Alex Jones Interviewed by Megyn Kelly: His Take? She’s “cold, robotic, dead”


In the above video, Alex Jones praises LeeAnn as much better looking than Megyn Kelly. And smarter too.

Haha. Another man besides Trump is willing to dump on Miss Megyn. If you think I’m a woman hater for holding her in low esteem, be aware that I think Greta van Susteran was great on Fox. She gets the job done without being obnoxious.

So, here’s to the Fat Man for kicking Kelly in the rump with some truth.

Media Matters

Prominent conspiracy theorist and President Donald Trump ally Alex Jones is lashing out after being interviewed by Megyn Kelly for an episode of NBC’s Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. Following Tuesday’s interview taping, Jones is now suggesting Kelly is aligned with the “New World Order” globalist conspiracy theory, complaining that she is producing a “fake news” piece about him, and declaring that she is “not feminine” but is “cold, robotic, dead.”

Kelly visited Jones at his Austin, TX, studios Tuesday to conduct an interview with him for an upcoming episode of her show.

At the top of the June 7 broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, Jones declared Kelly’s interview of him to be “fake news” and said of the show’s producer: “I felt like the lady that’s the lead producer — nice southern belle lady, older lady — is like somebody that leads you to the gas chamber, or to the hangman’s noose, or to the electric chair. They comfort you, give you your last meal.”

Jones continued complaining about the interview later in the show, suggesting that Kelly is associated with the “New World Order” conspiracy theory and claiming that she “was kind of snickering about world government and forced population control.”

He suggested that Kelly is a “sociopath” or “psychopath,” and also said Kelly is “not feminine” but instead is “cold, robotic, dead.” He added, “I felt zero attraction to Megyn Kelly.”

Prior to conducting the interview, Kelly visited Jones’ studio to observe him as he broadcast the June 6 edition of his program. Jones paused his conversation with a guest to speak with Kelly about her show and their upcoming interview. During an exchange about whether Kelly will interview Trump, Jones asked her whether she would sit in Trump’s lap, to which Kelly responded, “Move on.” Jones also said, “I got to say, she’s prettier in person.” Kelly responded, “I never know whether that’s a compliment or not in my line of work.”

Over the past few weeks, Jones has repeatedly made lewd comments about Kelly. During his May 15 broadcast, Jones said Kelly “thinks I’m a Texas hillbilly and that a hot woman telling me how much she wants to interview me and how she’s obsessed with me will get me to talk to her. And even though I know it was B.S., it still works, so I’m going to be doing the interview.”

He then repeatedly asked his guest co-host whether he should “put her over my knee” during the interview, later adding that he was talking about how he’d “put her over my knee politically,” and said, “Can we put [the late model] Betty Page on screen please, putting a girl over her knee?” He that he was “trolling” because “I can’t help it. I can say anything I want and it’s all over the news the next day.”

Jones again made lewd comments about Kelly during his May 31 broadcast, saying, “Megyn Kelly’s coming next week. I want Kathy Griffin, me, and Megyn Kelly to oil wrestle next week on air.” Seconds later he said, “I’m just challenging Megyn Kelly and Kathy Griffin to a boxing match — I’ll take both of them on,” explaining that he was trying to allude to comedian Andy Kaufman, who wrestled women.

No air date has been announced for Jones’ interview. This week, Kelly’s show will air an interview with sportscaster Erin Andrews.

The Fat Man does good!

7 thoughts on “Alex Jones Interviewed by Megyn Kelly: His Take? She’s “cold, robotic, dead”

  1. This Alex Jones character is unraveling. Needs to act like a proud white man and not a petulant child. We all know that Me-again Kelly is a brainless bimbo. Besides, why waste your time letting her interview you? Nothing good will come of it.

  2. We have survived 40 years of subliminal emasculation to the extent anyone making a “sexist” (term created by the neutering forces) remark, coupled with tongue-in-cheek humor, or self describing their own de-watered expressions, provokes our normal male discernment or female sense of humor (gone AWOL-away without leave permission papers) to the level of news reporter on smack.

    Nothing beyond prayer and fasting can bring back the God-Created, bio-chemical alignment built for teaching, training, challenging and chastising in a common bond of one man-one woman home building, child raising on a local level sociological unit. Let history be recorded correctly and let those who attempt redirecting the evidence be found in their own excrement, should they refuse repentance.

  3. I don’t watch much of either of these characters; however, Kelly’s style is more Yank- direct, forthright, no bull. She is from New York. Frankly, I appreciate that style versus the sugar coated sarcasm that is common in the South. I have found that people don’t always say what they mean below the Mason Dixon whereas in the Northern states, people tend to be more direct. That is Germsnic. NYC is rooted in Dutch Culture with its residual directness in expression.

    I think that Kelly’s directness would be more appreciated by Southerners if she was male.

  4. Also, in areas where there are more blacks et al, there appears to be more on an emphasis on the non verbal and the unspoken as these cultures tends towards less of the literal. In the North people mean what they say – I like that.

  5. “He that he was “trolling” because “I can’t help it. I can say anything I want and it’s all over the news the next day.”
    Jones again made lewd comments about Kelly”

    Maybe Jones wants to be President one day? He is making all the right moves.

    • Exactly. One can personally insult someone with whom they have different opinions and get elected based on how good his or her insults are!

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