Kebab Hammerman Attacks Cop at Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral

Emmanuel Macron promised during his election campaign that he would keep France safe.

Let’s see how he intends to do that without a mass roundup and deportation of Muslims.

ABC News

A hammer-wielding man shouted “This is for Syria” as he attacked an armed police officer patrolling outside near the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris today, according to the French interior minister.

A different police officer shot and wounded the attacker, who is now in the hospital, officials said.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said a “three-policeman patrol in charge of surveillance, especially for tourists around Notre-Dame,” was on guard when the attacker, armed with a hammer, came up behind one policeman and started hitting him.

Another officer “then reacted with self-control, pulled out immediately and fired,” Collomb said.

The suspect was armed with the hammer, kitchen knives and other unsophisticated weapons, said Collomb.

“We’ve gone from a sophisticated terrorism to a terrorism where any type of tool can be used to attack people,” Collomb said.

The assailant was carrying the ID card of an Algerian student, Collomb said, adding that it appeared he acted alone.

The injured officer is recovering in the hospital, police said.

Muslims hate dogs. I hope the dog below urinated and defecated on the hammerman.


4 thoughts on “Kebab Hammerman Attacks Cop at Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral

  1. When will whites realise this is war? The cop who shot was weak not to kill the enemy combatant. I think capturing bombers is a good idea, but capturing lone individuals with knives, hammers, trucks and cars is a big mistake. All such lone wolves should always be shot dead. Conspirators should be caught and interrogated to catch the rest of the Cell and maybe some Mr Big. It is a curious fact that the cops do exactly the opposite. They wound and capture men who know nothing. Those who know a lot are always conveniently killed. These terrorists are the patsies. Genuine killers (maybe professionals) often get away Scot free and leave passports and other incriminating ID and evidence in stolen cars, or parked at airports like 911.
    All whites, including cops and military, should watch this shocking movie. It is documentary style and shows the wrong on both sides “when Muzzies go bad”. Above all it shows how vulnerable uniformed police are to tinted enemies wearing civilian clothes.

    The Battle Of Algiers 1966

  2. “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening all over this land…” He needed to be met by one lone carpenter armed with a nail gun.

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