Trump Set to End Obama’s War on NUNS!

Penny Nance, the leader of Concerned Women for America, has penned a thank you to President Donald Trump for his efforts on behalf of religious freedom in America.

What we’re seeing is neophyte politician Donald Trump slowly feeling his way to bring about the things he promised during his presidential campaign. At every turn there’s a liberal judge waiting to pounce on Trump with a “You can’t do that” ruling. Then there’s thousands of so-called journalists whose job it is to convince the public that Trump is a sack of s*** moron.

The more we reject the mainstream press, the closer it comes to completely collapsing. And those journalists will have to find new careers.


God bless President Donald J. Trump. As reported by several news outlets, the Trump Administration is set to finally put an end to part of the repugnant ObamaCare contraception mandate which sought to force the Little Sisters of the Poor (LSP) to violate their religious convictions.

One of the most bizarre things about the Obama Administration’s ObamaCare crusade was this insistence that groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor be forced to participate in the process of providing contraception and abortifacients for their employees, regardless of their religious beliefs. Not only was the policy unconstitutional, as a violation of religious liberty, but it was just so unnecessary.

The whole time the organization I lead, Concerned Women for America (CWA), is working to stand for these poor nuns — who, by the way, take vows of poverty and chastity, and dedicate their lives to serving the elderly, the maligned, and those forgotten by society — I’m thinking President Obama will soon provide a way for them to be exempt and go about their noble work.

But no. It never happened. Abortion groups have such a tight grip on the Democratic Party, they were willing to drag the sisters all the way to the United States Supreme Court before they would recognize their constitutional rights. Ridiculous.

So, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision forcing the Obama Administration to “arrive at an approach going forward that accommodates [the LSP’s] religious exercise while at the same time ensuring that women covered petitioners’ health plans ‘receive full and equal health coverage, including contraceptive coverage.’”

It was a no-brainer case; that’s why it was unanimous. The accommodation should have happened from the beginning. But it didn’t. Even after the decision, as you can see by the news reports now, the government continued to drag its feet, unwilling to set the sisters free. It is a mark of shame on President Obama’s legacy that he left office without relieving the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Enter President Trump. I know the liberal aristocracy would never credit him with anything positive, but the reality is that this president has been meticulous and deliberate in following through with his campaign promise to correct the religious liberties abuses we had seen under the Obama Administration.

A few weeks back, when the Department of Justice asked for an extension on the LSP case, there were reports expressing concerns about it. But we at Concerned Women for America felt confident the issue would be addressed. Not only have we heard from the Trump Administration on its proactive work to correct religious liberties abuses, but we have seen President Trump affirm that commitment in many ways, like the appointment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

We were right. A leaked draft regulation shows President Trump is set to expand the exceptions to the contraception mandate in a way that will finally end the ridiculous war against the Little Sisters of the Poor and similar groups.

In fact, the draft regulations will cover any organization with religious objections. This is good. This is appropriate. These sorts of accommodations are consistent with America’s founding principles and with constitutional requirements.

We commend the president for his thoughtfulness in dealing with such a sensitive issue. This language indeed follows through on what the Supreme Court was looking for, a way to accommodate religious beliefs while still providing the coverage for the women that want to use these drugs.

No woman will suffer because of the government’s accommodation of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Don’t believe the liberal media hysteria. As seen in the recent Kathy Griffin fiasco, something has snapped in the liberal psyche, and they will irrationally attack anything and everything even remotely associated with President Trump. Not to even mention their radicalism on abortion.

3 thoughts on “Trump Set to End Obama’s War on NUNS!

  1. Do not forget that the kikes want to destroy true, powerful Christianity, because it shows the fallacy/hollowness of judaism. The Christ-killers want Christ to stay dead. They are Lucifer’s true children.

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