Cucked British Fool Invites Jihadists to Cut His Throat so He Can Die Happy

My reply may get me banned from Twitter. Oh well:

Your life insurance company needs to cancel your policy. You’re too stupid to live much longer.

I don’t know, is Godfrey Elfwick a “sh*tposter?”

The Age of Shitlords thinks so. I guess I got taken in.

8 thoughts on “Cucked British Fool Invites Jihadists to Cut His Throat so He Can Die Happy

  1. yeah he had some articles published in the Guardian before trolling the hell out of them, and they lapped it up.

  2. We have seen this crafty shitlord Godfrey here before.
    He is right that to punch one genuine Nazi you will probably first punch 300 innocent people. There would be more carrot worshipers in the UK than Nazis.
    There are 23,000 jihadists. Killers for Peace and Mohammedanism and Sharia law.
    Maybe 5,000 genuine Nazis at most. This is a wild guess. Some skinheads would be Nazis but not all.
    Therw would be several thousand genuine fans of Hitler, but full Nazis must wear the gear, the tatts, do the salute etc. Then, probably get punched a lot but do a lot of punching themselves. Probably most real UK Nazis are in jail or on parole.

  3. He became famous for trolling the Gamergate kiddies. The defiant smirk while being murdered by Muslims was a fun idea. He trolls everyone these days, but especially the Brits who think love will defeat terrorism, instead of realizing that the genocide of native Brits is well under way…

  4. If some fruit like this guy punches this National Socialist, he will get a lead injection to the face.

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