News Roundup for June 7, 2017: ISIS Attacks Iran, Media Attacks Trump, Trials Draw Attention, and Bromance is in the Air


Here are summaries of five of top news stories of the day.

In what will probably be the big story of the day, ISIS claims responsibility for a double terrorist attack in Tehran, Iran. Seven people are dead and 35 injured in the attacks on Parliament and the Khomeini shrine. There is as of this writing an ongoing hostage situation as well.

I find it odd that ISIS has targeted Israel’s #1 enemy, but leaves the Jews alone. Isn’t Iran an Islamic state? CNN provides the raw details on the attack, but to get a valid picture of the real story, we’re going to have to turn to alternative news sources that are not connected to the (((Deep State.))) More later.


Yahoo News has been covering the trial of a white teenage girl who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself, which he did. Although most people would agree that Michelle Carter is morally guilty because of her heartless messaging that encouraged Conrad Roy to connect a hose to the exhaust of his truck and run it into the cab, she’s on trial for manslaughter.

NBC News is covering the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial. A crowd of Cosby supporters outside the courtroom laughed and cheered when Cos did his Fat Albert impersonation: “Hey, hey, hey.” He better hope the jury didn’t see that.


The trial is in its second day. Cosby’s lawyers attempted to rattle the alleged victim, pictured above.

There’s so much anti-Trump news that one person would have a full time job keeping up with. In fact, it might be too big a job for one person. A number of stories speculate on former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday. The press is clearly hoping for a bombshell that leads to Trump’s impeachment or resignation.


Perhaps the biggest story otherwise is the claim that Eric Trump funneled children’s cancer charity money to his business. ABC News just published an update on that story a few minutes ago. Eric Trump denies the accusation. If only the press had ever shown so much concern for the Clinton Foundation.

By skipping over the anti-Trump stories at the Daily Mail you’ll come to the news of the “bromance” between Barack Obama and Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau.

The funniest comment at the Mail claims that Obama has a sexual interest in Trudeau. Stranger things have happened, but if they do get together would it just be for a one night stand?

11 thoughts on “News Roundup for June 7, 2017: ISIS Attacks Iran, Media Attacks Trump, Trials Draw Attention, and Bromance is in the Air


    I am glad this criminal, animal, subhuman Bill Cosby is finally being prosecuted criminally. But why not before? All the victims, their lawyers, Cosby’s lawyers and the Judges KNEW fully well that he had committed a criminal offense, and should have referred the matter to the DA, but failed to do so. Had they done that, this rapist could have been locked away decades ago and these women woudl have been saved.

    They have blood on their hands.

    Like they say, there are 2 kinds of black men. One who have raped and murdered a white/light person and are looking for another target, and the second group who have not yet raped or murdered a light skinned person and are looking for a target.

    It is best to NEVER EVER ASSOCIATE WITH BLACK PEOPLE. They trap their prey with lies and fake smiles.

  2. I’ve long wondered about the disinterest ISIS has in attacking the mortal enemy Israel. Hamas eventually turned on their Israeli creators so I guess ISIS may get around to it someday.

  3. Looks like Bill Cosby was into trannies. Niggers will screw anything as long as it is drugged or restrained.

  4. The loss of that young White man is tragic

    However it’s good to see the girl go to trail over it. Not simply for justice but also to show other young White men what they are up aginst

    • Oddly, one of the stories I read said that although they only lived 25 miles from each other, they never saw each other in person. They only communicated via texts. I wonder how normal that is.

      I can’t picture a jury having much sympathy for her.

  5. Most Muslims are Wahhabis such as Arabs. Iranians are Shiite’s. ISIS are Wahhabis and they hate Shiites. Hezbollah and Syria are on the same Shiite side fighting against the rebel Wahhabis. The good democratic guys in Saudi Arabia support any anti-Shiite rebels anywhere, including Yemen and Syria.
    Israel is pro Wahhabi and anti-Shiite. Not sure why this is. Most terrorist attackers are Wahhabis, of course. Shiites do not go in for suicide bombing.

    The USA War For Terror, under Dubya Bush, replaced the majority Shia Govt in Iraq with a minority Shiite Govt friendly to Iran. This was not the official plan but can happen when you start an aggressive war. This meant a couple of trillion US dollars were spent to place a Govt in power in Iraq less friendly to the USA than Saddam Hussein’s. Just as Libya replaced a stable Govt in Libya with violent mediaeval warlords. Another brilliant success for the Coalition Of The Willing Dupes. The (((MSM))) never tells us what is going on inside Libya, but they probably sing Kumbaya, a lot.

    • Correction I should have said most Muslims are Sunni. Wahhabism is a fanatical dangerous sect with the Sunni umbrella with Saudi Arabia (the good guys) the main spiritual home.
      Most terrorists are Wahhabis.
      I also mucked up the Iraq change. Saddams Iraq was Sunni dominated. The Shia (Shiite) minority took over due to US incompetence and aggression.

      “As of 2009, Sunni Muslims constituted 87–90% of the world’s Muslim population” from Turdpedia.

      • I find it easy to remember that the Sunni are “sunny,” like a sunny day. 90 percent of our days here in SA are sunny. 90 percent of Muslims are “sunny.” Easy to remember.

      • Nice try, it looked real. Sydney is much like the photo but i think that is somewhere in the Orient. Shanghai? I dunno.
        The dead giveaway is the lack of white beggars/druggies, Pakis, derelicts (bums, alkies, winos, also mostly white), Abos, Hindoos, trannies, tattooed freaks, drug dealers, Pacific Islanders, Muzzies and above all African niggers.
        Can not be Sydney, I hope and pray! Maybe Chinese New Year.
        Chinatown used to one small street. Now the entire city of Sydney is Chinatown.

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