Restaurant Faces Criticism, Legal Action Over “Racist” Dress Code

A Chicago restaurant-bar that wants its customers to “Dress flashy, not trashy,” is under fire for racism. An investigation has been launched, which may result in revocation of its liquor license.

No face and neck tats allowed. And no ghetto fashions allowed either.

There’s a public safety issue being ignored here by the politically correct petty tyrants.


CHICAGO (WGN) — The popular pizzeria and bar “Bottled Blonde” is under fire for a lengthy dress code that some are calling racist.

The extensive dress code bans all types of shoes, shirts and pants and attributes certain clothing with “bad attitude and behavior.” It also states that the dress code is on a case-by-case basis and the sole discretion lies with the door staff. Criticism of it being racist comes with the dress codes’ ban on certain clothing such as “baggy pants.”

The River North club’s dress code complaints are fairly recent, but other grievances aimed at “Bottled Blonde” date back to last summer. At its initial conception, neighbors were worried it would be like its party-heavy counterpart in Arizona, but were reassured that it would function as a family-friendly restaurant, reported DNAInfo. But since then, it’s become evident that the restaurant is aligned with a bar and club atmosphere and the city has attempted to crack down on them.

Now, the bar’s liquor license is in jeopardy. Management will face City Council as they discuss the license, but it is likely that the wardrobe rules will also come into question.

The 42nd Ward Alderman voiced his concerns about “Bottled Blonde” in a tweet, questioning both the liquor license and the lengthy dress code, comparing it to the Magna Carta.

Many others took to Twitter to express their criticism of the restaurant bar and its dress code:

Bottled Blonde is opening another location in Dallas, Texas. Social justice warriors in Dallas are also upset with the pizza joint because of the Chicago dress code.

Given the large number of brawls that break out when blacks congregate in a business, who can blame a property owner for wanting to keep them out?

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Faces Criticism, Legal Action Over “Racist” Dress Code

  1. Lol o wouldn’t pass their dress code either so maybe they are anti working class?

    Either way, who cares? They should a have the right to serve or not serve whom they wish

  2. Just goes to show how the liberals want everything to be dumbed down in the West. A few weeks ago I went to a decent restaurant in a hotel in an African capital,in my usual shorts and bush shirt and I was simply shown the “right of admission ” placard above the door and told very apologetically”only collar and tie ” it’s considered an essential requirement to keep the rubbish out,yes even in Africa….but sadly it’s considered racist in the west. Damned ironic considering the natives were running around in loin cloths only a few decades ago.

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