Trump Friends Say He Will NOT Silently Suffer an Attack by James Comey that Demonizes Him

President Donald Trump’s friends may mean well when they advise him to stop Tweeting, but they’re wrong.

We, the people, love Trump’s Tweets.

No one in his right mind would sit back and allow his enemies to trash him. Remaining silent is sort of a tacit admission of guilt. When they lie about you, hit em and hit em hard.

LAWYERS and aides close to Donald Trump are reportedly bracing for the worst and fear the President won’t take an attack by former FBI Director James Comey lying down.

It comes amid renewed calls for Mr Trump’s impeachment and a daring statement released by Mr Comey, who was sensationally sacked by the President last month.

In the seven-page statement, Mr Comey details every meeting and call he had with Donald Trump.

The statement has been released a day ahead of Mr Comey’s testimony to the US Senate committee, which is investigating whether Russia interfered in the US election and if Mr Trump’s team helped.

The President’s lawyers and aides have been urging him against acting on the statement and testimony, but advisers privately fear he will ignore their advice and tweet anyway, the Washington Post reported.

Roger Stone, a long-time Trump friend and former political adviser, told the Post: “He’s not going to take an attack by James Comey lying down.

“Trump is a fighter, he’s a brawler and he’s the best counterpuncher in American politics.”

Meanwhile Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School professor and criminal law expert said it’s hard to tell a very wealthy and powerful man not to tweet.

“He thinks, ‘I tweeted my way to the presidency,’ and he’s determined to tweet,” he said.

It comes as several Republicans have also urged the President to turn off the TV and phone.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, who will chair the Comey hearing said Mr Trump tweeting won’t change the testimony.

According to CNN, many Republicans fear Mr Trump’s tweeting could add to the spectacle surrounding the testimony.

Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona said there had been speculation the President would live tweet.

“I would argue that’s not a good idea. I think anybody would tell him that,” he said.

But Kansas Senator Pat Roberts went one step further, urging the President to say nothing at all.

“You never get hurt by what you don’t say … or tweet,” he said.

While Mr Trump’s tweeting is all part of his brand, Republicans fear posting today is not appropriate and critics could use it to argue he’s trying to influence things.

The rest of the article goes on to talk about a couple of Democrats who are starting impeachment proceedings in the House. They have truly deluded themselves into believing their own bullsh*t.

Never believe your own lies. It’s not going to make them true just because you believe them.

12 thoughts on “Trump Friends Say He Will NOT Silently Suffer an Attack by James Comey that Demonizes Him

  1. I love the President’s Tweets too. The more he does so, the more our people will bond. I like that. I want it to continue.

    • Me, too. Keep it up, POTUS; show ’em who’s Boss!

  2. “James Comey Kept Notes On Trump Meetings But Not With Obama”

    “Comey kept detailed notes of every meeting he had with Trump, but never kept a record of meetings he had with Barack Obama.
    Also, in Obama’s final years he issued almost daily executive orders directing law enforcement to stop enforcing the law. I find it impossible to believe he only spoke with the Director of the FBI once, don’t you?”

  3. I hate “tweeting”. Narcissistic, look at me, bullshit below the level of faceberg. I could, however, warm up to it if the man didn’t have the fucking appearance of a 14 year old girl with his writing style. It’s fucking embarrassing. But, we have entered the age of Idiocracy.

  4. ‘Mafia’ lawyer Marc Kasowitz hired to defend Trump for the Russia investigation and Comey’s testimony had prepared to ruin Comey! Since reading Comey’s opening statement, they decided there wasn’t anything that incriminates Trump.

  5. Our New Fuhrer’s greatest mistake has been listening to treacherous, effete, establishment cunts. May these traitorous, deceitful wretches suffer Stage 4 bone cancer.

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