10 Tips for Surviving a Terrorist Vehicle Attack


Here are the first four tips. Click on the link to read the remaining six.

Active Response Training

Clearly, terrorist vehicle attacks are on the rise. What can we do to prevent being killed in such an attack? Here are a few useful tips to keep you alive.

1) Face traffic when walking along the street. These attacks really aren’t preventable. Your best bet is to see the attack coming as quickly as possible and take evasive action. If you are walking along a sidewalk with your back facing traffic, you can be run down very quickly from behind without any warning. It’s better to face oncoming traffic. That way, if a car hops the curb and starts barreling along the sidewalk towards you, there may be enough time to dodge it or get inside a building before you get hit.

2) If you have a choice, walk along streets that have vehicle blockades or cars parked at the curb. Some urban areas have vehicle blockades to prevent cars from driving onto the sidewalks. Where possible, walk on sidewalks that utilize those protective features. If they aren’t available, use the next best thing…parked cars. A street lined with parked vehicles will make it difficult for a terrorist to get up on the sidewalk with his car. Take a look at the road below. One side of the street would be much safer to walk on than the other.

3) Watch for danger signs. Be alert for speeding vehicles, sounds of collisions, revving engines, or sudden unusual vehicle movements. If you see or hear something that is outside of the norm for your environment, don’t just blow it off. Look around and actively figure out if you are in danger. During attacks like these, a second or two of forewarning can be the difference between life and death.

4) Don’t rush to help the injured. In each of the historical worldwide vehicle attacks, injured people were stacked on the sidewalk like cord wood. Immediately after the attack, you may feel compelled to rush in and help those who have been hurt. Take a moment and assess the scene before wading into the chaos. Is the crashed vehicle a danger? Are there people in the area shooting or cutting people with knives? Is it possible that there is more than one attacker? I’d want to know the answer to all of those questions before I become completely distracted from my environment while providing aid to the victims.

If you have your own thoughts on this problem that our governments have created for us, then leave your thoughts in a comment.

2 thoughts on “10 Tips for Surviving a Terrorist Vehicle Attack

  1. If I am ever caught-up in a terror attack, I will just start shooting. Nothing like sending hot lead the terrorists’/criminals’ way to mitigate risk.

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