News Roundup, June 8, 2017: Comey Testi-lies, Teresa May Frets, and More

Unless a nuclear bomb explodes tomorrow, the big story is expected to be the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey. Comey’s public statement released on June 7 has come under scrutiny at The Conservative Treehouse. CBS has published a poll this morning detailing what Americans think about all this. I’m expecting the media to spin Comey’s words before Congress to do maximum damage to Trump.

North Korea is back in the news. CNN reports that the Koreans fired four ground to ship missiles. reports that ancient human-like fossils have been unearthed in Morocco, North Africa. This find casts even more doubt on the lie that humans sprung up only in blackest Africa and then migrated to the rest of the world.

CBS News is reporting on a story out of Jersey City, N.J. in which a thug fleeing from police caused a fiery car crash. Authorities are discussing the possibility of firing the cops because of allegations they kicked the driver while he was on fire.

Today is election day in Britain. Fox reports that a victory for Teresa May, once a sure thing, is now in doubt. Although American eyes will be watching Comey and Trump, Britons will be busy figuring out a choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. No one in Britain seems to saying the obvious: Ban Muslims.

One thought on “News Roundup, June 8, 2017: Comey Testi-lies, Teresa May Frets, and More

  1. Nothing too interesting except the BBQ’d Sambo. The police were not kicking him, but only putting out the flames. Of course, the jew-media focuses on the police and not the perps who victimized countless people during their pursuit.

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