Elderly Negress Plunges Through Sidewalk Access Door While Carelessly Distracted by Phone.

Damn! Even sidewalks are racist!

That sidewalk saw a black lady coming and it said to itself, let’s open our doors and give that N*gger a tumble.

If Obama were still in office, he’d be cracking down on these racist sidewalks. For sure, muh Nigga.

Daily Mail

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a woman plunged through a sidewalk access door in New Jersey because she was distracted by her phone.

The video shows the 67-year-old woman walking down Somerset Street in Plainfield.

At first she seems aware of her surroundings, even glancing at a store as she walked by.

But seconds later, the woman got distracted when she appeared to be texting on her phone.

She then plummeted six feet through the open door.

Authorities said the incident happened in front of Acme Windows shortly after noon on Thursday.


Some American states have laws against texting on cell phones when driving.

It looks like using a cell phone while walking can also pose dangers.

As one comment at the Daily Mail noted, you can get rich in America by being really stupid. Expect a lawsuit over this one, folks.

6 thoughts on “Elderly Negress Plunges Through Sidewalk Access Door While Carelessly Distracted by Phone.

  1. She will win big bucks. The store was negligent. So was she, so she may get half, $500,000 instead of $1 million. A hole like that in a town center should always be attended – or have coloured safety cones set up as a visual warning.
    Those doors also should have striped paint e.g. red and white at 45 degrees as a warning.

  2. Many years ago, a drunk groid fell off a subway platform in NYC, and had one or both legs cut off by the train. Just a few years ago, about 11 years after the incident, the asshole finally got a check for 11 million dollars. Yes, it pays to be stupid in this country.

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