Muh Dik: Black Cop Accused of Sex with Prosties in Police Car While on Duty


The arrest of Donald Bonds on sex crime and dereliction of duty charges is not a big story. But it does illustrate two things.

The first is that blacks are unable to refrain from sex. It’s always on their minds. Just think of Bonds as a bush league Bill Cosby.

Second, blacks should never be given positions of responsibility. Our forefathers knew this, but today the feds force us to hire and promote them. Given that reality, if a black person is in a position they need to be watched constantly.

WMCA Action News

A Ripley, Tennessee police officer has been indicted on charges of official misconduct and patronizing prostitution.

TBI said the investigation into Donald Bonds started March 27 at the request of District Attorney Mike Dunavant.

Bonds is a lieutenant with Ripley Police Department.

During the course of the investigation, agents determined that on two different occasions in January and February, Bonds paid to have sex while on duty inside his police vehicle.

On June 5, the Lauderdale County Grand Jury indicted Bonds on four counts of official misconduct and two counts of patronizing prostitution.

Bonds was arrested and released on a $10,000 bond.

He is currently suspended without pay from the police department.

I wonder how much crime went unsolved because Bonds was allegedly too buy “muh diking” with whores instead of doing his job.

Here’s a little rap celebrating our great Negro friends:

One thought on “Muh Dik: Black Cop Accused of Sex with Prosties in Police Car While on Duty

  1. If he keeps screwing prostitutes, he will not be saying “Muh dik”, but “No dik” when it rots off from VD. Negroes.

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