British Elections: Labor Surges. Teresa May Ousted? Brexit in Jeopardy as Britain Turns Left


American president Donald Trump’s scheduled visit to Britain stands in doubt tonight as the government that invited him may soon be history.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party may be taking the reins of power. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression is that Labour favors staying in the EU and favors even more nonwhite immigration into Britain. It’s also doubtful that a Labour government would cooperate at all with American president Donald Trump. In fact, I would expect a war of words to break out between Corbyn and Trump, with the two countries at each other’s throats.

This is serious business we’re witnessing tonight.

The Conservatives will remain the largest party but could struggle to retain their majority, according to a Sky News forecast.

Our first projection of the night is that the Conservatives will win between 308 and 328 seats – with 32i6 required for a majority.

The projected result could throw plans for Brexit negotiations to start this month into chaos if the parties have to enter negotiations over who will form a government.

Yet another night of high political drama began at 10pm when a broadcasters’ exit poll suggested an election that was called to strengthen Mrs May’s hand could in fact do the opposite.

Her U-turn on calling a snap election in a bid to increase her working majority of 17 appears to have spectacularly backfired and she could now face questions over her political future.

By 1.30am, with early declarations seeming to support the exit poll, several bookies put Jeremy Corbyn as favourite to be the next Prime Minister.

“I want to send my thanks to everyone who voted for our manifesto and its radical vision for a fairer Britain,” the Labour leader tweeted at 1.35am.

“Our team has worked so hard on this campaign – for door knocking to social media – and it’s great we have won so much support across the country.

“Whatever the final result, our positive campaign has changed politics for the better.”

More later. This is a developing story.

4 thoughts on “British Elections: Labor Surges. Teresa May Ousted? Brexit in Jeopardy as Britain Turns Left

  1. Perhaps the whole point of the snap election was to torpedo Brexit – which was the will of the people. There is only one will that matters – the Will of the Master Race. Juden Uber Alles.(((Europe))) must remain One Nation under Deutschland until the Coons and Muslim jihadis have flooded it neck deep.

    May’s plan (forced on her) was probably to win but with a smaller majority. Losing would have been her second choice (made for her by the Masters Of The Universe). Winning with a big margin was her least preferred option. Brexit must be stopped by any means necessary.

  2. Brits can not afford to alienate us. Their empire is long gone. They are a socialist shite-hole, broke, and overrun with blacks, browns, and yellows. They destroyed, via nationalization, their industry. Other than tourism and James Bond movies, they have nothing to offer the world.

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