instead?
    No wonder that 500 million Africans want to get to the money printing countries and stop working for a living.

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