Colored Gentleman Charged with MURDER for Not Telling White Girlfriend He Had AIDS


Everyone knows that ladies and gentlemen of color are infested with STDs, the result of their promiscuous, animalistic mating habits.

Everyone knows and studies have shown that ladies and gentlemen of color are pathological liars. It’s why our ancestors really wouldn’t put them on the witness stand at trials, with rare exceptions.

Mores may change, but it’s still true that mating with a gentleman of color is about the lowest, low-class thing that a white woman can do.

And yet still some of them do it.

And they die.

A married man accused of not telling his longtime girlfriend that he was HIV-positive was charged with murder after the woman died of AIDS.

A judge on Tuesday set bond at $1.5 million for Ronald Murdock, who was indicted last week in the February death of 51-year-old Kimberly Klempner.

Murdock, 51, of Toledo, who also is charged with felonious assault. A message seeking comment on the accusations was left with his attorney.

Murdock and Klempner had unprotected sex when he knew he was HIV positive, but he did not tell her, the indictment said. They were involved in a five-year relationship, Klempner’s son said.

A police report said Murdock’s wife discovered that Murdock and Klempner were having an affair and told Klempner that Murdock was HIV positive.


‘By the time she found out and by the time everything was said and done, it was way too late,’ said Josh Klempner.

His mother’s death certificate listed the cause of death as AIDS.

‘She would have done anything for that man,’ Josh Klempner said. ‘And for him not to come out in the beginning and tell her what was going on was not right.’


Ohio is among a large group of states that have HIV criminal laws, which generally make it a crime to expose others to HIV or fail to disclose HIV-positive status.

A growing number of advocacy groups and health experts have pushed for states to modify or eliminate those laws. Most of the measures were enacted before antiretroviral therapies greatly reduced the risk of transmission and transformed HIV – the virus that causes AIDS – into what is now considered a manageable chronic medical condition.



The Sun reports that granny found out her ape had AIDS when she searched his medicine cabinet.

There are going to be female social justice warriors reading this post who are going to be totally pissed at me for being waycisss. Yet, every word I’ve written is true. At least I’m trying to save a life or two, which is more than the SJWs can say.

Truth is often racist. Mudsharking = death.

14 thoughts on “Colored Gentleman Charged with MURDER for Not Telling White Girlfriend He Had AIDS


    Paladin, thanks for the good job you do. I hope this scum bag gets life in prison for exposing this gullible liberal slut to AIDS. (She is a slut as no decent white woman would ever associate with a kala kakoos*).

    Do not in the least bit worry or be afraid that these liberals will call you racist.

    There is a good way to deflate liberals who are pro-black and attack whites as “racists”.

    Liberals like to show off their negrophilia because they think they are being superior and on a higher moral ground by being not racist and by denigrating conservatives as “racist.”

    But white conservatives/intellectuals can turn the tables on them by denigrating them instead. How?

    To do that, you have to use a powerful loan word from Indian languages which Indian foreign students used often in college to denigrate dark skinned people.

    It is called “kala kakoos.”

    Before you hesitate to use Indian words, please note that English has many loan words from Hindi, that we already use often, such as:

    Guru: teacher.
    Jungle: forest.


    Kala Kakoos literally means black feces, but more loosely is akin to black shit**.

    If liberals can use words like white trash, why can’t the public use words like kala kakoos, i.e. black shit?

    It is an alternative to using the n-word.

    So when a liberal says you are a racist, you can answer back, like: “you are a gutter man to pander black people. Do you know what light skinned Indians call blacks? They call them kala kakoos.”

    Liberal will say: “Oh, and what does kala kakoos mean?”

    Then the intellectual can answer him/her, as the line (**) above.

    And then the intellectual can add: “what a gutter man/woman is/are you/he/her who panders the kala kakoos. How disgusting! Shame on such gutter people.”

    In other words, you can shame them and show your disgust at them for their pandering of kala kakoos.

    Once the liberal knows that you do not admire his liberalism, but have a good reason to be disgusted, he will feel shame and is less likely to go around and show off his negrophilia or call others racist.

  2. Remember when weight loss was the AIDS diagnostic giveaway. I see from him that this is certainly no longer the case. Wow, progress.

  3. OLM (One Less Mudshark). Winning. Niggers are VD incubators. HIV-positive niggers are like rabid bats. All bats carry rabies–all niggers have HIV/VD.

  4. How many of the Time Man Of The Year 2015’s Million Man March (Merkelstein) were tested for AIDS and other sexual diseases? How many AIDS carriers have since been deported from Germany?
    Africa is full of AIDS.
    Africa is running, not walking, to Europe and the West generally.
    Result, the West will be infested with AIDS and other incurable sexual diseases. This is good, apparently.

    • The Caucasian nations need exterminate the non-Caucasian nations. Time is running out, and we will have no other choice. The time for us being oh so civilized and oh so proper cuck Christians is over.

    • So I keep posting about Rh negative blood here and those who possess its alleles. These genetic markers have been linked to good immunity to diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, and bubonic plague… all viruses that have the same DNA structure

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