Bankrupt Turd World Sh*thole Puerto Rico Begins Push to Become 51st U.S. State


Just to take a wild guess, but if Puerto Rico becomes America’s 51st state, then this country has elected its last white president. Not even a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton could overcome the mixed race voting bloc created by Puerto Rico.

Imagine too, an entire state as safe and fiscally sound as Detroit.

Yeah, this looks like a real winning idea.

The Hill

Puerto Rico’s government is banking on a push for statehood to solve the structural issues that led to its financial crisis.

Puerto Ricans will vote Sunday to decide the territory’s status.

If statehood wins, as expected, the island will enact what’s known as the Tennessee Plan, an avenue to accession by which U.S. territories send a congressional delegation to demand to be seated in Washington.

Puerto Rico will send two senators and five representatives, chosen by Gov. Ricardo Rosselló (D), later this year, once the plan is put into action.

Statehood remains a long shot as many Republicans are wary of adding a 51st state that could add two Democratic senators and seven Democratic electors to the Electoral College.

Others, noting the examples of Alaska and Hawaii, both added to the union in 1959, say it can be difficult to predict how territories will vote as states.

“Those are the same people that 60 years ago said that Hawaii was going to be a super Republican state and Alaska was going to be super Democratic, and that’s why we brought them in together,” said José Fuentes Agostini, the head of Puerto Rican Republicans in the states.

The Puerto Rican Republican Party is adamantly pro-statehood. And the national Republican Party has supported statehood since the 1940s, most clearly in its 2016 platform.

“We support the right of the United States citizens of Puerto Rico to be admitted to the Union as a fully sovereign state,” the platform stated. “Once the 2012 local vote for statehood is ratified, Congress should approve an enabling act with terms for Puerto Rico’s future admission as the 51st state of the Union.”

President Trump, who angered Puerto Ricans by decrying a potential “bailout” of their financial system on the campaign trail and as president, also indicated openness to the idea.

As a candidate, he said, “The will of the Puerto Rican people in any status referendum should be considered as Congress follows through on any desired change in status for Puerto Rico, including statehood.”

Wikipedia is selling the idea that Puerto Rico would be a white state. Every Puerto Rican I’ve met has been mixed race–Indian, Spanish, and black.


13 thoughts on “Bankrupt Turd World Sh*thole Puerto Rico Begins Push to Become 51st U.S. State

  1. “Puerto Rico’s government is banking on a push for statehood”

    Come on. We all know why this is a priority. They cannot support themselves without the working white tax suckers in the USA. Puerto Rico is just another island full of parasite vermin. Another group of blood suckers like the Jews, blacks, and Mexicans.

    I’ve been to Puerto Rican neighborhoods. They are quite proud to be from Puerto Rico. They say Puerto Rico is da best mann. They drive around with little Puerto Rican flags hanging off of their rear view mirrors. Just don’t ask them why are they here if Puerto Rico is soo wonderful and de best. We know why they are here. Puerto Rico is a debt laden toilet of uncreative, unproductive savage parasites. Parasites that the White Man has no obligation to support. Parasites that would kill the White Man with any given opportunity.

  2. This comment is off topic, but please follow the links pasted below. They are regards the sentencing for the three muslim f*cks who raped the 5 year-old girl in Idaho. The kike press did not want this publicized. Also, the oldest perp was 14. Something else the kike press failed to mention in previous stories. The judge and all of the attorneys (kikes/dykes), to include the prosecuting DA, sided with the muslims. Remember that this place in Idaho is where the billionaire Chobani yogurt guy lives and has his plant. Read the articles and understand why these cunts all need bullets in their brains. Links are as follows:

  3. While the American Civil War was a tragedy, the Spanish-American war of 1898 was one of this country’s biggest mistakes. It got us involved with Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico all of which were ultimately of no benefit to the USA. We should give Puerto Rico back to Spain. Throw in a boatload of cash to sweeten the deal. If Obama can dump cash on Iran then Trump can do the same for Spain and for better reasons. It’ll be cheaper in the long run.

  4. In 1898 the USA used a false flag in Havana Harbour to steal the entire Spanish Empire. This 51st State, plus a hundred million Spics and Mexicans moving to the USA, is Cortez’ Revenge.

    Going back to 1898. Which nation hosting a foreign battleship has ever sunk that ship in their own harbor during the friendly visit? The US ship had a hole in it showing that the explosion was from the inside – i.e. not a mine or other weapon from the outside.

    “Maine was out of date by the time she entered service, due to her protracted construction period and changes in the role of ships of her type, naval tactics and technology. It took nine years to complete, and nearly three years for the armor plating alone.”

    “Sent to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban revolt against Spain, she exploded suddenly, without warning, and sank quickly, killing nearly three quarters of her crew.” Did Congress authorise this risky and perhaps hostile visit? Was the USA supporting the lawful Spanish Govt in Cuba or scum revolutionaries? Does history repeat – as with Syria today?

    In 1911 the USA destroyed all evidence of the sinking. A bit like sending all the 911 evidence to China.

    In 2001 three huge steel framed, obsolete, heavily insured, buildings were destroyed and Lucky Larry was laughing and Israelis were dancing in the Rotten Apple streets.

    In 1941 obsolete battleships were destroyed and the US went to war and 36 million lives were lost. 4 brand new US aircraft carriers were at sea and nobody knows where – except they were not in any danger zone. A jew traitor and Communist working in the State Dept., Harry Dexter White was the architect of that war.

    In all 3 cases the “bad guys” destroyed obsolete items of no value to their owner – 2 of which were the US Govt. Why would the bad guys not destroy modern valuable things instead?

  5. Hopefully, PR will vote for independence, but being that Puerto Ricans like U.S. welfare, that probably will not happen. If they were smart, they would vote for independence and become the world’s Switzerland, since Switzerland allowed the U.S. to interfere with its banking secrecy laws/sovereignty. And, allow businesses to set up there without excessive taxation. Just have to import YT’s to do the brain-work.

  6. Puta Rico and Haiti should be used for military neutron bomb bombing tests. Marxachusetts and most of Jew England fro that matter has more Puta Ricans than Puta Rico. Here they act just s primitive as niggers, but here those two subspecies interbreed. The males of both species have only a couple of things on their minds “muh dik” and “gibs me’s”

    I’ve been exposed to their lah-tee-nooo pride wherever I go and it is not earned.

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